han 2d

Vincent Van Gogh told us
normality is a paved road,
a comfortable walk,
but that's not what I want
I want to dance in a field of sunflowers
I want to breathe blue skies and sunshine
I want to climb mountains
Therefor there are no paved roads for me
Only the ones less traveled
and they will make all the difference

September 20th ~Han
han 2d

A world to describe
the first thing that comes to mind
is simply inadequate
I am not enough
I cannot keep up
All my stress comes out through tears
I am spilling over the edges
I have too much to handle
Yet I am simply not enough
Utterly inadequate
I cannot keep up
Scores, calculations, projects
I cannot focus
It is all simply too much

September 19th ~han
han Sep 6

Some friends have such a connection
that our souls touch when we talk
Some friends feel more like family
than any family we've ever known

September 6th ~han
han Sep 6

I think we're all just broken people,
searching for souls that make us forget
how much we're really hurting

September 6th   ~han
han Sep 4

I love him for all he is
and all he could be
I see the stars in his eyes
and the ones in his future
I look back at how far he's came
and how far he's got to go
I want to grow with him
and continue on growing
He is beautiful
and will be beautiful for all his days

September 3rd ~han
  Jul 31 han

A tough life needs a tough language — and that is what poetry is. That is what literature offers — a language powerful enough
to say how it is.

It isn't a hiding place. It is a finding place.

WORDS BY Winterson Jeanette
FROM HER BOOK, "Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?"
han Jul 26

The mark on my chin
Where the skin is pink  
due to lack of pigment
An ugly contrast I thought
Until he lifted my chin
and smiled
"It's cute," he said
"A trail straight to your lips,"
and kissed my worries away

July 26th ~han
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