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 May 27 Tilly
K Balachandran
Empty letter box.
Evening is filled with bird songs;
The time to take wing!
 May 27 Tilly
Jason James
Always waiting for that bellringer,
The hit that lingers
Sit here with crossed fingers
Waiting for the bringer.
Sometimes, I think I have nothing left to say
And then I remember I am alive
So surely, there is a reason I still stay
 Nov 2020 Tilly
In August a breezeĀ 
You are enraptured and free
Like hills clouded skies
Like stars in deepest oceans
And like rain in Auburn eyes
So refreshing and light. Yes plesse.
 Nov 2020 Tilly
Beautiful shade falls freely from these trees beneath this autumn day. Cascades like hope while padding like rain. With puddling saturated truthful rays, it streams like rivers and reflects on kings. With a whistling harp over hills unseen. And this, all this, is your favorite thing. Moreso than me to be underneath. Perhaps, its understandably so. Such fair and free beings in the shade of these most loving trees, I see. Finally see. I am you. And one with you are me.
 Nov 2020 Tilly
You paint kindness in your words
That tell stories and emotions.
11 words
October 19,2020
 Oct 2020 Tilly
Another Bad Poem
she says
she's not a poet
but i find her poems
to have more meaning
more beauty, more heart
to them than mine
and the way
she uses her words
can change how a person is feeling
from sad to happy
just with a couple of phrases
knitted together

she says
she's not a good writer
but those early morning
last minute essays
of pure adrenaline and
half-awake thoughts
present ideas
in such a way
that it's impossible
to find them anything
but perfect

she says
she's not sure
what her future will bring
but i know her
she's smart
and she's
so wonderfully stubborn
that wherever she may end up
she will go farther
than anyone could have ever imagined
including me
i can't predict exactly where she'll be
in 4 months
or 4 years
but i know her path will go
down the most bountiful roads
and in the end
she'll be happy
and all will be worth it

she says
she's not grateful
but almost everything she does
she does for others
she loves her parents
and hurts when they hurt
she realizes what they do
for her, and wants to make them
the proudest parents on earth
she loves her friends
and tries to make them better

she says
she's a relationship whisperer
and i guess she's right
because with a few choice words
gentle nudges and an onslaught
of appreciated suggestions
she whispered us together

she says
that the dark spots on the sun
can bring shadow
to the most brilliant light
but not even
the dark of endless night
can dim her brightness
or hide her from those
who see her for who she is
who see her potential

she doubts herself
sometimes she thinks
she won't succeed,
always worried
that what she's done
isn't enough
or that there's too little time
to get everything done
but no matter the odds
no matter what she's up against
she pushes through
she persists, she fights
and she gets what she wants
or as close to what she wants
as is actually possible
sometimes she even achieves the impossible
and it's nothing if not admirable
showing me that anything is possible
proving to me that
"You could rattle the stars
You could do anything
If only you dared"
not by anything i've done
but by everything she's accomplished

she says
she's not beautiful
true, she's not a model
but that doesn't mean she's not perfect
but the way those eyes shine
like earth kissed by spring rain
promising life and happiness,
mirrored by her wide smile
though not often seen,
just one smile from her
is like a ray of sunshine
through grimy windows
bringing light into a place
that knew nothing but darkness,
warm enough to melt the walls
surrounding the coldest of hearts

she says she's ugly
possibly due to the scars
dotting her arms and her back
scars which started years ago
but on the contrary
i think they just enhance her
they make her more human
each one a reminder
that she's been through
countless things in her life
but instead of giving up
instead of giving in
she's come through,
a lump of carbon
forged by the fires
of her world
and the pressure of
her surroundings
the pressure of life
and came out
the most precious of diamonds
not the biggest
but the most wonderful of all
with small flecks of imperfections
that make it shine all the brighter

i say
she's often right,
but the subject
becomes herself
and she's far from the truth
she's absolutely wonderful
and in my eyes
a perfect person
and a perfect friend
the most beautiful woman on earth
mentally and physically
and there's nobody else
i'd rather love
quote from Sarah J. Maas
though the loving isn't easy, i still love
with all my heart
i hope this makes you smile when you're down
or helps you see yourself the way i see you
 Oct 2020 Tilly
Faizel Farzee
Art pictured in motion, walking elegance.
Words you give life, monocle syllables
Beauty captivatingly imprinted, portraits stared.

Words gliding from your Cherrie lips, mesmerizingly eloquent
Intoxicated my heart listening, convinced by its eloquence
You my wish granted, an answered prayer.

Boastful our love drenched in splendour, Our love grandiloquent
I loved you in past lives, Aphrodite seems envious.
Saving Grace, pulled my soul from despair.
First attemp at the Gammo style writing out of ethiopia,
the rhyming scheme is insane
 Oct 2020 Tilly
Shubhankar Mathur
Do you always feel the words you write or always write the words you feel?
Not such a simple question at all, is it?

If you'd go through your poems again at different points of time or different phases of life, you may feel differently about it.

To quote Led Zeppelin's Stairway To Heaven -
"There's a sign on the wall
But she wants to be sure
'Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings"

So, how do you feel now?
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