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Dom Nocturne Feb 2018
love is in the air
but none for us to keep
drowning in misery
we’re not what we used to be
a box of your stuff on my bed
i put it back instead
my insides feeling numb
maybe i’m just too dumb
to see it’s not working out
but i still push away the doubt
you keep kicking me out
i keep crawling back
i ask
do you not love me anymore
it was a question you chose to ignore
you rip me up
i sew the seams
another day
another night
another cry
another fight
i gave you my heart
you broke mine
yet i love you so
my broken valentine

Dom Nocturne Jan 2017
Oh the news I got today
On a cold January day
I've looked into lonely eyes
I've wiped away tears
I've stayed up all night
I've seen so much fear
But in all my days
I've ever been down
I've never had anything
Compared to now
I heard them calling
But I didn't want to listen
Better get your wings ready
Today's the day you go back home
Why do the good ones have to go
The memories oh so sweet
I know it's a lonely road
It won't be too long
We'll all be strong
Fly back home
Gods got himself another angel
Dom Nocturne Jan 2017
These voices I hear
What do they want from me
Where are they coming from
Frightening distorted voices
They shake me to my core
Keeping me from having
my nightmares in peace
These shadows I see
Why do they taunt me
I mean no harm
Why must they haunt me
And keep me from having
my nightmares in peace
This paranoia I feel
These eyes watching me
Why won't they disregard
An innocent man
Doing no wrong
What is it
That's coming for me
Deep roar outside in the distance
You frighten me
Unknowing your intentions
I figure the worst
Don't hurt me
Let me have
My nightmares in peace
Just let me be
Dom Nocturne Jan 2017
A simple man
An honest man
A lover
I am

A fighter
A liar
A sinner
I am

I am

I am

A god
I am not

A man
I am
Dom Nocturne Jan 2017
In the late hours of the night
Every so often I feel a rush of urgency
To live
A stalking shadow seems to always appear
Reminding me that each moment
Reminding me each breathe
Is a step closer to the inevitable
A second closer to what seems to be
My mind starts to race
Flashes of what had already passed
Brought back to life for a moment
Then put back in place
Has it been enough?
When the sun comes do I try harder?
Do I even wait for the morning?
What's the point?
The only comfort I can find
Is that I'm not in this alone
Dom Nocturne Dec 2016
Set ablaze the blood in my veins
I'll turn your roses red
Passion anger and lust
We burn upon the son of dawns hands
Sin and ***
The morning star calls us away
Beads of sweat
I'll bite from your neck
Silk skin rather angelic
Tainted by carnal desire
The serpent brings temptation
Dom Nocturne Dec 2016
Screams echo through the forest in my mind
Laughter can be heard for miles above the trees
Love blooms all the flowers beneath all the shadows casted by the branches of overseen lies.
Waterfalls of emotion turn into streams of anger that flow through the mountains like the blood flows through my veins.
The lake gives everything the forest needs for survival, continuously pumping and providing the land with all the necessary motivation.
The mountain tops are cold and blue
Seeing over everything.
Observing joyfully.
The wind is my life.
Breezing by never stopping time.
night is my death
when all is put to rest
sleeping for eternity
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