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Teenage Mess Jan 2016
I’m so tired of that just friends ****.
How far can we take this? When do we stop labeling our love as a friendship and call it what it is?

I’m so tired of these one night stands, rushing to put my clothes on after ***, leaving no trace of myself but the sent of our lust filled passion on your sheets.

I’m so tired of hiding in the shadows, being your late-night *******, saying “I’m just not ready for a relationship.” Yet your ready to spread my legs, and i let you because of the trance you put me in when i look in your eyes.

I’m so tired of being that girl.
Teenage Mess Jan 2016
I’m seeing signs on the road map that aren’t actually there, On the high way to hell I really don’t care.
Teenage Mess Jan 2016
You **** me every night in my dreams and the sad thing is, I let you just to feel your warm skin touch mine, even if it’s only for a few seconds.
Teenage Mess Mar 2015
As a kid your parents always tell you not to go in the deep end till you can swim.
But not mine, she threw me in, told me sink or swim.
Oh how I sank like a 90 pound rock.
Oh how I hit the bottom with bone breaking force.
Oh how I tried to scream but was welcomed with lungs full of water.
Oh how she turned her back, to busy to care.

I died that day, the thing that swam up was in fact not me, she began to welcome it with open arms...

Till she shoved it back down too,
Teenage Mess Mar 2015
I stood there waiting for what seemed like eternity.

Right there
Where I was supposed to be.

4 o'clock on the dot
that's what you said.

"We'll run away together, just you and me love."

But there I was, waiting at that lonely train station, alone and broken.

So goodbye my love, I am running away, but I suppose I'm leaving some baggage behind.
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