han 3d

I will learn beauty
I will be okay with myself
I will take care of myself
I will smile

July 21st ~han
han 3d

You and I need our own strength
I need you to be your own light
I need to be my own
so we aren't just enough
to supply some lightbulbs
but an entire city

July 21st ~han
han 3d

I realized your love is to me,
as sunshine is to the earth:
making flowers grow,
revealing vivid color,
fighting out the darkness
and making this life purposeful

July 20th ~han

an unspoken trust

knowing arms that comfort you

also let you breathe

Maggie © 2017

han 4d

I picked up a pencil and began to sketch
My fingers begged to create something
Something beautiful, something aesthetic
Yet it did not come
Then it dawned on me
art cannot and is not forced
You do not find art
It finds you

July 20th ~han
  4d han
Tyler Matthew

If a poem could save you,
could mend all your breaks,
let it be this one,
for both of our sakes.

If a poem could teach you,
could offer you faith,
I pray that this poem
has what it takes.

  4d han

I am becoming
More of a woman
With each passing day

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