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Oshit Kul Ratan Oct 2018
She waited for her knight
Long time has passed
Even the light of lamp diminished
Her hope is lost.

She is waiting to shut her eyes
But a glimpse of love had kept her awake
World has disowned her
And her voice is fading.

She scream in her dreams
Sound of coming feet wakes her
Her world is shattered
And her heart has lost its blood.

Her knight went for a quest
Defending her country’s honour
She now rest peacefully with her son
For her knight came on shield.
Oshit Kul Ratan Oct 2018
The moon shined upon her
Yet she was upset
The cold breeze kissed her
Yet she felt nothing
The flies lighted only for her
Yet she was dark
For she had lost love
Which died with her dreams.
Her love died with her dreams.
Oshit Kul Ratan Oct 2018
When my door is been knocked
Food cooks over my prestige's stove
For you it’s business's ***** food
But in night my daughter doesn't sleep empty stomach
I am a *******, Sir!
Food is overpriced than my pride.

Every morning my body broke up with pain
His hand through my breast squeezes my heart
For you it’s necessary pain
But in morning my daughter goes to school
I am a *******, Sir!
Today's pain is bearable against her future.

Everyday i put darkness on my face
Dreams dress up on bed in the face of money
For you they are pieces of my soul
But my daughter fills colour in her book with it
I am a *******, Sir!
Her happiness is expensive than my body.
In the perspective of love, sacrifice is nothing.
  Oct 2018 Oshit Kul Ratan
Evelyn Genao
"It's okay."

I can still feel it.
The way your lips touched mine.
Without meaning.
Without feelings.
I missed them.
Your kisses.
Your attention.

My heart.

I saw it.
The way your eyes drifted to others.
Never straying to mine.
Never filled with the same spark.
Always dull.

It hurts.

You would say it.
Those three words.
Not to me.
Never to me.
To the others.
They always got your love.
I got your hate.
Your anger.

You don’t have to love me.”

You gave me orders.
Never to be near you.
Never to hold hands.
Not in public.
We did not know each other.
They would get the wrong idea.
“We are cousins,” You would say.
You were embarrassed.
To be seen.
With me.

I can’t.

I was your puppet.
You pulled the strings.
And I obeyed your commands.
You never loved.
Not me.
Never me.
I was your toy.
Something you could throw away.

Take it.

It’s all a game.
Of feelings.
Of pain.
Of love.
Of hate.
You are the king.
I’m your ****.
Just a piece on your board.

I’m done.

I loved you.
More than anything.
I let you use me.
Hurt me.
If I got to be with you.
Nothing else mattered.
You didn’t feel the same.

No one ever does.”
I saw a prompt and this poem came to mind. I hope you love it and be sure to comment what you think. Check out my other works!!
Oshit Kul Ratan Oct 2018
She used to drop a message once in a while
‘Howz you’ she asked me twice.
She used to tease me everytime we met
But now time is changed, we often talk

We shared a special friendship
We always felt a strong love
But maybe our destiny was upset
Now we just smile and wave.

Don’t know how to show that i love her
No idea how to stood up against her
I told her once i have feelings for you
‘I don’t want relationship’, those were words of her.

I was broken again, but not angry at her
Being alone was my fate and i accepted it
I wanted her to know that I will always love her
Though we can’t be together still i will wait for her.
This poem is about a guy and her special friend.As time passes , a strong connection grew. He brought up his heart to her but she don't want any relationship. Ever happened the same to you too?
Oshit Kul Ratan Oct 2018
I married a **** survivor
She was terrified and broken
Shaken till the last drop of blood
She can’t even face the mirror now
Now she hates herself for being a girl
Just few seconds had stolen her identity
Her respect, Her pride, Her value, Her existence
Corner of a room was now her place
Tears dried heart soaked smile disappeared
Yes i married a **** survivor!

Believing i could give back her effeminacy
I hold her hands when no one wanted her
Society expelled her,Why? Because she lost virginity
Because she lost her dignity
Because someone forced her played her
Because someone snatched her feminess
I don’t care, i love her and i promise to take care of her
I will bring back her pride her attitude her smile
Hoping i could take her to my world of peace
Yes i married a **** survivor!

I can’t touch her i can’t make her feel comfortable
Suddenly at night she wakes up and cry
That night still haunts her
My beautiful bud was plucked
Crushed and trampled her soul was tampered
I gave her home my family my love
Yet she resists inside of her, still her voice trembles
Still the cruel eyes of world poaches her
Still the comments of anyone shatters her
She tried a lot to move on but that cruel laugh torments her
But now she had her peace for she had hanged herself.
These are the words of a person who married a **** survivor woman and he is describing her fear and pain.
Oshit Kul Ratan Sep 2018
A little girl sang a song on the streets
About men, tired fighting the war
About the ships that left
And all who forgot their joy to the end.

She sang in her clean voice and flew up to highness
And sunbeams shined on her shoulder
Everyone saw and heard from the darkness
The ***** and torn clothes singing in the light.

All of them were sure that joy would come
Because ships arrived at beach
The people in the land of war
Regained their bearings are happy.

Sweet was her voice and the sun’s beam around
And by heaven’s gate
The little girl versed into mysteries and mourned
Because none of them will ever be returned.
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