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Rue Apr 2019
are only
beautiful beginnings.
Starting a new job and moving to the city.
Rue Apr 2019
And the sun
will shine
as I become
ready for the climb.
To new beginnings.
Rue Apr 2019
And in the blink
of an eye,
she fell in love.
To my Golden Retriever puppies.
Rue Apr 2019
Spring is like love
because it blossoms
into new and beautiful
I am moving in with the love of my life. Spring is beautiful.
Rue Apr 2019
April is full of beauty
when water arrives from evening storms;
They bring life to us truly,
with that, our planet transforms.
Seeing Spring arrive is so beautiful.
Rue Apr 2019
Walking through the vast trees,
I see with loving excitement and grace.
For, beauty, surrounds me with ease
as I grin and feel Spring’s embrace.
Ready for Spring!
Rue Mar 2019
Pain is temporary.
Yet, it is necessary.
Currently going through the healing process of sinus disease surgery and deviated septum surgery.
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