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Sep 2014
Screaming out into the void of shame and darkness,
Hoping someone will hear my call and come and bandage the the wound in my chest from heartbreaks that have happened all too much, for someone to save me when I've told them too many times that I could save myself... Broken stitches and ****** gauze is all I have left to keep my heart from falling out of my chest into the dark hole of my soul, a part of me wanting to grab the scissors that lie a few feet away and just put it out of its misery, but there's the other part that holds on with all the strength it can and hope my heart can find its home.
It's lovely how you can be in a great mood and deep down theres how you usually feel and it can come out in words on a piece of paper without you trying to find the words.
Jordyn Dennis
Written by
Jordyn Dennis  Louisiana
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