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May 2017 · 635
Seismic Wave
MOTV May 2017


Seismic Wave



Seismic Wave



Seismic Wave
May 2017 · 230
MOTV May 2017
Lucid, real, attainable, inevitable, gifted, risen, awoken, taken, soaring toward it.
MOTV May 2017
There's a message in a bottle.
Coming in from the tides.
Rapid sea, rapid sea, I am seeing with my eyes.

There's a message in a bottle.
Coming in from waves high.
Crashing down, crashing down, into the sea
Oh, I am high.

There's a message in a bottle.
I can see it with my eyes.
Flowing in and out the world, into me.

There's simple question, tension coming up from the mist,
from the depths of the abyss

From the depths of our subconscious

There's a fleeting pattern, chatter, clatter coming up from the past,
don't want it their atlas, don't want to be that man.

There's a flow coming cold, bringing chills, making them asleep, arise.

There's' a message in a bottle coming full throttle from a tsunami into the sea from every side, into the sea
of my mind, into a sea flowing hot blasting from Earths core from inside .

I just see the bottle passing by, message true testament, proof that there is a perspective on another side.

Turn from sin, levitate higher, keep those wins, turn from a binge, learn control, like a comet hitting the globe, words heard, written down is that so profound I found myself asking now.

There's that bottle with a message.

In a sea of transgressions.
Help me find it and don't let me neglect it, I am reckless like the waves, but the message is still there, clear is sound waters, crashing down it does last I have no impact, at the end when I pass it will grasp a mind not mine but oh Divine help me while I am here find my prime.

Oh, there's a message in a bottle.
May 2017 · 1.1k
A time of somes.
MOTV May 2017
I'm feeling like...

I need'a
Speed up.

Move fast.

As the Green light turns Red.

Pedal to metal.
I am off in a flash.
Foot on lock.
Won't ease up.

Drift off.
Drift late.
Just wait.

Skidding with thunder.

As the Red Accord rubber wheels bleed
We recede in aero
Fall off
Into the off ramps bridge

The freeways
Incoming traffic

Levitated, watching myself

Going numb.
No longer masking.

My actions.
     my actions.

cause they are there to see
From the bridge
Lights flashing
Honking, speeding
Cannot flee.

Hitting elements.
Fire, cement, gust of mighty winds
glass, clashing.
With a subtle gentle breeze

I am there
I stare
I am surrounded by the abyss
Our life

They are there
O' so aware

We conversating without words


We all are bare

Feb 2017 · 747
I am alright
MOTV Feb 2017
I am alright
I am alright


I am alright
I am alright


Taking flight

With this


I am alright
I am alright

Through Times
I am fixing my mind
Through fixation
I am realizing
Omegas Light
Gifts into the Lord I won't miss.

Goodness, gracious, oh how I love this.
Feb 2017 · 244
MOTV Feb 2017
Among my mind a fine day.
A prowling being is on its way.

Among my mind a fine day.
A prowling being, oh, it's on its way.
Eyes red,
Face black,
Vision blury,
That is that.
Eyes hazed,
Faced twacked,
Oh, yes! That is that.
Feb 2017 · 172
MOTV Feb 2017
I be
Jan 2017 · 491
Mushroom Cloud
MOTV Jan 2017
Comes out the mist.
The cloud, that gorge within.
Imploding, eroding, exploding,
upholding higher stature.
Into the sky, real high is where
the eye meets the heat of
Puff out the world with
one **** then fall into the bliss,
at ease.
We broke.
My soul
twisting as spirit falls
into an abyssal flow
tantrum tonic taboo talking
oh living so obnoxious.
Jan 2017 · 305
MOTV Jan 2017
the rocks are
the motion
got the Earth
these rocks
these rocks
aren't stable
no fable
retaliating to man's
response to odds
at ways
these days
are still strange
still for a millisecond
while the fissure hits
into the abyss we step
into the dream we
are thrown as a mass
relapse into the rafts
of a savage under
the skin of a man
the core expands
from fissures
comes molten hands
from eye to Earth's
ends it expands
anticipating the wake
a strange
sweet taste
like crepe
Await oh
thoughts of fissures coming
one day just to say
I am awake




time to celebrate.
Sep 2016 · 469
MOTV Sep 2016
Sep 2016 · 587
Sleepless Flowing
MOTV Sep 2016
Please release this
Spirit fire burning like **** in a blunt
Blueberry this time

My mind already red
Eyes already red
Her time was far ahead of mine
meaning she saw it far before me

Meet me there
Left obstacles

I fell

Left it wrong
its okay
M.O. Live so long

Can't lie
I won't die

Can't Lie
I can't get fried

The "choppa" was out of my mind
I laughed as you died

As I got shot and fell down and saw you die I laughed

Relate the debate correlates the human mind is strange.

Not dead, just maintained
Getting up and going deranged
Making money on top of your strange

Days are over, the grass is green on all sides, flourished.

Death and rebirth, words again coming, cracking through the skull of the pioneer who meditates on the mandated flow in place.
Aug 2016 · 315
Asylum in my head
MOTV Aug 2016
I lost my mind in desire
An empire owned by lust from higher

Beings falling down to themselves
Bewitched and hexed
But how?

Through the musical

From ancient times
Flow wasting

The lot o them many minds
I'm wasted but the day is fine

Time wasted
Vomiting out my mind

The mirror
In the mirror
My eyes are so red
Spinning out the world

The mirror
In the mirror

I spew out puke now
Spit like a cobra
As I spin around

Door opens how
Do I barely miss

And I do hiss!
Then vanish.
Cause I am higher than a dragon
Soaring through hazy skies
Falling back down
To Earth

Mouth dry
Sitting asking why
Do I need?

Is this really "addiction"?
Or a ****** in need

To see wounds
Making myself bleed

Then into the Earth, I recede.
Only to be a myth, a dream.

A Devil walking so obscene.
Aug 2016 · 1.6k
Chanting, chattering.
MOTV Aug 2016
#Chanting, chattering. #Chanting, chattering. #Chanting, chattering. #Chanting, chattering.
Jun 2016 · 418
From afar
MOTV Jun 2016
I see the goal
an end
So my soul
can rend
into this life
what is bright
the light
I might just wonder
fast far from my past
lost in this mist
I smoke kush
till night pass
I keep it real
as I continue to live
failures turned to lessons
I must try again
I need it
the x factor of life
I need it
the game changing perspective that brings glories rite
May 2016 · 452
MOTV May 2016
On an abyss
and existence
No more fighting, **** the resistance
Time has got me synchronized with the grind so daily I will do what I signed up for at the front door,
                                                  the paper said, "get the chedda."
The Paper said, " It gets better."

Did it on the nimbus,
Cloud 7 headed demon
Went in and gave the clause to the auditor who said "Oh yeah"

"The time is now, and the will in dow so pick up speed as we proceed in now."

O well taking it, "the plunge", Yahwey greater than anyone.
So I know, for, where I go, I can be back because I Am arose.

Fully penetrate your skull, with a ****** mind that minds and takes you to the limelight or life a sprite can guide just like a bull can be a ride.

Just like a fool can be wise, just like the truth can be a lie.

As I sigh, comes out winds of fury that vibrate that which is all around,
Trees fall, burn, turn to marijuana trees. Fold up your hands because you can't handle these.

Bleezies sparked, breezes call at the front door of the impala and now I drive off she is wearing Prada odd life we might make it if we change but blight stays long hard to go away when you stay strayed in a daze the days we play ball with friends but now we stuck in a tarpit of ******* and hemp left the club to crash the Benz they chalked the **** out the cement when I died and got shot and the body burned but the most high saved me as I perish I know I am weary be aware that you will beware me stair into faiths victim I am left in a grasped hand from the underworld the fingers seem to expand around this man burning around this hand fire grasping life again, but even in that presence.

I know Yahyah can save and I know that I ain't senseless a mess but I reap that of faith when I lept.
May 2016 · 439
MOTV May 2016
The change made its stride
For, now I see wide.

Leadership thought.
Grind and plot won't stop.
May 2016 · 316
I Smoke
MOTV May 2016
I smoke from a.m. to p.m. I see them.
Them man acting all crazy, lazy, johnny blazing, fire devastating waiting, conversating, again with myself in the mirror my only friend. Again my loud voice it brings fear to all man I talk and conversate with the spirit that does awaken that man that had his hold in Satin but God Almighty Save him because in the end Omega sees all life through and through wins in the right time comes through always hope always hope always hope
I smoke from a.m. to p.m. I see them.
obscene him, acting mean lean fighting machine clean like bald head like I'm Mr clean with a meme scrub suds off your *** I have on all my clothes she has on nothing fully exposed, Extra, extra! Yah heard I'm an intellectual mind flying in the third divine living line after line till day to time

And I am out my mind cause

I smoke from a.m. to p.m. I see them.

I think I'm fine putting it down her spine.

I got to

live on letting on let go explode like a bomb does implode if I did that will I extract the divine love that comes from two souls entwine like a snowflake and the spine hold 7 in front of us I must say I do trust God to guide.

and I fly, and I do collide like an asteroid, meteor shower she wants her power

Like a tower, I do stand firm still cannot instill fear in me because like metal I am not real. Intrigued by that my gat speaks load, slugs that hit you back.

I smoke from a.m. to p.m. I see them.  See them see them.
May 2016 · 551
MOTV May 2016
My Ego needs attention
My Ego needs to look good
My Ego needs that paper, money, diamonds, rubies and all days that are sunny.
My Ego needs that dime, no not that paper, I already gave you that line, but the chick with the real plump lips, rocking hips, buttocks that I can grip and breast that make the sun want to touch it.
My Ego is about me, me because once I am done having fun with this girl I bang, I kick her to the curb like Lue Kang.
My Ego is out of its mind, its body comes from somewhere far in time and it does like to party and grind.
My Ego is strange, strange, derange.
My Ego insane.
Apr 2016 · 370
Moving quickly
MOTV Apr 2016
Hey there

I like what your sanging

Wage? Fair?

Just cause you swangin

I need a mill

Can I do the same thang and get the loot

With a lute, i do cast you with my spell

Hypnotized, locked down like jail

The verse prevails

Enables me to alter thought patterns

The mad hatters tavern smoking herb well-making caps.
Breaking caps because there's no ceilings in the sense once you start making the cents.

I'm heaven sent thank the Lord for all my blessings

I'm heaven sent thank the Lord because he made me

I'm heaven sent with a scent of herb


How I twist words

Merge the verbs with the rest

Got a mistress to undress

I am the best

A hot mess at times

But the Divine is so fine

He holds me

Close to him I do win

Own the land one day so mostly I observe

Merge my thought patterns

Some would call me anti-social

But I break the body

Such a butterfly disguised like I'm evolved some sort of creature

Maybe a preacher

Maybe a teacher

But what do I know I just drow, spit the burning flow,hold my divine soul and spit the mighty winds that destroy these ***** fuckas soul

I tripped when sprinting so fast to success in a mess but I will still win

defeat will just be a thought I can reminisce.
Apr 2016 · 317
Prayer for guidance
MOTV Apr 2016
Lord Almighty guides me.
O Lord help me follow your ways.
I pray.
Most divine so fine. So fine.
Lord Almighty guide me show me the way.
I do oh Lord pray.
Till the ends of my days.
How do I conquer with you
I chose to so please I pray Yahway you can show me your ways enlighten me all day.
Always asking the Lord for guidance, for wisdom, for improving me and helping me find my ultimate purpose for God.
Apr 2016 · 292
In the plains
MOTV Apr 2016
Speaking to myself just to make the dough
Nearly going insane just to smoke the dough
Time is money and I burn it to waste
Time is endless and so am I
Got them whiplashed looking back
I cannot, will not fall
I cannot, will not stall
The warnings here
And I do hear
The gnashing of teeth
Whimpering of them who weep
Down on the floor they wreak
Reaking havoc upon them for money
Currency currently cursing them holding it the blinded man don't know this ****
what is manipulation when a gun is pointed at you huh?
The hollow tip wants a bite of your hip.
Lost in this life that I do fall in trip in
Sin has taken me like her and him
Apr 2016 · 257
Voice in the Light
MOTV Apr 2016
Speaking with harmony in the voice
As if the voice was a master of song

Anguished I stand, but the voice lifts this man
Reminiscing of the past, the voice clears the 'crast

Waking up to burnt paper
Conquering, bonkers, being in the eyes of the rager

Out the cage sir
Cannot keep this beast from his feast

Elite type of dance as I march in with my mighty feet
Crazy *****'***** cannot duck em so he gonna **** em

And the battle begins, Holy Wars within, the man is the vessel of eternal stories voices from the light but I can still hear the dark speak within the night, the flesh sees what it likes, the light take me make me mighty.

I will not fall, stall, nor crawl.
I shall run
Run the game
Run the world
Run till I live with the Holy Son
Let it begin
Voice in the Light within.
Apr 2016 · 539
MOTV Apr 2016
Roaming reckless snatching all there hexes putting them on I.
Just to see through my eyes the curses and disasters that happen.
Forever more the alchemist of the black art.
The curse, the spew, with sound, deadlier than a poisoned dart.
Fan entangled in webs, jet black.
Spider so enormous, why is it so fat?

That's what she said while in bed waiting.
Faking a performance, for this one ****** fan.
Tanned man, she bagged and holds the dollar, so paper skews and
she becomes the baller
Top dollar climbing buildings, being held by king kong does she live long?
Just like the rest I undressed my mind
Studied it.
What I found is I am so **** fine, flying high thru skies so blue I'd call me a Legion because I roam with might and fell into the deep blue, cast out like demons into the deepest darkest blue, seeing eyes look as I write might entice the mights and powers.
I devour the enormous spirit fear me because I don't fear it, I only fear God Almighty.
But I know he guide me, taking me to Wonderful, it's exciting.
Apr 2016 · 299
MOTV Apr 2016
Beatboxing like a tyrant speaking so loud they frown and look down, down, down, down
Into the dark abyss, where they reminsnse, my head dog like vicious, **** them with the flow, a wave, tsunami kid, kid, kid
So wet, she is, was when I went to chase that waterfall, so buzzed, like a bee bzz zzz zzz. How can this be?
Best believe we scheme, dream, leap, reap, sweep during the current states and matter we form with our works makes us levitate.
When we awake.
Hey, you awake?
When we awakened.
Kin, walk and talk as we can and plan to understand man and women in the land, Truth is Held in God and constant faith brings Grace in All
Apr 2016 · 437
Behemoth in the Abyss
MOTV Apr 2016
Day end
Day end

That dark sky saying we ain't playing
Still going moving without a thought
A plot
A spot
To chill, to write some rhymes and act ill

I still find it amusing and dooming
But in this mind, I have I find the behemoth to be a delight
In spite of all the death, it brings
Takes breaths when seen
Leaning not on my understanding

Standing alone in the darkness oh in the black room
Amused that I am in my hell by myself
When I was young I cried about it in my room
I thought my hell would be me alone
Alone here I am writing a poem
About the dark behemoth
The big ol' black behemoth
With many meteors
Sending stars
Slaying ours


Tick tock
In the abyss
Laughter from the muses
Songs from the sirens
And I'm in a voyage of my whole life
Waves of strife winds that blow with might
Mighty monsoons strike, strikes like a cobra venom poison mamba opened its mouth to insert its fangs down into the vein as it hangs with a mighty grip,
as you flip!
We on that toxic trip!
Behemoth there doesn't care in the skies wise because it's endless.
Huge, it is stupendous, we are rendered smaller than a flea to this huge being
Forever living in a thing.

In the abyss, we dream

There is nothing new under the sun, son, and father, the same goes for the behemoth for it was there when it started.
Apr 2016 · 499
We All Sinnin
MOTV Apr 2016
Blasphemy, blasphemy in the city of Rhapsody
Casualties, casualties increased in number, they plunder
Gold chains, gold rings, and hoes
******* up on their nose
Knives and bullet holes
Liquor fumes run out there pores
Another round it's time to  pour
Ball, and steal the ones you love
Grim, like reapers, scythe laying in the trunk
So rowdy, you getting punked
Get out the house, get on the funk
I am, I am the kid who is stacking dollars
I be, I be the one they call the POWER
Stealing from yall' what is no ones
So I came to ball and unfold them
Ace of spades, I be rubbing on the jin
So dam turnt I do now know how it can be sin
She is fire, infernos desire, my mind admires, her waterfall I acquire
I just want that hot verse and that choir
Encore, encore I think I want more
Just like Ceasar, man's brain gets distorted
Because they hoeing, because the gold and drugs that come, people change when you got that dolla huh?

People change, People change, when you got that dolla huh?


I be, I be a one man choir

Look at all these ******* in the game. 'Bout to grab that empire
Apr 2016 · 451
I am
MOTV Apr 2016
I am whom i is
Lost in different dimensions
One I grasped
Lapsed vision of color
Vivid sudder

I am who I was
Lustful, benevolent
Combustion by holding in the rage
Colossal hawk out the cage
Speeding past all in the age

I am who I think
Master artist
****** freak
Religious shrink
Egotistic elite

Diving in to win
Driving into winds
Drumming into the abyss

I am who I are
Thinking so far out the box
Passing up that crack rock
Smoking herb till crack of dawn

Not a demon spawn
But an Angel
But aren't we all?
Yes messengers in this fable

Open up the box
Pop out the socks
Comfortable for your feet
But they still rot

Backed in by the boss
But you still catch the toss
Doing it big
Ballin out like Rick Ross

I am who i is was wish cause I make it me. Making me a ton of money if I win it so I sow and I reap

Real and still blow the **** leap into visions dreamed fall into where God tosses me
Apr 2016 · 334
Verses Eyes
MOTV Apr 2016
If I died tonight, no one would really know me.

Not even my closest family and friends.

To the end.
They see another man.
Firewalls scourge persona past infinity.

Dignity dead .
Just to get ahead.
Bottled wound bleed.

Bleeding as i walk
Talk and jot
Down notes that are hot

Speaking words but at the same time
The lie sputter like a web
A dead man walking the plank
When does the plank end?
Seems to go on and on.

Thinking as I'm going
About the girls i would poke
If I could get a *** now
Mind you humans still wanna do the dew and do
What they want with there wife and
Life but strife always come in as humans
Live in pride and I'm livid without the crime unseen eyes and blood stained pillow bilbo like i just wanna explore and collect my pie Alpha Omega guide my path and mind

For the Divine is thy most wise

As I continue to fly

I spy with my third eye vibrations with most Holy high.

Take me where to day and night
Day and night
Most high and fly and most wise

Tame my mind so wild i'll
Fly further then all
With a smile and praise to
The Lord Grace
We are
Made to conquer
Be brave.

Save me Holy keeping Faith.
Ou Lord keep my verse fleak
Turning heads
Bringing eyes of peace
Best believe
We all do achieve with he who walked before infinity.
Apr 2016 · 262
MOTV Apr 2016
Cuts deep in the soul
Embeds itself below
Truest form burns when it 's let go
Exposes the core
Deeper then a sea, wilder then a storm
Purest form redefines the mind
Expands horizons
Love never lies
Never dies
Never hides
Love never demises
never stops you from rising
Love is joy that's binded
And I don't mind it
No, not at all
I love you I can say that standing tall.
Apr 2016 · 283
Sitting on a chair
MOTV Apr 2016
Steam boy
I bring the sting boy

Bring noise
I bring the heat boy

Blast souls
I **** these *******

Master the Mic which is I
Spit flows that heals those who lost

But I keep a smile on my face

Missed all my shots
But I am a boss on top

So I won't stop

Means making life a mission
Ambition means I will get it all

Thank Yahyah for showing me how to conquer and ball.
Apr 2016 · 287
Through it
MOTV Apr 2016
I've been lost and left out
Fell down dead now
In droughts dry heat
The floor makes my feet bleed
No silence just screaming
But no death
Just the beginning
What is the meaning?
Wandering the vast isles
Many shreaks within the many miles
Piles of flesh still lust for the rush
Some getup and make a living by selling drugs
Dug themselves deeper while passing by the weepers
Whom chatter teeth clatter
Nothing sadder
Holding matter
In the palms of my hands
As people fry
Poems in my dome
As people try to get out the abyss
The snake hiss echoes through absent dark crypt
Infernos fueled by the flesh
Crimson fire spew as sin holds that soul within
What is it that matters?
Or a mad hatter in hells plains
awaiting the Holy gains.
Is a coming, and even through the valley of pain, flames abdominal lust and shame I keep my Faith for Holy awaits.
Yahweh is great amen forever with the Lord
I'm safe.
Apr 2016 · 354
MOTV Apr 2016
Gun bang
Lue kang kicked
Dah ***** licked
The master told the dog to sic
The grim reapers sickle slit

Duets made a hit
While a duo took a hit
Many lost in the song they sang along with
The rafters got lost out into the abyss
An exuberating sirens hiss.
The past are lessons that we cannot miss

A bomb on doomsday
Dudes slang
Right on the road ways
Were two slaves
Men lost in the trending lust craves
Brought about in repeating historic crusades

Who dat who dat?

Tonic getting poured
Cause were bored

Herb clouds speaking loud
Wondering how
I am still spellbound

Life goes on
Made from
The mind
Of man
We're slaves of

Ourselves and the sons of Sams.
Who roam hell.

One day we'll all work hard to get paid top dollar.

So every day is not about.

Apr 2016 · 323
Day Off From the Past
MOTV Apr 2016
fire on my head
am I dead?
walking as that night talks to the friends
oh mine my brain is dead
no longer a friend of any
to many walking that path that the world does lay out
sheeple people are we all now?
where now do we go as we call our own together.
mary the day that enlightens your way
I do pray that many men can understand the strides I use
with my mind
God Almighty is Divine
further fine
that fine sign
is too amazing and I am just speaking words that are somewhat me pretending to flick the bird, flicking the suburban bird

that's lost in anticipation
to rule the nation
brain not on the cain
but mary and I walk the dark plains
smooth type of brother
I don't use a rubber
these ******* caught me in my slumber
but my days are far from being numbered
thunder and lightening
are very frightening
I, Michael be heightening
like a spaceship that uses advanced fuels
to go on to another planet
how can he manage
I damage
your pride like a savage
lavish lifestyle
ain't for me
I am just too cool
to fall in like
some of you old peeps

use and abuse the nation,
ration what you got
but it's hard cause the tv is saying buy for your vacation
awaits a place where we can be catered
took off guard
rattled dismantled.
they say ****... ****
why does that guy lie
playing with that lie
I cannot look into his eyes
flies buzz by,
bye bye
off on another word.
and again it is that bird.
Apr 2016 · 417
Grace in
MOTV Apr 2016
Young stud
Stick in the mud
Laughing with a mug
Please no dirt on my rug
This smoke I call the sleeper some hot nug

Chug chug!!


Chug chug!!!!

This ***** up in the skies
Flying high like dragons looming with his eyes
Entwined in the trine
I shine
In time

Lit up the drugs, eyes illuminated red
Head floating past cloud 9 and collide
Bang, bang it is all so furious curiosity and some courtesy got me going currently

Currency need is grinded every day as I pray God guide me send me toward wherever your way.

With faith, I shall not stray, know thy ways as I go hunger more for
spirit thirst and we go again my friend, cause at the end we need to know we balled like Titans and yes we played, prayed, conquered and showed Gods way.
Apr 2016 · 317
Sifting Thoughts
MOTV Apr 2016
...I feel like life is a cup not filled or it is, but there's a crack in that cup that makes it spilled or not spilled but empty I am right now just empty and all the advice seems empty
Life begins
Life ends
Days change
Days go
Nights flicker
Nights descend
Light is my might I must comprehend
Lies are filled with sorrow and disillusioned tomorrow...

I need'a speak
but I'm weak
but it doesn't look so
how then do I grow
if one can't, or does lack the will to sough
how will I reap
sift from the pan of dreams
Shiney diving into my mind, please
someone take a look at thoughts clouding
like it is from a fantasy in a book
like an app on a nook
when your mind just starts the day shook
how to bring up those who are weary, for the weakest are the strongest they took...

speak it now, hear the...
how to motivate the weary?
Say it now hear the...
How to bring everyone out, hear me.
How to get us out of dem **** chains.
How to get us out of dem dam stains.
How to scream aloud the mightiest of shouts saying you cannot have this now.

Wait.. Wait...

For I am me, It is I, I Need to Find the Fate.
Apr 2016 · 265
The Storm
MOTV Apr 2016
The storm comes fiercely.
With winds, whom blow.
Lightning strikes as thunders roar

But it does end.
Apr 2016 · 283
Break It
MOTV Apr 2016
lost in a distant existent with dipshits making all ways hip and lude news rules blues song are now abused to take the mind sway and grind for they have lost sight of the most Divine a crime my flesh entwine with stress hexed with *** and got them sticks to build myself a house out in the acres of wherever land find myself losing my mind because the dimes lust seems forever man holding sands of time within my hand as my mind thinks that  the girl with that behind and fine boosam will come and touch him in lust again I am lost again my friend my head is said to hold all types of bread
Apr 2016 · 350
Deep Infixation
MOTV Apr 2016
I lost my head in a never ending feeding pen of boars, gorging on each other, alive and smiling human faces. Laughing at each other, knowing there all scorned.
But on all fours eating pools of slop, that spew from a hand that is giving  soaring like it was "it" the end.
I see many men frying by the pigs, igniting them through squeals of heat the man is crisped. Smokey.
Something like grease falls from his lips as he looks at me not dead, still alive but can feel every pain, every moment he sees the pig gorging on his knees, he looks displeased,  I mean, of course, getting eaten on by a fire breathing boar.
Where am I at I don't know rampant beast roam,  I am all alone, am I next?
Thoughts perplexed did I let out a genie from a bottle now I'm hexed.
Grinding is the only thing I see forthcoming, for a machine walk toward me.
This being he looks like he ignores me, but the slow walk keeps getting swarming,  Giga light electronic delight I hear moaning from a female entice, in this hell still man burns up like a pig, bacon crisp the lush soft lips and **** those hips all electric my thought interesting because I know I am in hell but I still want to *** it, in the valley of doom her breast light up the gloom, her *** ***** my shroom, hallucination in the plain, deserts that consume, still frozen stuck in a circle a fire blazing, and boars circle another man as he screams blood flies from his mouth all over his hands, his face also displeased, of course man, he is soon consumed as the rest were, as I sit and watch the mistress, completely undressed, get into her dance, moves in the same repetition, what is her mission,  I am glued, i don't know why, I fill used, just watching her naked there staring at her curves, in the depths of hell, everyone dying around me, but I cannot move away from her spell, everything is looking cool fun i am loving it, because she, the demon, as well as the huge being are getting closer electric currently pulling me toward the center of the vortex getting torn into a warped being walking in a room where I see myself half consumed trying to fight two personalities, one who fell to lust and delights, the other aware of the Lords might and insight and the right and I am bright but so dim. Light me up and enlighten that, that is within I guess I can take from the story fabled him a grim thought of this hell, lavish I guess if you think about what else is down there. Burning in the molten crowd.
Sometimes I just don't know.
Apr 2016 · 522
MOTV Apr 2016
Motivate through art and paint
I mean even a bare one can wait
And through time show how beautiful and intertwined endless moments bring feelings sublime
all I could think is I got to rhyme
my head and my feelings need be so deep
my thoughts and my motivation need to make the reapers weep
I need I must I will own that cash
I need I must I will own that ***
Hustlin hustlin for more than just the money
Hustlin, Hustlin the filling, is lovely
Hold them up with work that shows your dominance
Fold them up like clean laundry to show your confidence
Apr 2016 · 338
MOTV Apr 2016
Arise, exhale, limber up and go
conquering the day, with a whistle as I stroll

The Horizon in view; taking it, nothing new
Learning from defeats, because I shall not, cannot retreat

To my adversaries I am pretty scary, once momentum picks up I can bump down any barriers.

Avoiding corrupted energies

Because I am sweet like Ben and Jerries cause the day I come to slay, every of the mornings when I have awakened.

Praying only to Yahweh.

Staying forever blessed never forsaken.

Raking in the blessings, learning from my adolescence, basking in the Divines essence.

Omega keeps me safe because Amazing is always present.

Always present!
Even in defeats, I tell yeah, because it is there where you learn, for it is human insanity to fall into repetition and sometimes cause your own casualty or maiming your own flesh but because God is with me.... I shall never truly die, even well I am flying far down into the depths of hell, Michael is my name and I came to conquer these days so God can take me away to the heavens, I await.
Apr 2016 · 432
I Do
MOTV Apr 2016
I Do Write Poems For Others At Times.
I Do Write Poems For My Self Some Times.
I Do Write Poems To Get Out My Mind.
I Do Write Poems To Find The Divine.
I Do Write Poems To Ease The Burden.
I Do Write Poems To Fish To Find What Is Unworldly.
I Do Write Poems To See Who That Is Flirting.
I Do Write Poems To Go Off The Head And Nerdy.
I Do Right Poems To Conquer.

Sing A Song To Make A Madman Come To His Senses.
No, We Need A Consensus

I Do Write Poems For Myself Sometimes
Wishing On A Wish, A Jin Screaming All Sort Of ****

I Do Write Poems.


I Do Write.
Apr 2016 · 289
MOTV Apr 2016
Cannot be earned, but can be conquered, the tick mean you must start to rack all that dough make the profit as the tock come up next you have the dolla get the money get the money hold out on that Impolla

I'm about to make a few billion and conquer bout to make a few million and conquer.

Will I do it? Yes I will conquer.

Will I do it? Yes big Mike go bonkers.
Apr 2016 · 361
MOTV Apr 2016
Winds and weaves
make me anxious
falling to my knees
taking me to places I have not seen
turns and swirls
taking me down
down underground
where the road was burning brimstone
and in being ****** I felt a stone
hit my skull.
Mar 2016 · 654
Walking Woes
MOTV Mar 2016
Lost in an insane asylum now i am riding into the abyss a tornado of darkness relapsed right before within hours it was broke smoking till I choke laughing at the burn my thoughts they steam they churn higher learning became erased and was wasted fully laced with shrooms in a vase growing beautifully in place then plucked like a rose but consumed like a banana all in down the hatch having to analyze the trip need a diorama, diagram, and some more RAM for this kid.


Take me to a place where I can live in the stars, jet black,  burning lights is the essence that just begins a true memory in the cemetery of the dead the souls as they laugh and play lust in all ways, but the way I sway my words turn them to zombies cannibalizing each other, the strongest is the alpha that runs out and destroys the others in doing that the abomination becomes fat, erodes in its brutish nature, truly exposed


As I drink the fifth, the Jin talks within the gin, truly a spin on words, but not really, cause most men will wish pleasures for there ***** but me that is far to silly. Billy Jean was not his girl, but he sure did **** her. Being poor is not that real to the rich man who have most man working for them at the age of 10 but then again is that 1% an exception that can only be seen in an inception, during a recession, in repentance from a resentful soul oh be


They scream as he came and conquered

They scream as he saw that we have gone bonkers

He came to conquer

Like champagne and lobster, Cuban cigar in that mouth and herb in that pipe, whispering in his ear is the Willow with an appetite and he might and he did and he will and he rid in to conquer again to conquer

Mar 2016 · 217
Take the day
MOTV Mar 2016
For it is yours,
Open the doors,
Leave em open for more
People need guidance
Eyes need be open widely
I be
so grow as the day gets old
leap, no longer weep
seep into riches
clap hands in celebration
of intuition
Feb 2016 · 297
Grinding Through
MOTV Feb 2016
Get up and grind through time the mind
in and out intwine
the mind ablaze a puff of rays a smoke
I praise Omega, go ahead and poke

Broke, "loc" but just for today, NOT for Alpha
Has guided my ways, these days our family still
Finds a way so we grind till the dollar bills turns to rays.

Vaporized by emotion, commotion
Vaporized by the endless need to consume.

To regrow too, to leave our imprint so they know once we were here, can they hear?

Thoughts in the grind, a trance that it sears like fire and the infernos that touch as I move for the currency harden my skin and thy emotion 'till dreams path cleanse again and I know I awake to God here again.

Guiding my ways so I fear not destruction, cause in fires defeat I learn something, those ways that are shown take me there then taking me home where I learn from my Lord, Omega marching to Heavens door oh' how I adore the days again I praise thy Lord

knows my ways, my ****** BLASPHEMIES ways. Again I march as I pray, take me where I need to be in fires or in ice, freeze, in space where a black hole tarnishes my face, now my mind bleeds and recedes

back to you, Omega I know one day there will be proof, but will that be enough for some minding their truths.

Conquering the dollar.
Conquering the land.

There is truth being brought by you so take my hand.

As I grind through time the, endless march till destruction, picking up my loot as I go praising my Lord in my consumption.
Feb 2016 · 791
MOTV Feb 2016
The red hair sticking out
The dimension that it spout
I'm in and out
Like a burger
Hamburger hot
Flaming hot like
A Fire burning up a cauldron
Moving forward like we can't
Move without the binding
Of the green face, we can't mind the
How can they mind the, like a diamond, golden rock
Hard, but can be done, hitting can be self-taught
It's the plot for all to get to the top
Why we lying like an animal, another atop
Can't stop an Alpha male
Got to make it
Get dropped cause it hot
Cool and refined diamond gliding inside the paradox the Earth has
some souls bound
held down, shooting rounds out.
The man worth more alive than dead, work comes again and gold makes new friends.
Feb 2016 · 392
Sands of Thoughts
MOTV Feb 2016
Insides of the eyes of a man lapsed of time,
Soon divided but none divided Lord has captured all my eyes
Faith so angled like a trine so many dimensions that do
Shine prism sanction loop into the grains of time.
Cosmetics pearly black, floating in a cosmic vacuum
Divine aptitude, inherent attribute, amplified
bodies convictions, and, of course, Holy Faith amongst
The life I walk boldly because it is the confidence that the Lord hold me.
Owning up to faults, and watching Earth faults shatter
Clatter, vibrations ripping cement, and consuming humans time
Something one day someone may perceive, and seem so sublime
Sometimes a rewind, because the sun has seen actions on Earth
Replayed many moons times.
Feb 2016 · 342
Tears Lost & Blinded
MOTV Feb 2016
The limber man stepped into a crevis
fire spewed and ate him
well he didn't die

Cause he was no menace
Reverend neither
But out his mouth, he spewed Ether

Intoxication got his own mind in a ravine of
lost dreams
In the sleep, he does weep

But the tears are lost and blind the eyes and soul inside get corroded by eyes.......
I the guy flying far into the sky
Seeing through webs
Easy for adolescence to catch sins essence


Of course we all have a choice, but once blinded does the mind realise the lost oh I suppose

Another choice occurs

The mind disappears, into a dimension where dreams are inspected and where the lost tear can occur.

Not blinding me

Not I

see I am that guy

that flies

bye bye
Dec 2015 · 276
Fissure's Storm
MOTV Dec 2015
Forces of infinity
Tremendous strength
Explosive power


Earth's movement, lay waste.
Earth's movement, awakens.
Earth's movement, ejected us into a fierce storm, a thunderous shove from the core.
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