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MOTV Dec 2015
Life's A Cloud Soaring, Free.
MOTV Dec 2015
Into the cloud, I blow a kiss, another day of the smoking wisp, on the edge of madness, embodied by a lasting manic.
MOTV Nov 2015
swiftly dazing in and out of reality
flowing into a parallel dimension
incepted by a higher being
flying higher than an obscene dream
a scheme levitates me to the heaven's pearly gates
where we can cypher gleefully
living up
filled up
poured up
like I am drunk
in the club with my crew
mostly fam .
and a few chosen dudes
not that I don't like others
but the way I mutter
draws people back
I am a disciple with the raps
MOTV Nov 2015
Who now,
Can say
They can own the very hour, and day
With you Agenda
With you Agenda

A plan
To conquer the lands
Expand this man
We can own the very second, time made by the grand Divine
With you Agenda
With you Agenda

It is more the a plan; a goal to keep.
My dreams do weep without you Agenda.

Actions next, but plannings first, that's why we have you Agenda.. you Agenda.
MOTV Dec 2015
In a blink of an eye, it was done
    The cost of souls the Earth has spun

Death upon an uneager heart
     Clause was signed by Death, oh what an art

It's quick, painless, at the time shameless, maiming, and brainless
Rude awakening.

At the very hour of death do you think they know?

Will they cower?
Will they stress?
Will their bodies glow like a ghost?

At the final thought of when they reminisce
Looking at their past existence
Will they understand their fault in the plan
Understand they had every moment in there hand

Realize that if there was a miss, it was oneself that didn't train to block the hit, didn't plot enough to dodge the grip, didn't get heighten to understand that evil exist, didn't realise that materializing got your brain chained like a slave being whipped.
We a trip
for worshipping them idols
stay idle
they say scram out the brain!
keep em dead and dumb
stay idle
everything will be okay
don't move worthless one
the time has come mkay

In a mist of the moment
as it clouds over my head,
I am my own opponent,
every moment,
every moment,
that I sure did not hope to miss,
was my own fault,
falling into doubt


stupid idol worshipping,
whether it is something so easy
as playing games


  studying for some dumb degree,
or learning how to draw,
for art has infatuated me

even at the moment where I could land a job,
I don't take it
I just leave it


I cry cause I ain't owning any of these mobs
of cash
fat stacks


I wish I had that
a dream like all man
who work the land
that we plunder so much
what is the purpose?
why are we on this crust?
what a bunch of greedy *****!


I am out again I need a blunt....
MOTV Dec 2015
Heaven, open the door

Heaven, open the door

Let me in!

I'm all yours

I'm all yours

Let me in!

I'm all yours

Wherever and now

Forever and now

I will soar

Forever and now

Let me in now

Forever I'm bound

To this Rock, now?
To this Earth, how?

I'm living so loud
Smoking so loud

Living so loud

Let me in

Because I'm dying right now

Whatever the case
Whatever the case

I've been so down
I've been so down

I've pulled myself up

I've pulled myself down

Whatever the case

I'm all yours
Let me in now

Open the door

Open the door

Heaven is the place

I want to soar

I want to soar

Let me in this place

I have never been here before

Been here before...

Right here

Before Heavens door.
MOTV Dec 2015
He was a dillo. A simple dillo
Chillin in the forest. Young dillo. A dillo, so cunning.
Running. Suddenly.
Trees aflame."O man"
That's what the dillo says.
"Hot dam."
The dillo says
as he sees the beavers.
Burning and running in circles,
burning up like a fever.
"Get in the water ******!","******!"
"Get in that water ******!"
"Nah, we okay, my dam ain't, but I cannot tell really.OH fate, My face is melting off, what is life for oneself, in this health let this ****** die now?"
Dillo so sad, but still says with no doubt "Love of life is worth the pain so here's how I'll help"
Running quick, grabbing the ****** with both hands, sending him to the water with him, flames spew about but get cooled down, wash, drowned.
The ****** still lay dead, a blow to the head, a stone from when he was thrown in, lodged jagged.
The dillo cry more, "oh how can my spirit soar, when my world gets burned and chopped to the floor, and everyone I love, I am killing unintentionally, I am so torn, should I die, let go of my will like the ******, oh."
Should I lay to waste and burn, or continue to find my way out this jungle?
Amplified by a passion of life the dillo runs faster to find what is right, which he might... For fighting to live is how he lives right.
MOTV Dec 2015
i spoke
To existence life, a supplement double edged for your nutrition
her *** talking ***** cause I am dumb
Numb to the core
Opening up the doors
For myself...

Am still puffing on the drow
What I sow
And I think


Get it


I think


to get it

And I reach out my hand
And I latch onto the fiery furnace refining the gold for this land
And I think about it daily
Actions speak more baby

I go
I Fall
Forever Give In?

And I plot

I just won't stop

And I go.....
MOTV Dec 2015
Springing up
Lifted into space
Hello all
See me gliding
Gliding like a UFO
But *******
I run the show
I don't need your trick *** no no
I run the show
I don't need your fake ***, no oh no
Elevated because the times right
Exaggerating on my vocals so they sound right
I tell that ***** lets **** all night
Raised by hip hop and the limelight
I said
If you come to daddy, I will buy you something fancy, but once I **** and keep my word.
I am telling her to hit the curve
Because I just don't give a ****
I run the show
And if you don't like it, while I already showed you the door.
That's how it goes.
MOTV Dec 2015
My past sins,
as I woke to win,
a grin
fans out upon my rosy cheeks,
grim future,
but ill pay for peace,
strides of weary feet,
legs are  broken,
but still pressing forward,
oh Lord set me free

Annul my sins and let me be,
eternity with you,
my divinity.
MOTV Nov 2015
It is I
The dude whom does not like to talk

It is I
The dude the hates conversation, just for the talk

It is I
The guy, hermit-like, but still has seen some of the World. I just don't talk.

Am I there? Am I there?

New York, Cancun, Vegas, Virginia

Am I there?

Am I there.

Just in my head, they don't see me they don't know me am I in my head?
MOTV Dec 2015
As I sit talking to my consciousness, I ask questions that relatives seem to say, can be swayed to devilish ways, rays of hope can be seen, but the words are scarce and leave the scene almost immediately.
Thunderous roars of actions sing as all man look to see, knowing that death is a chosen fate for us, deep in our DNA it is woven, so I ask the question that no one is knowing.
How are we not unified throughout this time, woven like silk, intertwined?
The fact we are great mammals, with knowledge so prime, evolved from apes, right?
Evolved from fish, right?
How I don't know then, if Science "proves" "we evolved" how the hell then, are we not all watching each other all, washing each other off.
More I mean, in fact, how are we not loving each other all?
Helping each other grow tall.
For there is destruction that consumes, from a source being fumed, by a fire, ancient, zoomed to the future, as we watch death rebloom, some are celebrating, delegating, hounding other **** sapiens, knowing that **** well we are sincerely impending doom.
When you would take one's mind, grab it, mold it, control it and try to dominate it, hold it. It speaks clouds,  that in fact speaks louder then the pine I smoke all the time.
Define a crime, when the crime of the mind can bind, bindings leave the mind behind, straying to a sin, lost, never going to win, in the time that minds turns the crime good, only in that person's mind, for it is defined in that time as right, consuming the light.
send it underground and let the devils feast
A leaf fallen also dies without a peep.
A leap of faith inside of me also asks how can we not see...
Lost and Out forever looking to find peace.
Chosen words, by the mind, observe, throughout the Nation and the Earth.
Rebirth of times again, repeated life descends, ahead is future flights that take you to the stars a chosen night.
A woven time of hidden shrines, lost in unpleasant lines, the devil binds, but look not scared for
Lord is awake and right.
Listen alright.
The question was clear.
Why then are we not, all unified, why is there crime on this Earth, why do we stand divided? How on Earth don't we move, unified, always colliding, if knowing there's destruction on Earth, how can we rise to become more than valuable work tools for the richer ones.
They threw out God,
how can we now rise?
The evil applauds,
They say look to nature, where danger evolves...
I'm so appalled,
they are so appalled.
Name calling involved, anger has been stricken in all.
Again the question in all rights seems to be alright because the debate can end all fights,
end all life
by the word I seem to siphon through
the cipher that I do put my mind into.
How are we not all evolved into one conscious,
like ants who do go straight in line inclined to do what is right for the hive, alive, we are separated, only through our mind, for that ant does not have a brain, as mine, but some cannot fathom how I am asking so again.
For I know me from God, I am never subtracting.
Reacting with words, I need to know, understand  evils plans and plays being made for humans to be swayed, so now I must say if we all know the way of humans how is it death comes from some of the smartest including whole nations fighting over territory and its crazy if we all know that we are apes, we climb atop a building and burn like King Kong I guess. Well maybe we need the Lord more than all and he has answered our call. Now we gotta tell them all to do is let go of the chain and ball, it's called hate, yall, and it exist in is all.
MOTV Dec 2015
Though bleak,
The fight was ended in less than a week
Spit, spat, plip, plop
Heaps of crimson spew about
"I now know..."
Never really in doubt.
...Truth's so close.
Savagely arises unto thy toes.
Hope Interlopes
Tipping high, nearly breaking the bone,
blistering the lungs with a howl
a shriek, a shout, a call
to all
Here and about
Crimson on the face,
the face of destiny that awaits
"Almighty guides me,
The time if it is,
glow brightly
Is not the time greatest of the Earth?
Oh! Almighty, I yearn and thirst for the return of the truth in the people
God Almighty that Guides sends
me word of all Mighty"....
Bowing down as a whisp of the winds sends unto a juxtaposition of monsoons within
Thoughts in the nimbus clouds,
clean meditation of the soul's eye,
anticipating the touch of the illuminated,
that meets faith like a glyph,
a gem,
a platinum ring.
It rays with,
the light,
so meaningful
The love embraces
the touch,
you to heavens door
ordained .
Hope winning
ends the day,
a defeat was maimed
the moment
logic lay
Battle raging.
Mind a blazing.
Never truly falling.
Lord saving.
Lay about the flesh,
flowing out embers, infernos,
burgundy river,
o' that
scarlet mask,
of phantom
letting goeth of the breath.
Ascends through,
thy faith
thy love,
to the lands.
MOTV Dec 2015
Found the sudden grace within
Hungry for more my friend
Learn defeat boy take it in
Every battles not a win
Though every battle can be won
Take those strides keep moving on
MOTV Aug 2016
I lost my mind in desire
An empire owned by lust from higher

Beings falling down to themselves
Bewitched and hexed
But how?

Through the musical

From ancient times
Flow wasting

The lot o them many minds
I'm wasted but the day is fine

Time wasted
Vomiting out my mind

The mirror
In the mirror
My eyes are so red
Spinning out the world

The mirror
In the mirror

I spew out puke now
Spit like a cobra
As I spin around

Door opens how
Do I barely miss

And I do hiss!
Then vanish.
Cause I am higher than a dragon
Soaring through hazy skies
Falling back down
To Earth

Mouth dry
Sitting asking why
Do I need?

Is this really "addiction"?
Or a ****** in need

To see wounds
Making myself bleed

Then into the Earth, I recede.
Only to be a myth, a dream.

A Devil walking so obscene.
MOTV Dec 2015
Chained is the brained maimed,
labeled as a

Actions shocked
became ridiculed and mocked.

Thrown a float a vessel to isles.

Rocked the boat,
it was moving from side to side,
as it turns upside down,
drowning the thoughts that cannot float inside,
for swimming is not learned by all. not all can make it,
and by chance, none of the thoughts floated to safety, so death in the form of reflection, gasping for air old thoughts
a tragedy,
the lack of knowledge, of the decree, left many
in a wet death.
A cemetery in the deep blue.
Only I can swim in the madness that consumes.
MOTV May 2017
I'm feeling like...

I need'a
Speed up.

Move fast.

As the Green light turns Red.

Pedal to metal.
I am off in a flash.
Foot on lock.
Won't ease up.

Drift off.
Drift late.
Just wait.

Skidding with thunder.

As the Red Accord rubber wheels bleed
We recede in aero
Fall off
Into the off ramps bridge

The freeways
Incoming traffic

Levitated, watching myself

Going numb.
No longer masking.

My actions.
     my actions.

cause they are there to see
From the bridge
Lights flashing
Honking, speeding
Cannot flee.

Hitting elements.
Fire, cement, gust of mighty winds
glass, clashing.
With a subtle gentle breeze

I am there
I stare
I am surrounded by the abyss
Our life

They are there
O' so aware

We conversating without words


We all are bare

MOTV Apr 2016
Beatboxing like a tyrant speaking so loud they frown and look down, down, down, down
Into the dark abyss, where they reminsnse, my head dog like vicious, **** them with the flow, a wave, tsunami kid, kid, kid
So wet, she is, was when I went to chase that waterfall, so buzzed, like a bee bzz zzz zzz. How can this be?
Best believe we scheme, dream, leap, reap, sweep during the current states and matter we form with our works makes us levitate.
When we awake.
Hey, you awake?
When we awakened.
Kin, walk and talk as we can and plan to understand man and women in the land, Truth is Held in God and constant faith brings Grace in All
MOTV Apr 2016
Arise, exhale, limber up and go
conquering the day, with a whistle as I stroll

The Horizon in view; taking it, nothing new
Learning from defeats, because I shall not, cannot retreat

To my adversaries I am pretty scary, once momentum picks up I can bump down any barriers.

Avoiding corrupted energies

Because I am sweet like Ben and Jerries cause the day I come to slay, every of the mornings when I have awakened.

Praying only to Yahweh.

Staying forever blessed never forsaken.

Raking in the blessings, learning from my adolescence, basking in the Divines essence.

Omega keeps me safe because Amazing is always present.

Always present!
Even in defeats, I tell yeah, because it is there where you learn, for it is human insanity to fall into repetition and sometimes cause your own casualty or maiming your own flesh but because God is with me.... I shall never truly die, even well I am flying far down into the depths of hell, Michael is my name and I came to conquer these days so God can take me away to the heavens, I await.
MOTV Nov 2015
Let your Epic shine
MOTV Dec 2015
Intact action, into strategic tactics, raising glory through swift reaps, faith has guided, led, like beats, patterns erupt, glorious, bass through day end, conquering, majestic as a way of life friends around for now we all gotta rock out find the true purpose commit more than any percent to it, as the sky is not a limit, life is limitless.*

Less lay the day waste, seen from experience.*

A sense of exchange can take place vital sense when you earn cents, incredibly forging skill refining internal climates, confidence
peaked far beyond the Alps or Everest.

Turn rest into mental prep, always stay ahead.

Come out of confinement, learn experiences. Sing more rather than lay in silence.

Be about it.

Make sense?
Always looking to better myself, but without action thoughts lay waste.
A change takes place any given day.
Thoughts headway.
MOTV Dec 2015
Landing in place
Landing in space
Relative date
What was that date?

Look into my face
Look at my face
Love fighting the hate
Fighting hate
War against hate

What can I really say?
What can I say?
When the fire burns
The fire burns
Fire born

Molded by flames
Molded by the storms
Lightening soars
The lightening it soars

Over my fate
Over my face
Over the space

Open the doors
Opening the doors

Inner peace
Inner power

Peace lost in the storm
Pieces lost in the storm
Power gained through the flame
Heating up my veins

The look on my face
Look at my face
Hellish  endeavor
Hell has conquered

O for sure
O fo'******>
More and more
More and more

Its set pre date
Even if i fall into the floor

Ill go through the door
The pearly door...

Eternal fire
Eternal flame

Eternal fire
Eternal fire...

The light raises me up
I soar out of the abyss

Up into grace
Forever and more
Forever more

The thoughts lost
The thoughts exist

In thought I am lost
In thought I do exist
Inspired by Kid Cudis Speeding Bullet to Heaven. Wrote this in my barber shop.
MOTV Apr 2016
Day end
Day end

That dark sky saying we ain't playing
Still going moving without a thought
A plot
A spot
To chill, to write some rhymes and act ill

I still find it amusing and dooming
But in this mind, I have I find the behemoth to be a delight
In spite of all the death, it brings
Takes breaths when seen
Leaning not on my understanding

Standing alone in the darkness oh in the black room
Amused that I am in my hell by myself
When I was young I cried about it in my room
I thought my hell would be me alone
Alone here I am writing a poem
About the dark behemoth
The big ol' black behemoth
With many meteors
Sending stars
Slaying ours


Tick tock
In the abyss
Laughter from the muses
Songs from the sirens
And I'm in a voyage of my whole life
Waves of strife winds that blow with might
Mighty monsoons strike, strikes like a cobra venom poison mamba opened its mouth to insert its fangs down into the vein as it hangs with a mighty grip,
as you flip!
We on that toxic trip!
Behemoth there doesn't care in the skies wise because it's endless.
Huge, it is stupendous, we are rendered smaller than a flea to this huge being
Forever living in a thing.

In the abyss, we dream

There is nothing new under the sun, son, and father, the same goes for the behemoth for it was there when it started.
MOTV Nov 2015
I conjured with my very hands.
Rays to tear the Sun from this land.

I conjured with my train of thought.
Witnesses to scorn the blocks.

I conjured with my weary soul.
Ravens to gore upon their demonic bones.

I conjured with my mute like voice.
Solders, halos shining radiantly with a crimson gold hue.

Whom of you knew that life is more than just what we see
Through lost time in the lost minds of the lost trines meaning

I am believing there are more in the minds of the man

I am believing in Divine corner slabs.

I am believing that the heathen has control of the world so torn
Until Holiness kicks in their doors.

Lost in a Mind
In a Land
In a man

Where time spans don't exist
Think about a hat that can't fit
But you still squeeze it on

Depicted as a hazard
Drug Addict

Surprised he ain't in an attic
Dam nab it
Flow is drastic

Like a flood
Taking out the lives of the lost
Are we lost?

Flowing thru subconscious

Rawr from the tundras Michael is a monsta'
Spittin heat
Eating pasta
Words are like that, coming from a mobsta'

Bats breaking necks
No naggin
Know that I ain't dense
It is hard to get out my adolescence

Mind still on herb and finding Truth in existence

Pitiful poem
Sipping on chrome
E.T. is still in need of phoning home

All dogs need a bone
Need to bone
All dogs need a bone
Need to bone

Lost my brain...
Lost my game...

Lost in strange sights...


I just might...

Stuck in torment...

Cannot move...

Thoughts seem eternally gloomed...
Doomed to a recession.
Lost in the inception.
Is there a redemption?
Thirst from women 'cause its pleasurable

Need my play- that audible

Hear me scream; need audible sound waves to come out my brainwaves.

What is lower than dirt?
It's I alone
rock bottom and I think that I might just go off the poem
and find my way home
please I need to be the be
and the be has I so let us go holmes.

I've lost my mental
black teeth who cares about my dental

* treat a ***** like a rental*
if she a Bentley I keep her for a week, then move from my GT continental
I set my soul on finding truth
where is, who needs proof?
I tried to break the bars raise the roof
a left the scene, gone, aloof
moved with the wind but still sat still
killed myself
brought me to the deep darkened will
of the uncovered man that I have found
in this land
hi son of sam
I am high
son of am

**Use your mental

It is essential

Get on the mic

**** em good

They call you daddy don't mean to be disrespectful

Not being neglectful just choosing words

If bird was the word and the word was on shurm

Learn prophecy confirmed to the date times unturned
MOTV Dec 2015
I weep in a dream
I believe means that time does not mean
a **** thing
a land being just that
nothing but clay and oil mixed with apes that **** atop every day

buildings being harvested by drug cats
meowing to the top with gangster chat
bringing sawed offs to the rats trap

Bilbo like, exploring the windows of the murderous widow
alone, at home, but she already *****,
a bone she's eating, cannibalism is her story.
She twerks and starts  moaning, disrobing.
Need to get out. Slowly leave, before she notices.
That soulless *****.

Moby **** the mammal that ate the Earth and then did spit,
Gaia and Lucifer did omit,
a light defined by the mind of that Titan
Time gets kept lit, inside the internal spine of that being in which we live on
Rock like Malphite an unstoppable force.

A giant coy fish fighting the whale to take hold, and fulfill its ploy.
Rainbow colored, with whiskers that whip, and whisper thunder.

I wake up from this hallucinating slumber.
MOTV Oct 2015
I smoke herb can't you see the loud
Rhyme absurd till I see the humans bow

Shoot the gun ricochet hit the proud
Moving stance, I move the crowds.

I smoke herb can't you hear  the loud
I find the word, to induce them to bow

Thought patterns
Beats matter
Moving laughter

Glimpse of the past hurts

Thoughts cool
That's all we gotta say
All we gotta do

Stay cool that's what we gotta do
Do what we do

Thoughts cool
I think I made a hit

Knotts proof that darkness exist
Props and fools and buffoonery exist

Plots alluded until that time that does exist

I smoke herb can't you see the loud?
A mad rapper now speaking out his clout

I smoke herb, but you can't see me now*
Mind absurd the world will now bow.
Random write
#Bow #Poem #Herb #Writing #NoPattern #HipHopish #IneedAbeat
MOTV Dec 2015
You hear the voices
Last thought before actions provoked
Lapse of judgement
I shall not bend the way
'the will is mine
For I stayed too long
Find me blind
Weakened by force
Grim victory of course
By me for
Has Not made me dumb and yet
Still wounded gushing the dream
I find myself slaying the serpent
Breaking its face with my heel
Destroying the final sin
The one I shall ****.
MOTV Apr 2016
lost in a distant existent with dipshits making all ways hip and lude news rules blues song are now abused to take the mind sway and grind for they have lost sight of the most Divine a crime my flesh entwine with stress hexed with *** and got them sticks to build myself a house out in the acres of wherever land find myself losing my mind because the dimes lust seems forever man holding sands of time within my hand as my mind thinks that  the girl with that behind and fine boosam will come and touch him in lust again I am lost again my friend my head is said to hold all types of bread
MOTV Apr 2016
Motivate through art and paint
I mean even a bare one can wait
And through time show how beautiful and intertwined endless moments bring feelings sublime
all I could think is I got to rhyme
my head and my feelings need be so deep
my thoughts and my motivation need to make the reapers weep
I need I must I will own that cash
I need I must I will own that ***
Hustlin hustlin for more than just the money
Hustlin, Hustlin the filling, is lovely
Hold them up with work that shows your dominance
Fold them up like clean laundry to show your confidence
MOTV Dec 2015
He alone speaks a poem,

Laughs at first, then breaks a beat with bass that rings the dome

Booom Boom Bah


It is easy

Mc cheesy

Type of flow that gets the breezy

Hot and out

Fast and quick

Woe to the devilish

I rearrange the rebel

Sip on this

Like some drank, you got from 7/11

Spit it out

Because it tastes of heaven

Glory homie to the holy thoughts of growing in the home of he who is most high oh so fly I am that guy talking to minds eyes floating in right times speaking with odd man enshrined, guts for glory shoot it make it and own it
cannot stop the boldest, roaming, spitting glaciers so freezing cold.

Bits and pieces are put together
mind in a nimbus cloud
in any weather
creative cloud hold me now
i am bound atop it now
an angel not from hell
only here to tell
hear me now
as you see the cow
saw them bow
odd spits about
the past ancient type of hit I guess
one day someone will study it
the minds of all who look to God
then get corrupted by an idol star or a mind departing from the souls golden heart
dam is that it?
We lost it again and again
we be talking
I can make hits
a gin with the wish
but would you sell your soul for a piece of Earth
that will implode when the star has taken enough of this *******
I guess we can give it quits
anytime but right now the divine has all of my mind
I cannot let go
luke warm has got me to being this low
is commitment what you need for anything to succeed
I reseed back the vast heavens
that your minds seem to lack
can't see past dimensions
because humans don't believe in things
so fairy like
I barely write because I fall to blight every day and night


I shall let you let go


they say

I fall asleep again for weeks on end now I can comprehend that I can fly again.

Yes again.

The times run on end and I will be at the right place and time when it comes, my friend.
MOTV Aug 2016
#Chanting, chattering. #Chanting, chattering. #Chanting, chattering. #Chanting, chattering.
MOTV Dec 2015
O me
O my
Chaos has arisen.
Came alive.
Save me.
Save mine.
Family for we don't want to die
Hold me
Holy my
Possessions, truths and lies.
MOTV Sep 2016
MOTV Dec 2015
The clouds speak, multiply, weep
See clouds blow up loudly
Clouds cover skies lay like a blanket

Clouds leap into existence
Into a man, a boy, a baby

Young seeing it, caught in a daze

Stairway to heaven I guess
if only I can walk on one
must create a sort of crest,
into future tech
coming into existence

Clouds forever depicted in the world, weird and hideous
MOTV Dec 2015
You say your words ill wait.
MOTV Dec 2015
High atop a mountain,
fierce steed vigorously breathing clouds.
Came to and frow
to find a challenger so thy may grow.

Leaves the skies in awe.
Inspires to be,
The Grim, that Reaps.

Shining beams of light.
Crimson plate of reflective fine stone brought onto the form by Holy flame lay atop a massive anatomy of muscle to defend with its aura of might.

Vivid, vivid
Eyes deep red, darkened by crown like mask of  fortitude
vigilance in all aspects.
Behemoth in stature.
Standing as high as the Heavens.

Flames hug the creature of blazing hooves and the Crimson Elite of the era.

Swords aflame held in each hand covered in a ruby gauntlet bore by an Elder Demons infernos, made to protect the mouth of the fabled

Amongst the Titan an
Unexplained enigma.
Spew about
An awe a blazing to rule
All land.

Gaia cover by ravening flames
oh might
Dancing vigorously till day
As All Might, It Does Roar With Majestic Sounds
In Tune With Life Leaving Crimson Stains
Where They Might Lay
Upon This
MOTV Nov 2015
It stings
The crimson ring
As I place it on the index and then switch it to the pinky
The glyph brings embers to my enemies
Watch em burn
Crimson Rang
Crimson Stains
The blobs sang

Oh the noise
MOTV Apr 2016
fire on my head
am I dead?
walking as that night talks to the friends
oh mine my brain is dead
no longer a friend of any
to many walking that path that the world does lay out
sheeple people are we all now?
where now do we go as we call our own together.
mary the day that enlightens your way
I do pray that many men can understand the strides I use
with my mind
God Almighty is Divine
further fine
that fine sign
is too amazing and I am just speaking words that are somewhat me pretending to flick the bird, flicking the suburban bird

that's lost in anticipation
to rule the nation
brain not on the cain
but mary and I walk the dark plains
smooth type of brother
I don't use a rubber
these ******* caught me in my slumber
but my days are far from being numbered
thunder and lightening
are very frightening
I, Michael be heightening
like a spaceship that uses advanced fuels
to go on to another planet
how can he manage
I damage
your pride like a savage
lavish lifestyle
ain't for me
I am just too cool
to fall in like
some of you old peeps

use and abuse the nation,
ration what you got
but it's hard cause the tv is saying buy for your vacation
awaits a place where we can be catered
took off guard
rattled dismantled.
they say ****... ****
why does that guy lie
playing with that lie
I cannot look into his eyes
flies buzz by,
bye bye
off on another word.
and again it is that bird.
MOTV Dec 2015
Days will come, oh sweet
Days will come, oh make you weep

Days will come, fast as a naval fleet
Days will come, smack you in the face, fall to defeat

But that day won't come to me while I am elite
Top starter in that day's defeat

Conquering the day for I won't retreat

The days come, I stand in Victory, oh a sweet relief.
MOTV Apr 2016
I lost my head in a never ending feeding pen of boars, gorging on each other, alive and smiling human faces. Laughing at each other, knowing there all scorned.
But on all fours eating pools of slop, that spew from a hand that is giving  soaring like it was "it" the end.
I see many men frying by the pigs, igniting them through squeals of heat the man is crisped. Smokey.
Something like grease falls from his lips as he looks at me not dead, still alive but can feel every pain, every moment he sees the pig gorging on his knees, he looks displeased,  I mean, of course, getting eaten on by a fire breathing boar.
Where am I at I don't know rampant beast roam,  I am all alone, am I next?
Thoughts perplexed did I let out a genie from a bottle now I'm hexed.
Grinding is the only thing I see forthcoming, for a machine walk toward me.
This being he looks like he ignores me, but the slow walk keeps getting swarming,  Giga light electronic delight I hear moaning from a female entice, in this hell still man burns up like a pig, bacon crisp the lush soft lips and **** those hips all electric my thought interesting because I know I am in hell but I still want to *** it, in the valley of doom her breast light up the gloom, her *** ***** my shroom, hallucination in the plain, deserts that consume, still frozen stuck in a circle a fire blazing, and boars circle another man as he screams blood flies from his mouth all over his hands, his face also displeased, of course man, he is soon consumed as the rest were, as I sit and watch the mistress, completely undressed, get into her dance, moves in the same repetition, what is her mission,  I am glued, i don't know why, I fill used, just watching her naked there staring at her curves, in the depths of hell, everyone dying around me, but I cannot move away from her spell, everything is looking cool fun i am loving it, because she, the demon, as well as the huge being are getting closer electric currently pulling me toward the center of the vortex getting torn into a warped being walking in a room where I see myself half consumed trying to fight two personalities, one who fell to lust and delights, the other aware of the Lords might and insight and the right and I am bright but so dim. Light me up and enlighten that, that is within I guess I can take from the story fabled him a grim thought of this hell, lavish I guess if you think about what else is down there. Burning in the molten crowd.
Sometimes I just don't know.
MOTV Nov 2015
It is a mind trip away
Demonstrate what I say
Through words common ear
Listen to my thoughts come real
Just try
must you go
With the divine
Feeling sublime
In this time
Only lit
Cannot equip
My steadfast soul
To salute this globe
Thy Majestic
Swiftly taking into perspective
Common thought
higher learning
How can we grow
Without hurting
Leap of faith
My Golden Fate
Like a lion, I roar awake
Lurking to
the truth foretold
I shall find
My God,
because worship is where I keep my hope
I cope with the serenity
No need for serendipity
I am too far ahead of thee
To just fall
In a quick draw
Sight foretold
Can you hear me kick all
there *****
Smoking many kinds of grasses
Are the masses
Because its the trend
Won't pretend
Evolved overages
Easy to be tainted

Hope the future sees the light
It is almost too bleak of a sight
Overcast, smoking past got me to stop thinking,
where is my intellect?
To neglectful,

so inspirational
Soul searching
with God
Yes its worth it,
If I can get YhWh to applaud
MOTV Dec 2015
Dancing with fluent flows.
Embodied our very soul.
Serenity incarnate.
Irrationally, Emotional
Risking Infinity.
E**levated, Inside our Entity.
MOTV Dec 2015
Walking straight.
Still crashing into fate.
Time is right, never late.
MOTV May 2016
The change made its stride
For, now I see wide.

Leadership thought.
Grind and plot won't stop.
MOTV Nov 2015
I got it
Do it
To Arise

I got the tonic
yes brews
them down like an alcoholic
herb had me mesmerized
yes fire
burning my eyes

Triangles formed from the clouds outside

Do it
They said dropped the **** and bottle
Bounced with the bass
Then sang acapella

Ohh La la luhh uh Lord I Lu lu lu uhV Love thy Majestic

Seeing my sorrows, I was perplexed about the endless tomorrow
Reaping what I sowed, I woe and misery have clouded my bold
Moved without the spirit and I drowned
in the deep dark abyss
A Kraken did whisper soft poetry and infinity I found the tentacles wrapped about
How I languished screamed for a way out caught like a fish snared what type of bait I reminisced
Dismissed any and all around me was plenty thoughts left again woe.

Lord, did I die?
Lord did I fry?
Lord did I just try to find clarity in the times of ecstasy

I do it again and again wake up and pray to the heavens

I do it again and again but this time action is needed cannot pretend

I do it again oh and again

Thoughts are a pity without action
can be left into a city bonded down by the own mind
cannot move grim balled up with slime
toxic bites from the octopi
dancing in an array of my might
which it stole
left drunk and alone
again I know where I am at
but cannot move
what is with that
see the eye
swollen eye
looking inside golden binds
struck again
is it material
my only friend?

My only friend
I do it.. it it it..

I find the truth with all knowing God as the truest....
I do it.. it it it

MOTV May 2017
Lucid, real, attainable, inevitable, gifted, risen, awoken, taken, soaring toward it.
MOTV Dec 2015
May materialize or stay as misguided thoughts.
If no action is taken those dreams are surely lost.
Depression, self-doubt, anger, and much more.
Are all bi-products of a dream so very torn.
To attain the prize, you must move fast with eager eyes.
Learn fast, for this life does not stop for even the wealthiest of guys.
Take those dreams that are yours and make them forever more.
Dreams with action are what we are moving towards.
MOTV Dec 2015
At first glance, one may say they witnessed a goddess
At passing by, the presence turned my stomach inside out like it knotted
At a reverence has the brain mesmerized, tryna capture her perfection
At close proximity, I sway alive like instantly totally day and night
As  if it  is her, her way, a choice, no one can question her, aura does array
Remarkably infatuated, frozen as if spellbound, am I her chosen prey?
Alas, she glides unto her day, without a word only the stare o' fate.
Last I find myself, moving on.
But for now her image lingers on.
MOTV May 2016
My Ego needs attention
My Ego needs to look good
My Ego needs that paper, money, diamonds, rubies and all days that are sunny.
My Ego needs that dime, no not that paper, I already gave you that line, but the chick with the real plump lips, rocking hips, buttocks that I can grip and breast that make the sun want to touch it.
My Ego is about me, me because once I am done having fun with this girl I bang, I kick her to the curb like Lue Kang.
My Ego is out of its mind, its body comes from somewhere far in time and it does like to party and grind.
My Ego is strange, strange, derange.
My Ego insane.
MOTV Nov 2015
I am lost in mythology
idolatry has embodied me
see the seamless cuts down my oddities
emancipated myself because of the Illuminati
I might be on the brink of making a huge discovery
reduction to the man
more power to the spirit
evil cannot withstand
hold my hand they say
walking away
in dismay
to the words I say
subconscious flow melts like magma
makes your body go away
flay the day,
that saw me coming
as they fled
I walked faster then they were running
stabbed them, cowards, until they were dead
not with a knife
but with words that destroy strife
knowledge, a tool for fools to control stupid people
lost in the grains of sand my minds a land
like yours a mystery enthralled and obscured
in all of us a spirit
ready to combust
let it out and trust
in the Lord I screech
shout from my mouth
so small
words roaring out without a man
what can the land accomplish
we tend to the spinning orb
adorned and gifted
I pray Christ take off my restrictions.
Bigotry and ignorance own the span of this small land of digital dreams...
Conversation empty words... False ecstasy...

I believe in Christ and God is life...

But I am the man lost in madness...

The saddest truth...

Stranded in a sadist roost....

need an "elo" boost...

lost in loot...

Cross save me!
I need a prayer and that's the truth...

morality in destruction, sexuality no longer an obstruction...

draining lives swaying the young to endless consumption...

*** drugs and idols...

they will no longer function...

if I can summon an Angel,
I need him now...

because my path is so bleak,
I'm living in hell...

Bliss turned to madness,
the Hatter is spamming my dome
like a troll...

Will he go home??

Now I say Christ my life
send me the eternal strength to fight this strife.

Hone my faith, ignite my life. For Lord of Armies, I need your might.

I am Michael.

Heed my plead, and show me the light.
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