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Scarlett Aug 2018
my mind took me
and held me hostage
trapped me far away
to never be seen
threatening to **** me
it hid me
where no one could find me
but no one even tried
I'm being held hostage
by my own mind
Sienna Mar 2018
I enter a dark room
I search all over
Can't find my innocence
Can't feel any sober
I see him, sitting on the couch
Directly in front, I begin to slouch
"Hello dad" - words I'll never say
As he decided, that was the day
In the dark, he played a game
"If you leave, I'll blow out my brain"
No one to protect me, I gotta get away
Don't touch me daddy, I will never be the same
Leaving the house, closing the hidden door
I hope I never witness the gore
Shaxy Jul 2017
Knife to my neck,
He licked the tears off me.
Dharker Jun 2017
She'll make you believe in
Causing bad vision

Blurring your thoughts

Poison your decisions

She snakes her way in,
Seductive and smooth

You fall into her eyes

Not feeling the chew

All the way in,
Crushing your insides

Surrounded by darkness

Having no time to realize

Your worth
You given to her
Talent can be built up or swallowed away
Scarlet Keiller Mar 2016
The rumbling of the coming earthquake
echoes beneath my surface,
threatening the very idea of normality.
~~ Writing poetry for you could never be more incredible, even if I may collapse with every word I write. ~~
H1GH3 Feb 2016
I tried to quit
This awful Habit
I ended up far deeper
Into this hole I dug.
I'm hopeless and smokeless,
and just imagining
How much I love the taste of smoke.
You call me a fool,
and threaten to leave
Have you tasted this magnificent taste?
You throw them away
and scream and yell
I am back to this depressing state.
Now I am hopeless and smokeless
and ready to leave
Five more dollars,
and I think I am free.
I won't be free when I'm dead
Or gone crazy inside my head
I'm still hopeless and smokeless
But now I'm a fool.
Rockie Sep 2015
If this is the end
Please make it subtle
If this is the end
Don't threaten me with childish lies
If this is the end
Then I shall miss the beginning, the middle, but certainly not the end.
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