han 20h
I think he’s the human form of sunshine
yet it makes me so afraid of nighttime
because I’m afraid I’ll lose him
but I look up at the moon
and rest assured he’s still there
just shining elsewhere
February 24th~han
  4d han
Never apologise for feeling too recklessly the greatest lessons are always learnt through madness.
  Feb 12 han
Eric the Red
Just know...
He’s had lives & loves before you
Remember that when the bricklayer or the mechanic
Asks for your hand
You’ll receive one flower
Instead of a dozen roses
Picked on his way home
Handwritten notes in your shoes
Instead of Hallmark greetings
Elaborate dinners cooked by him
Where he said he’d clean
But didn’t
Spur of the moment
Road trips
Instead of planned vacations
The opening of windows
For the springtime thunderstorms
Listening to the beat of his heart
While the rain drops
The drain
He’ll write you with jazz playing
Wine in his bottle
Records in his head
Absorbing you into his world
And if he dies before you
And you bury him
And you mourn over him
Lasting for years
Remember his flower
His notes written just for you
And if you see his ghost
Haunting you
Then the Poet
Has fallen forever for
  Feb 12 han
make that man not drop his cigarette
and stop that man from spitting
make that driver slow his speed
and stop that man from hitting
Hey God
make that woman listen to her child
and put the cell phone down
make that youth feel more than hate
as he roams around his town
And God
Make that man not park his car
in places for the sick
And make that man who wants to learn
instead of living thick
Make that man not drown his child
Make that woman, just the same
Make them both to value life
Make them see that it's no game
Oh God
Make that man a better man
make him choose a different path
make that woman lose her scowl
make her learn to have a laugh
Hey God
Make the food to feed the man
Feed the mouth and feed the brain
make him turn the light switch on
to see we're all the same
Finally God
Just for me
Make this poem trend
I know it's wrong to ask such things
But do it
my friend
If there is a creator out there, I would like the above issues addressed ASAP.
  Feb 12 han
he was hers
she was his
even if they weren't together
they were tied at the heart
waiting for a miracle
or for life to finally cut the tie

only time will tell

the self restraint it takes not to kiss you is immeasurable
  Feb 12 han
i am learning to love
the imperfections
that litter my body
the same way
we find beauty
in the petals
of dead roses

han Feb 12
I am no better or less
than the person next to me
and I will never strive to be
better than them
only better than I was
last week
or last year
I will push myself
with all my might
and reach the greatest heights
but never because I was
simply privileged
or “better”
only because I’ve worked
every moment
of everyday for it
February 12th~han
The completion of one of the hardest things I’ve done has me feeling inspired
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