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J F O Oct 2018
He judged her without evening know her,
without even giving her a chance.
In his mind,
he sees a monster.

She judged him from what she’s heard about him,
and she believed what they all warned her about.
In her mind,
she hears a monster.

She hears the names they all called her.
He sees the **** images they made you picture of him.
She feels the cold shoulders and the wandering eyes.
He smells the horror by the way people keep their distance.

And all that took
was the bitter taste of
a few unkind thoughts,
words spread by
the people we call "friends"
and by the strangers
who twists them a little deeper
with a dagger of pain that
you can't clutch with your hand.

You see, we’re all murderers.
Change the way you think of others because your negative thoughts and assumptions are killing other people. Every time you think horribly of a person, remember you just threw a dagger by that thought. Some people don't know they're being judged when all they do is throw a bucket of nice and happy thoughts your way but little do they know, you think ill of them. Give people the chance to show you who they are before your mind starts to program them as monsters.
J F O Sep 2018
the things
we think that happened at
the wrong time
may be
just the right time.
J F O Sep 2018
If the only reason why
you break up with me
is because we are

Then our love wasn’t real at all.

Distance carries
no weight
and love is not for your
It is a constant

We build a life apart
only to build the life
we want

I do
miss you
your touch
and the
smell of your

I am
jealous of
all the people
who get to
be with you,
to see you,
and not from a screen.

But you
thought we were
when distance
was only days away.

should’ve been
but for you,
it wasn’t in
your favor.
J F O Sep 2018
It was a good night,
we didn’t know where the time had gone,
we could not stop laughing
because it was all so much fun.

We were all filled with whopping joy,
big smiles and full hearts.
We all hugged each other goodbye,
exchanged “I love yous” like sweethearts.

But that night I knew,
it was too good to be true.
I woke up being told
unbelievable news.

I couldn’t believe,
didn’t want to, from what I’ve heard.
I was so confused,
couldn’t say a word.

It was only then,
I saw you lying on a bed,
your eyes closed and lips curved into a smile,
was when it all sank in, in my head.

It only took one look,
and I looked away so quick.
I stood there, tears welled up in my eyes,
my heart ached like it was kicked.

It was only a few hours before
that I’ve heard your voice and laugh,
I didn’t think it would ever be the last,
only left with a memory like a still photograph.

My mind’s cluttered; I don’t know what to do
or how to face the reality of this.
I keep thinking it’s all a dream
that this is all just ludicrous.

I waited for you to wake
and tell us, this was all a charade
because you loved to fool us a lot
so, I just prayed and prayed.

It happened all so fast,
your face was full of color but now, a shade of gray.
You lay there so peacefully,
knowing you’re fading away.

I lost a great friend that night
but heaven gained an angel.
I pray to you every day, and to God,
for blessing me with you, that, I am thankful.
To my dearest friend, he was literally a goof ball making everyone and anyone laugh and have a good time. He passed away so young and I still miss him everyday. You realize that life is way too short and you'll never know what happens, and it can happen in just a second, and everything will change. That night, we all strangely felt so much love for each other, more than ever and that's when we got a call a few hours later. I did stand there for a really long time, staring and waiting for him to tell me this was just a joke he was playing.  It hurts, knowing that he's only living in my prayers now but, I am thankful I've met such a kind soul. When you've lost someone, you're heart breaks and you lose a piece of you. I pray to him. I think of him and I'm happy to know that he's okay. I love you, P.
J F O Sep 2018
When I look at you,
you give me butterflies,
a flower garden springing,
a rush in my body, so
explosive yet still,
a feeling I haven’t felt in a while.

When I look at you,
bringing out a smile,
so genuine, flirty, lingering
glued shut in my mind,
wishing I was brave to say,
“it looks so **** good on you”.

When you look at me,
I catch you with mine.
I see you staring
with your sparkling, buzzed
hazy brown eyes, my heart races
as the crowd blurs,
the voices muffled,
an unbroken gaze, breathing deeply into
the split seconds we hold.

When you look at me,
a series of stolen glances
is all it is, with us thieves.
Wasted, only to look for in my eyes
a fleeting, hot, one-time moment,
but I was looking for a lifetime in yours.

When I look at you,
it’s like gold dust, uncommon.
Only to look from a distance but
never stare, as I can’t have
but only glimpses of you.

When you look at me,
I only hope,
it’s the way I look at you.

— The End —