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Aug 2014
and just keep in mind that i was the only person to ever give enough of a **** to remember the small details of you because i cared
since when did you think i never wanted to be with you? i love being with you and sitting there in the silence of your barely lit up room.. I never come over because all you do is **** me and then i go home..
its been a week.. i miss you. but then again i dont. do you miss me? probably not huh? well i hope you have fun doing all of those girls in your dorm back at school. at least they dont care right? it ***** because i still do
i want to go back to our first times of hanging out before i let you do the things to me to make my body and self feel as an object when your too lazy to use your own ******* hand.
Jordyn Dennis
Written by
Jordyn Dennis  Louisiana
   Joseph Schneider
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