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  Oct 2016 Kaleb Webb-Wheeler
Buddy T
is it love?
or just a petty crush?
will you still matter in 2 years?

I don't know but
I've had a lot of crushes
but you were different

is it because you're a girl?
because I used to hate you
or were you my first love?

I still want to write about you
I still think about you
I still hope I can see you again

will I write a book about you?
will I think about you in college?
will I still dream about you when I'm old?

but of course you're the reason why I joined a poetry site
under a pseudonym
to write anonymous poems

will I look back at this?
will I think "it was just a crush"?
will I still look at the sun and think of you?

all these questions
all these contradictions
they'll never be put to rest
random thoughts
i am magic.
i am the night sky and every single star,
i am the ocean and every ripple and wave.
i am a house of flesh and bone,
of hope and freedom.
i am a bird,
wild and free,
i am everything i dream of being.
i am a song,
a song of bravery and love,
of light and gold.
i am a voice that is not unheard;
my words are not shouted off into a void.
i am my heart, my words, my love.
i am known,
i am loved.
  Oct 2016 Kaleb Webb-Wheeler
I pushed everyone away
'Cause I didn't want to stay
This can't be the only thing left

Inside of me
I failed myself
Feeding the negative thoughts,
with harsh put downs.

Trusted lies, because facing the truth,
desires bold courage
I tire of being stepped on-
However wanting no existence,
is the same as labeling one's self,
as a doormat.
Just because  you aren't alone-
does not mean you can't feel lonely

I'm used to everything being thrown back at me.
Who are you to point the blaming finger?
I now know full fault does not lie solely with me.

Coursing through are strange pangs.
Stating that not all can be closed-
without effort and inner will.
Written 6/18/15

These emotions...just what are they?
he used to be king of a kingdom
but now he is a wreck
ocean waves will stop his strides
then break his bones;
even so he is a colossal wreck
the kind that looms in the
inky-black depths
to tear away from him
is unthinkable
(he used to be unsinkable, too)
oh my. thought ***** again. this piece is for my current-favourite character in a short story i am writing for kicks. the first line is not mine, it's a lyric from Forest by TOP. accidental references to titanic? it was never in my mind when i wrote this.
When i close my eyes,
My dreams start to fly,
My thoughts of you,
Begin to thrive,

I fall asleep,
I begin to weep,
Where are you,
When i need you,

I stay awake,
I feel a wreck,
I feel like putting,
A knife to my neck,

I refuse to cut,
I refuse to cry,
Cuz when i look,
At you in the eye,

I know,
im alright.
To all my loved ones, and especially my beautiful girlfriend
  Oct 2016 Kaleb Webb-Wheeler
I will not stand for you,
You betrayed me
I will not fight for you,
Just yesterday

You left me alone
I drowned and struggled
You just stood there
As they burned me down

So don't bother me no more
No matter what's in store
I will fight alone,
I'll stand alone

Don't trifle with my mind
You're better left behind
No matter the darkness
That strikes me down

I'll do this on my own

A sliver of shattered glass
From a mirror that could never last
This fragment weighs so little
Yet so heavy on my mind

Within it's reflection
Lies memories of you and me
The last piece of a puzzle
I tried to sweep away

I was content when it was only us
But my smile began to fade
As I witnessed my demise
Around me in eternal shade

So don't bother me no more
No matter what's in store
I will fight alone,
I'll stand alone

Don't trifle with my mind
You're better left behind
No matter the demons
That knock me down

I'll protect what I love, alone!

Don't offer that venomous hand
It seems you don't understand
I know you lusted for my pain
That love, born, from sanity slain

I thought you were beautiful
But the truth woke me up
Pleasure from my torture,
Serpentine you are, what the ****!

Don't talk to me at all
You shoved and I began to fall
But no matter what comes next
I will fight until the end


No matter what's in store
I will fight until I'm dead on the floor
No matter the demons
That hold me down


*Don't bother me at all...
Drown in your sorrows
See this message crystal clear...
I don't want you near...
I'm sorry, but you should really go...
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