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13.3k · Sep 2015
A haze of smoke
Blurs the picture
Lipstick stains the
Cigarette that flickers
Red painted nails
Tap the frozen rails
Champagne bottle,
Dating back to Versailles
Blacked out eyes, matching skin
Bruise alike
**** it with a shot of gin
Little white flowers
Shot with a polaroid
Symbolize my paranoia
Pastel colors litter my eyes
Watching the rain fall
As time flies by
Twinkling Lights of the city skyline
Closed eyes, sip of wine
Hot coffee, big sweaters
Take a sip, enjoy the weather
Old book
Faded maps
And worn out ball caps
Gold jewelry flashed about
Parties thrown in nthe underground
Now I begin, haven't you heard?
Aesthetic is in, what a beautiful word.
6.7k · Jan 2015
damaged lullaby
*******, sawdust
Whiskey and rust
This is the life
This is cloud nine

This used to be a simple alibi
But now it's just a damaged lullaby

It's hard to kiss
Skin that crawls
But in the dark
The weakness falls
Unasked questions
They do rebound
Silent screaming
Rings all around

This used to be a simple alibi
But now it's just a damaged lullaby

Tattoos, perfume
Gasoline fumes
Nursing this poison
cringing, no end
Dysfunctional love
is what we make
just one more hit
It'll be the last I take

This is the life
This is cloud nine
It was only days ago
In a time of a better me
The strangers lived here, sometime ago
They dwelled inside of me

I was young, and lived rather grand
In the skin that was me
Oh what times we had, them and I, I and them

I and the people inside of me
With our thoughts ever conflicting,
None were covetous of we

Maybe it's been years, not days ago
These people inside of me
Had only first appeared
Without my sanity
So they bound me with ropes,
Those people inside of me
My own body and mind my sepulchre
No longer are we who I used to be.
This was an english project. I tried to do one of my favorite poems justice!
-Instead of a story about a love lost, I put a twist to the famous "Annabel Lee". The story is of a man, who goes through a trauma and because of it, develops multiple personality disorder, who slowly recognizes what's happening and gives in, letting himself be entombed.
1.7k · Feb 2014
Bohemian Girl
So much adds to her, oh where do I begin,
Her sharp green eyes like emeralds on her sun kissed skin

Her bangles clang while her boots thud
My heart races when she walks near, I'm afraid she could hear
And I notice she smells of sweet rose buds

She is unique, with her Beatles shirt
and her short white skirts
Her infectious smile, shaming the stars
I swear, I'm her biggest admirer

Her hair drapes over her shoulders, falling down her back
Gentle waves of cascading auburn hair
She's the definition of beauty, to be exact

Like a summers night, like the last light of day
Like the harvest moon, it takes all my will to hold my swoons at bay

I love this Bohemian girl, with her oddities and all
My lovely bohemian girl, she keeps me enthralled
A name to grace my lips, never so sweet;
And now my love is complete
1.6k · Feb 2014
Gray Arising
Look out my window to find
the shadow of the sun
done with playing in corners
So watch the mourners paint in black and gray
To their dismay, the corpse arises
to an elegant ballet of dissonance
with perfect timing and diligence
The taste of iron and sugar
bloom in my mouth, sweet and bitter
But still yet I am a slave to the flitter of
butterfly wings beating
so easily with a fleeting sense of obscurity
So yet i look out my window
to find the shadow at peace
but the insanity will never cease
1.6k · Feb 2014
Third Row Sinners
She takes a seat
not saying much, she tries not to speak
because you'll smell the whiskey
Blacked out eyes of abused innocence
hides a tale of misery
There she sits, way to the right in the third row
as she tries to believe in a power that can save her from below
Her torn and worn jeans have seen many days,
So go on and judge them, the third row sinners
While she sits in a daze
She pulls at her sleeves, so no one will see
Her story carved into her skin of satin ivory
So she watches the preacher with curiosity
wondering if anyone can smell the whiskey
or see her story in ivory
She's a believer, that third row sinner.

He takes a seat
Masked in strength
wondering if you can see that he is weak
His hands shake, maybe from drugs
or maybe from pure anxiety, not just a tweak
There he sits, way to the left on the third row
praying that this isn't all just a show
His face is worn and hardened with sorrow
So go on and judge the third row sinners
While he fights for tomorrow
The visions won't leave him, the whispers
Yet he won't let anyone see his story, as it withers
So he watches the preacher, wondering
Can you guess his weakness
Can anyone see his illness
His story, in the silent stillness
He's a fighter, that third row sinner

I take a seat
My story not one of interest
But yet you judged me from when I walked in the entrance
I have wounds, many scars, and have sinned plenty
Yet it's none of your business, my story
Until I have laid it at your feet gently
In the middle of the third row, with her at my right, and him at my left
I ask you to not judge us, we third row sinners
For our stories will have an ending, just like yours
But many paths leave many doors
So open wisely, and maybe we will all choose the right one
to lead us home.
1.5k · Jun 2014
I've got baggage that's too much a burden to carry, I've only got two hands, You call me weak, but it's quite the contrary. I've be strong for too long, been trying to hold on, but fingers are slipping and I keep tripping up, up where I look , crying out for some help. Don't you hear me screaming? help. My closet is full of the skeletons I wish to bury, but no shovel can dig deep enough, I'm in too much of a hurry to be free, free of this weight, free of the pain, but hey, no pain no gain, that's what I'm told. On this theory I'm sold, that time heals the wounded, but it's been years and years and I still don't see the good in it. Carry on, is what I do but I still wish that I could just break through this madness, this insanity. Looking for some clarity to see my way through this, man why do I gotta go through this, I don't know how to do this, alone. All by myself, I walk through this, aint nothing to this. But I swear, I can close my eyes and see the way it used to be before my baggage got the best of me.
1.5k · Feb 2014
Future- The untold
The future
what a peculiar creature, the future.
And how you perceive it, because whether or not you believe it;
the future eludes you, like a scene from a play that is unwritten
Yet you sit in the dark and cold, afraid of the unknown and the untold
stories that are your future, adamant that it will all crash and burn
Yet in turn you do nothing.
You have no doubts your dreams will die; shattered and torn
So you cry for the "inevitable".
But how can you mourn the unborn?
The future is not set in stone until you carve it
So make careful with your chisel, and you might make it.
1.5k · Jun 2014
My hope is leaning
My blood runs cold
Darkness from secrets yet untold
The words stop flowing
As my pen stills
Waiting for silence as it fills
The dripping rubies
Stain many walls
As screams of terror fill the halls
Silence is filling
They want no more
Bind my hands, i shall write no more
1.1k · Jun 2014
But It's Okay
I'm dancing in the ashes of the bridges you burned
But it's okay
Because they cast too many shadows anyways

You were trying to drown me
But it's okay
I can swim on my own any day

You left me alone with the voices in my head
But it's okay
They never liked you anyways

So I'll just take a deep breath and count to three, because it's okay, I'll just do me. <3
1.0k · Jun 2014
Mind Your Tongue
Lies lies everywhere, when you open your mouth, I can taste in them in the air. These words you spit are not loving, you think they're harmless, but you know nothing. With every word that escapes your lips, I watch the world to get a grip, on reality, for what you perceive as normality is nothing but a world set up on infrastructure that just doesn't add up... Instability, unpredictability.. Your lies are just infecting the lives of the respecting innocent. So watch what you say, for it will all come back one day.
905 · Jun 2014
Dear Lord, i say aloud this prayer
In hopes that you will save me from dispair
Give me light to lead the way
Love me for me, day after day
Give me strength to rise above the rest
With you by my side, i know i am blessed
From dark to light, and day to night
I pray your path will stay in sight
Birthday wishes and shining stars
Never get me really far
Its the praying and hoping every night
That helps me get through the never ending fight
With all that i am, i know you are my all
With your hand in mine, i know i wont fall
Keep my heart, my mind, and my eyes wide open
So i never cease to worship you. Amen
830 · Jun 2016
Unearth in the Spring
She dug me up, amid the ground,
She dust me off with her soft graze.
Her hands were stained chestnut brown,
Her golden eyes were set ablaze.

She brought the sun into my life,
And brushed the gravel from my lips.
Away with the dirt went the strife
And with the sun, came loving bliss.

Together we grew, sprouting blooms.
Roses of such sweet love and care,
We filled the air with sweet perfumes
And added color to the air.

Now tell me what is the reason,
That we should too,
End with the season?
Robert Frost Pastiche, done in style of many of his works.
646 · Feb 2014
Insomniac's Prayer
Here I Lay, Counting Sheep
Counting Away, Never to Sleep
Wishing I could take that Final Leap
Far far, Down in My Dreams
Where the Meadows & the Golden Streams
Shimmer & Sparkles; Glitter & Gleams
Though My Eyes May Ache
This Deprivation; My Spirit it Will Not Break
Only a Few Nights' Sleep Can it Take
Praying All Night, For I Have Not Much to Do
Praying God Watch Over Me till Morning's Dew
Until the Day is Bright, & the Sky is Blue
580 · Jun 2014
La prière d'un homme mort
Allez-vous nous jeter roses quand nous mourons
allez-vous pleurer pour nous
serons-nous être se souvient
quand nous ne serons plus là
ne nous oubliez pas
si afin que nous vivions sur
dans vos histories
dans vos souvenirs
et à travers votre vie
542 · Dec 2014
Just your healthy dose
But isn't it quite peculiar that we all need some insanity for clarity?
So just your healthy dose of insanity here
Just your healthy dose, do not fear
I am only here for the time being, just a visit then I'll be in my way
To ruin or build, you decide. But in me you can confide
all your secrets and desires
and together we can conspire
So remember your healthy dose of insanity folks
For it might just save humanity.
382 · Aug 2014
Faux Requiem
From the ashes I was made
and to the dust I'll be laid
6 feet under, but **I'm not dead yet

— The End —