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Jay Silkstone Apr 2015
In a life constantly moving there are only so many perfect moments. The pale blue sky holds the remorse of every soul ever with drawn from our everyday life and it’s the moment that the sun and the moon lay distant from each other, yet still apart of the same sky, neither light nor dark but a symphony of an in between that we are just for a second able to witness the soft song that the wind blows, holding within it the memories of words. If I were able to witness a perfect moment in our busy lives I would pick this one, the one where I am able to feel your heart beat and your relaxed breath. It is that I am able to sit so contently in your arms, as if the moon and the sun and all the planets aligned creating a lasting moment of euphoria it is that I am able to gaze upon your face and see another galaxy, and know with the deepest part of my heart that you are all I’ve ever wanted and so much more.
Jay Silkstone Mar 2015
Every day we pass thousands of people on the street, and barely even a hello is exchanged, maybe a smile if your lucky.
It might be a little funny to think that each of these people are going wherever they are going, they are living their lives and you have the opportunity to be apart of it even if it's just five seconds.
You can do a lot with five seconds, for all you know a quick smile to someone passing by might change their life.
Despite someone's appearance, they could be a completely different person that you might expect, breaking the stereotype.
The sweet old women sitting next to you on the train, smiling and talking as if the world was heaven, is counting her numbered days.  The coloured man across from you with the bloodied knuckles and bruised face saved a teenage girl from being ***** last night.
The 18-year-old ******* the other side of the train, showing more skin than clothing in a ******.
And the boy in the corner covered in tattoos and piercings and is wearing only black is on his way to the hospital to read to the children in the cancer wing like he does every afternoon ever since he lost his little sister.
My point is simple, nothing is rarely as it seems. Each stranger you pass has there own story. Don't judge based off what you see because your vision is a misconception.
Jay Silkstone Mar 2015
Say these words you need to hear,
only for you to scream cover your ears.
To used to the voices whispering inside your head refusing to listen to the voices outside instead.
I wish you understood the depth in which I'm trying to convey, listen to the words I say and know that what I'm speaking is the truth.
"You do not deserve this"
Jay Silkstone Mar 2015
It wasn’t just the way she looked that made her beautiful -Although that was unmistaken to me but not necessarily to her because she never gets to see herself the way I did.
She didn’t see the way she laughed, smiled and she didn’t see the light in her eyes the way that I did; she couldn’t because she only saw herself in the mirror, and mirrors are almost always misconceiving
But she was beautiful in the way she acted and the way she talked about the things she loved, she was beautiful in the way she cared for other people and often ended up forgetting her needs almost completely.
She wasn’t just beautiful, she was the like the moon;
like drop of colour on black and white pages – she was loud and quite all at once and the little things that annoyed her, I loved even more because they were a apart of her and she was absolutely lovely and she deserves all the love in the world and not half the things she dealt with,
Because she was born the way she was and it wasn’t her choice but she chose to accept that the best she could and I admire her so greatly for that because every time I look at her
I can only imagine the battles she’s facing inside her head and I hope one day she will be able to put up the peace signs and finally look into the light of how loved and how lovely she is because
she truly is amazing.

— The End —