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Eternity Apr 5
Mind thoughts
All night around

Hard breathing
Tears falling down

Hands closed
Heart beating fast

Morning came
the sky
still looks dark
--- ?!
Eternity Mar 30
no wrong love
no more harm
no more... anymore
Goodbye ♥
How beautiful...
Eternity Mar 18
I just sometimes
want you always
       but not forever !
Eternity Mar 17
My words to all of you " Dear Poets ";
Please, be and stay safe <3
Blessed !
Blessed !
Eternity Mar 16
a memory came
a feeling remembered
a heart pain
Tears down
a silent while
a sleep fall

To deeply forget... I am waiting !
Feelings Internal stages
Eternity Mar 12
I don't know
how or when
but he just
revived my inside
Eternity Mar 10
I know it should always be the I me at first
But when i have found him
And we have been a we
Everything has changed
So for now
I could not  and  would never
be I  without him anymore
and then...
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