han Apr 8
I haven’t wrote in a while
not because I haven’t felt
but because I didn’t know
how to formulate
my mess into words
usually I’m one to make beautiful
out of brokenness
but lately I couldn’t
so here’s my ode
to all of the pain I’ve felt
all of the emptiness I’ve dealt
and a thanks
to the beauty I’m beginning to see
Han~April 8th
han Apr 8
I want you to know
you’re beautiful
in the way that deserves
to be talked about
I want you to know
that I notice
all the little things
you do
without thinking
the kindness
the smiles you give
I appreciate it all
and admire it
I think you’re fantastic
and always will
Han~ April 8th
han Apr 2
Someday far away
I’ll be dancing around the kitchen
tipsy on good wine
baking cookies
with vinyl playing
and the love of my life
next to me
April 1st~han
han Mar 15
You don’t deserve my words
or the beautiful landscape
I craft with my eloquence,
yet you take each one
as if you’re entitled
March 14th~han
han Mar 15
the salty tears streaming down
my tired eyes taste of defeat,
I look myself in the mirror
each day and ask how
will I make it to tomorrow?
I’ve done this everyday
for as long as I can remember
yet somehow I’m still here
March 14th~han
An ode to the hardest months I’ve lived through
han Mar 11
I want to marry a poet
for the way they see things
the way they crave things
I wouldn’t have to wonder
if they meant their words
because their words are art

I want to marry a poet
for the way they admire
& notice every detail
because they feel every emotion
& to them I’d never be
‘too much’
March 11th~han
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