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She dug me up, amid the ground,
She dust me off with her soft graze.
Her hands were stained chestnut brown,
Her golden eyes were set ablaze.

She brought the sun into my life,
And brushed the gravel from my lips.
Away with the dirt went the strife
And with the sun, came loving bliss.

Together we grew, sprouting blooms.
Roses of such sweet love and care,
We filled the air with sweet perfumes
And added color to the air.

Now tell me what is the reason,
That we should too,
End with the season?
Robert Frost Pastiche, done in style of many of his works.
A haze of smoke
Blurs the picture
Lipstick stains the
Cigarette that flickers
Red painted nails
Tap the frozen rails
Champagne bottle,
Dating back to Versailles
Blacked out eyes, matching skin
Bruise alike
**** it with a shot of gin
Little white flowers
Shot with a polaroid
Symbolize my paranoia
Pastel colors litter my eyes
Watching the rain fall
As time flies by
Twinkling Lights of the city skyline
Closed eyes, sip of wine
Hot coffee, big sweaters
Take a sip, enjoy the weather
Old book
Faded maps
And worn out ball caps
Gold jewelry flashed about
Parties thrown in nthe underground
Now I begin, haven't you heard?
Aesthetic is in, what a beautiful word.
*******, sawdust
Whiskey and rust
This is the life
This is cloud nine

This used to be a simple alibi
But now it's just a damaged lullaby

It's hard to kiss
Skin that crawls
But in the dark
The weakness falls
Unasked questions
They do rebound
Silent screaming
Rings all around

This used to be a simple alibi
But now it's just a damaged lullaby

Tattoos, perfume
Gasoline fumes
Nursing this poison
cringing, no end
Dysfunctional love
is what we make
just one more hit
It'll be the last I take

This is the life
This is cloud nine
But isn't it quite peculiar that we all need some insanity for clarity?
So just your healthy dose of insanity here
Just your healthy dose, do not fear
I am only here for the time being, just a visit then I'll be in my way
To ruin or build, you decide. But in me you can confide
all your secrets and desires
and together we can conspire
So remember your healthy dose of insanity folks
For it might just save humanity.
From the ashes I was made
and to the dust I'll be laid
6 feet under, but **I'm not dead yet
I've got baggage that's too much a burden to carry, I've only got two hands, You call me weak, but it's quite the contrary. I've be strong for too long, been trying to hold on, but fingers are slipping and I keep tripping up, up where I look , crying out for some help. Don't you hear me screaming? help. My closet is full of the skeletons I wish to bury, but no shovel can dig deep enough, I'm in too much of a hurry to be free, free of this weight, free of the pain, but hey, no pain no gain, that's what I'm told. On this theory I'm sold, that time heals the wounded, but it's been years and years and I still don't see the good in it. Carry on, is what I do but I still wish that I could just break through this madness, this insanity. Looking for some clarity to see my way through this, man why do I gotta go through this, I don't know how to do this, alone. All by myself, I walk through this, aint nothing to this. But I swear, I can close my eyes and see the way it used to be before my baggage got the best of me.
My hope is leaning
My blood runs cold
Darkness from secrets yet untold
The words stop flowing
As my pen stills
Waiting for silence as it fills
The dripping rubies
Stain many walls
As screams of terror fill the halls
Silence is filling
They want no more
Bind my hands, i shall write no more
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