han 7d
I wouldn’t mind to be
the dandelion
in a field
you stopped to pick
on your roadtrip
June 10th~han
“what’s to be said for the dandelions?”
han Jun 8
I said I wanted to be Great
then I realized not only
did I sound terribly pretentious
but that word is centered around
the evaluation of one’s self
based upon the opinions of others

you can leave a legacy of many sorts
whether or not it’s one worth leaving
is the real question

we choose our actions
but more importantly
the spirit behind them

true greatness does not intend
upon becoming Great
It just is
June 7th~han
han Jun 8
Speak to me O Muse
tell me the words in which
I can craft my story
tell me how to share my truth
give me your eloquence and beauty
my heart longs to speak
and soul to sing
yet I sit here
with inspiration
but no outlet
June 7th ~han
It’s been awhile since I wrote, I’m waiting for the Muse
  Jun 8 han
Jeanne wegner
I long to be fiercely aware of my truest self
It is with unrest that I search through the crevices of my mind body and soul to recognize what it is that sets fire to my life

Perhaps the search never ends
Yet the beauty behind it all is that we are ever evolving and wildly changing creatures

With this knowledge I will set forth into this world aknowledging that my purpose is to seek purpose among the instability
  Jun 4 han
Jeanne wegner
Cities of crime, hate, inequality, and poverty
Leaders of inexplicable indescency, fighting for the lost cause of war and hate, monopolizing the nation. Money is everything, we are nothing
Gray skies, smog, with its putrid scent rotting the Earth one broken treaty at a time
Tears, falling from my eyes as I watch such beauty dissipate in flames.
Our actions have consequences
Our faults will be our fate
And our worst nightmares will soon be reality
  May 26 han
Emma Price
I'm never good
but I'm always okay
much love
han May 24
Numbers are good
for tests
Numbers are bad
for weight
Make yourself small
Minimize your worth
to a grade point average
Stay up all night
until the bags under your eyes
become more to bear
than the AP textbooks
Yet get your beauty sleep
because it’s important
you maintain flawless skin
Drink coffee to stay awake
yet not too much because you’ll get headaches and acne
Forget your friends, family and hobbies
but don’t complain too much
Work hard
but then you’re a try hard
who apparently never tries hard enough
because in the end your number
could always be higher
unless you’re on the scale
then it’s lower
because apparently
we all agreed
that our self worth
isn’t self determined
May 24th~han
An ode to high school and being halfway through
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