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May Nov 2015
Her eyes hold my stare,
For a moment or two,
And for another few moments,
All I think of is you.

Her smile fills my word,
And lights the shadows of my mind,
And lightens the weight,
I carry for being kind.

Her laughter is my high,
Anaesthetic, suspends belief,
Drowns out the crying voices,
In my head and gives relief

Her presence is enough
  Sep 2015 May
Some tomorrows shall be filled
With glitter and sorrow
While others shall have parties and pain

Most tomorrows shall be filled
With living everything now
While thinking why, why, why?

All tomorrow shall be filled
With people and loneliness
While others shall be house guests and emptiness

*Every tomorrow shall be filled
With something, nothing, and everything.
Whether we want it or not.
  Sep 2015 May
Is that the applause of the leaves
I hear outside my window
Or just the rain
Tapping out a tune to the wind?
  Sep 2015 May
Trying to grab words
And force them into something
Worth meaning
Worth making
Instead, getting this.
A not-worth-your-time thing
A sentence built on sentence
Without a reason behind it.
  Sep 2015 May
Chew that gum,
Flick that wrist,
And be that bratty little princess,
That nobody wants to kiss,
Oh, Prince Charming?
He's hoppin' on his horse,
Riding to the sunset,
To get away from you,
So shut your face,
Chew your gum,
And be a ******* diva,
Wearing that ******* crown.
  Sep 2015 May
If this is the end
Please make it subtle
If this is the end
Don't threaten me with childish lies
If this is the end
Then I shall miss the beginning, the middle, but certainly not the end.
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