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Sep 2018
When I look at you,
you give me butterflies,
a flower garden springing,
a rush in my body, so
explosive yet still,
a feeling I haven’t felt in a while.

When I look at you,
bringing out a smile,
so genuine, flirty, lingering
glued shut in my mind,
wishing I was brave to say,
“it looks so **** good on you”.

When you look at me,
I catch you with mine.
I see you staring
with your sparkling, buzzed
hazy brown eyes, my heart races
as the crowd blurs,
the voices muffled,
an unbroken gaze, breathing deeply into
the split seconds we hold.

When you look at me,
a series of stolen glances
is all it is, with us thieves.
Wasted, only to look for in my eyes
a fleeting, hot, one-time moment,
but I was looking for a lifetime in yours.

When I look at you,
it’s like gold dust, uncommon.
Only to look from a distance but
never stare, as I can’t have
but only glimpses of you.

When you look at me,
I only hope,
it’s the way I look at you.
Written by
J F O  23/F
   JL Smith
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