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The night is racing
Like the coke that's going trough my nose
My veins are transparant
Just like the thoughts i share

I'm in your arms crying
In silence listening
To whatever sound breaks the discomfort

I don't want to **** right now
Let me just play another indie song
Till the light shines through my curtains

Picking up all the bottles from yesterday
Cleaning up the left up powder on the table
And you tell yourself it's fine
That night made perfect sense after all
I’m bitter
Bittery sweet
Like an iced latte with caramel syrup
Extra caramel syrup for me please
So I can subdue all my worthless anger
Your drafts are always better than your poems
It’s been a while
I still matter, do I?

If I only could
I would make a deal that you would kiss me for just one last time
Even if i would make myself prettier
And even if all the boys would want me
If only you will look at me again
With the same dreamy eyes as yesterday
I broke your heart once.
And then you broke mine.
Every man gets his wish, right
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