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  Sep 2014 Kelsey
Teenage Mess
You're the reason looking in the mirror is so painful.
I can't even glance at my reflection in fear that you'll be there.
You're the reason i don't let guys touch me.
The thought of feeling the way you made me feel is sickening.
You're the reason dragging the blade across my skin feels so **** good.
Honestly it feels better than remembering what you did to me.
You're the reason suicidal thoughts come so easily.
So please just leave me be.
So this is about my former step dad. um so yeah.
  Sep 2014 Kelsey
I'm drowning in a sea,
A sea of my own Thoughts.
The dark slowly engulfing the light,
Savouring the taste as it crushes the good
in between its sharp fangs as the blood seeps out...
the deep red staining the sides of its mouth.

My breath hitching as I am forced to revel
In the dark
Being forced to watch myself
Self Destructing.

tears pooling in my eyes
But never escaping
As I am compelled to
By the demon involuntarily making me hold a gun to my head.

The demons laughing at my pleas,
Pointing at the disappointment that I have become.

The grin never leaving their face
As they watch their success story finish the job that they have started.
As the gun drops from my hand,
Into their next victims hand.

The red not only in my mind now,
But also on the white carpet...
The stains splattered all over
Never coming off.
  Sep 2014 Kelsey
Winter Allen Jane
I find it very strange
how we are all made
from the same elements
formed out of stardust
shaped bones covered in skin
so how come
some girls are pretty

And I'm not
Jun 23 2014
- ( w.a.j. )
Kelsey Sep 2014
Dark shadows
Empty Mind.
I'll quiet the silence
for one last time.

My unsure smile,
is a loaded gun.
The twitch of a hand
will make me run.

Grasping for hope
and it always fails.
Endless imperfection,
my sorrow sails.

One more breath
and I'm on my way.
Beyond the sorrow,
beyond the pain.

— The End —