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 Dec 2019 M
 Dec 2019 M
i imagined telling you how i feel
be it the calmest possible way
or the most unimaginable one
*still, neither of it made you love me back
 Mar 2019 M

is it weird that I can
see the ghost of you
in this empty apartment?

is it weird that I keep playing
your voicemail before I go to sleep at night?

(I can't help it, your voice comforts me)

is it weird that i can still
taste the cherry cola on your lips
as we shared our final kiss?

is it weird that you've moved on
yet I'm still lying in bed wondering
if you're awake thinking of me too?

 Feb 2019 M
m lang
when will i stop
making playlists about you?
writing poetry about you?

when i realize
         there is no you.
there was you.

and when you were you,
i wasn't me.

so really,
our love no longer exists.
          we no longer exist.

and now-
now i feel myself letting you go.
 Feb 2019 M
I Never Had You
 Feb 2019 M
Trying to get
over someone
you never had?

that's the worst
kind of struggle.

 Feb 2019 M
 Feb 2019 M
no matter how much
i try
to reason with my heart
i can’t stop aching
and longing
for you
 Feb 2019 M
zelda rangel
if i survive this drought,
does it make me tough?
or does it make me cruel
for not calling your name?
 Nov 2018 M
Miss You
 Nov 2018 M
Why don't you miss me
The way that I miss you
I miss the talks, the tears
And the way you hug too

I miss the stupid little things
The way you make me smile
How you can remember
Every insignificant detail

I miss the crazy laughing
How you make me feel
Staying up late at night
Falling asleep to your spiels

So how come you don't miss me
Like I obviously miss you
Guess I'm just not that important
And there is nothing I can do
 Nov 2018 M
Eye miss you
 Nov 2018 M
I think about you
I miss you
Eyes miss you
I talk about you
someone told me you're just a phase
but I cant imagine what would be next
and it couldnt be better
because you're the final phase... I hope
 Nov 2018 M
Sharing Poetry
 Nov 2018 M
I used to share my poetry with you
but I don’t anymore
It’s so personal
I don’t think you truly appreciate it
Not that it’s beautiful or artistic
but painfully honest
Maybe I’m looking for someone
to empathize with me
and you can’t
November 26th ~han
 Nov 2018 M
 Nov 2018 M
i did the best i could,
for who i was,
at the time.
something somebody said during an episode of MTV cribs.

ironic how much it just hit home.
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