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Mommy, why does that boy look like that?
shh, don't be rude
Daddy where is that girl's dad?
now is not the time, I'm not in the mood
Mom, can you hear me sing?
darling, maybe later
Dad, will you play catch with me?
at a different time would be better
Mom can I have a couple bucks?
here you go
Dad can I borrow the car
drive slow

Goodbye, mom
Goodbye, dad

I'm sure you'll remain calm
since I wasn't even there
Its like I was never gone
Like Severus and Lily,
We came to each other by chance.
I transfigured myself into your life
Already on a pedestal,
Our words chaining ourselves
To each other
Until death.

Years have passed
Without so much as a flicker between us
But here you stand
With the words of our pasts
Strung together and hanging like frayed ropes from your wrists.

In my dreams you come to me
With your hand outstretched,
A snake burrowed into the cuff
Of your long sleeved,
Blue-collar work shirt.
I do not hesitate to take it.
I am bitten.

I wake up in a cold sweat,
The snake of men past
Now burrowed next to me
In the king sized bed.
I am not afraid
But I do not trust.
Oh the news I got today
On a cold January day
I've looked into lonely eyes
I've wiped away tears
I've stayed up all night
I've seen so much fear
But in all my days
I've ever been down
I've never had anything
Compared to now
I heard them calling
But I didn't want to listen
Better get your wings ready
Today's the day you go back home
Why do the good ones have to go
The memories oh so sweet
I know it's a lonely road
It won't be too long
We'll all be strong
Fly back home
Gods got himself another angel
Soon they will return
As promised before
To our ancient fathers
In the days of Yore

And with them then
Will the world pass away
As if it were
Just a brief winter day
 Jan 2017 Joseph Schneider
every day a blue renegade
mercury falling out of the sky
solar system come
come feel me die
a star so burning that i cry
orange yellow black and why
do i hold on to relics what am i
the glow of the moon
me shapeshifting into the form of you
dark china drifting in fading out
what is the night without the dreams
echoing in the chambers of
a building that is baroque
time goes by i become confused
wrinkles ephemeral death is forever
life is so gray it threatens my soul
what can i say
each move is a play
You thought you're meant to be
And you kept on dreaming that life with him is your Destiny
You follow everything according to your plans

But what happenned?
That when you said that he is your destiny
Is the time that he left you with so much misery

He even cheated a lot of times
Still you're giving him a lot of chances
You know inside of you that you deserve better
And yes you do deserve even better

So Girl, do not settle for less
Because greater things is waiting for you ahead
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