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han Apr 2020
a beautiful and harrowing crisis
is that of an existentialist
facing the imminent reality
or lack thereof
that our chaotic universe has to offer

both uncomfortable and dully excruciating
to subscribe to the belief
that there is no belief
an order to see the disorder
and continue on nonetheless

rousing the heart and mind
to the harsh reality
to bear each decision and action
as their own
not inevitability
shaped by an omnipotent figure
but of their hands

accepting the absurd
and employing a fallible mind
to make subjectively rational decisions
in an objectively irrational existence
post existential crisis
han 4/4/20
han Apr 2020
with the burden
of many emotions
unfelt until now
han 4/4/20
han Apr 2020
chamber of reflection
a space between four walls
no way out
no distractions
from the mirror of my mind
alone again
han 4/4/20
  Nov 2019 han
as poets,

  we breathe in
the universe.

while others,

   breathe in
han Jun 2019
two points hurling through the void
both independent events
happening to overlap
just a moment
thus I am content
with a mere intersection
of your plane with mine
han~13 June 2019
  Mar 2019 han
Ciel Noir
I would rather understand
Than be understood
Knowledge is power
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