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Eternity Jan 2021
And then I knew that
PROMISE… was just a WORD !
Never say something that you can't do...
Never trust that easy any word you hear...
Eternity Dec 2020
He was all my world
And his name was my favorite word
But now, he has become one of the herd !
Freedom's Feeling !
Eternity Dec 2020
When the sentences resigned,
the words retired
and the ink dried
Am back !
I miised writing and to be with you all dear poets again !
Eternity Apr 2020
Mind thoughts
All night around

Hard breathing
Tears falling down

Hands closed
Heart beating fast

Morning came
the sky
still looks dark
--- ?!
Eternity Mar 2020
no wrong love
no more harm
no more... anymore
Goodbye ♥
How beautiful...
Eternity Mar 2020
I just sometimes
want you always
       but not forever !
Eternity Mar 2020
My words to all of you " Dear Poets ";
Please, be and stay safe <3
Blessed !
Blessed !
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