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  Jun 2020 Bluie
Midnight Rain
you once told me
of your anger and sometimes
i wonder what you did with it.
did you bury it in your chest again,
let it turn everything within
you into smoke? did you ever
find a way to survive?
   i only ask because
i am burning
with things i do not understand.  
i only ask because my hands
are on fire,
and i don’t know where all this rage
is pouring from.

Bluie May 2017
dont make it seem like
you missed the good old days

because i was there
and you were there
but she wasn't
Bluie May 2017
you lied
and told me
you love me

a year has gone
yet the pain lingers on....
Bluie Mar 2017
now who's to say
that the burden you're carrying
ain't worth a tear
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