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DarkDepriment Mar 2015
It's Terribly depressing liking someone who has no Such thing as the same feelings as you.
DarkDepriment Jun 2015
People have made me so uncomfortable in society. They say be yourself but if they don't like it they'll say "Not Like That."
DarkDepriment May 2015
What is it with relationships and attraction?
Why do some of us expect someone else to complete us? Why are females most likely the ones who get there feelings hurt more then males?

Whats up with that? Why is there such complication to it? Why does cockiness even exist? Why can't we all just be friendly sweet human beings who are kind to one another?

Why is the world so cruel?

Why is money the root to all evil?

DarkDepriment Jun 2015
If I don't get that Rush when you kiss me
If the butterflies don't come when your around...
Then does that mean your not the one?
DarkDepriment May 2014
Eyes Wide Open and you still dont see me.
DarkDepriment Apr 2014
Why must you haunt my dreams
           & invade my mind
" "
DarkDepriment May 2015
" "
I watch you while you watch me watch you
Funny thing is
we are both blind
In both eyes
DarkDepriment Jun 2014
I feel as if I may be stuck between reality, and the images I create in my head.
DarkDepriment May 2014
Things I learned about being in love:

If Its Real,

It wont Ever go away Darling.
DarkDepriment Jun 2014
I wish to be the reason you are terrified of death.
DarkDepriment Jul 2014
Use your heart to see everything, and not your eyes.
DarkDepriment Aug 2014
They say live life for the fun
I say live life for the Love
DarkDepriment Apr 2014
You remind me of the mysterious
Glow in the sky right after a thunderstorm.
DarkDepriment Apr 2014
You walk a lonely road
But You still have hope
So Dont give up yet
DarkDepriment Jul 2014
I still don't understand why the people you love the most, hurt you the most.
DarkDepriment Jun 2014
I want to need you
And I want to love you
But I also want you to feel the same.
DarkDepriment Jun 2014
I'm so use to this depression
That I don't mind that it leaves, then finds it's way back to me
I almost welcome it
It's all I know.
Find your way back to me
DarkDepriment Mar 2015
I tap my fingers in an unorganized rhythm on my computer desk
Listening to amazing melodies of music
Concentrating on the lyrics of the Music trying to 'feel' something
Trying to find that same feeling in music that I felt when I first met you
That warm vibration of a rush, that feeling of remembrance, the feeling of life
To be continued ;
DarkDepriment Jul 2014
Sleep has not taken me hostage yet
And it is now 5:00am
It probably has not come to me yet because of that monster I drank at the festival
Or maybe the fact that you were there
And I was there but
My heart was not

And my plan was to get ****** up this night
But I wanted to stay sober and remember that you were there
****** so called poem. I know. It's 5:00am. *** my sleeping pattern is ******!
DarkDepriment Jul 2014
I saw you again today
And god what a relief that was
Because I really thought I'd never see your face again.
I hope I can remember every moment I spend with people who make me feel the way you do.
DarkDepriment Apr 2014
Your lips are my pain reliever.
DarkDepriment Aug 2014
Hoping you notice me
Hoping I got your attention
His car is parked in front of my house, his family lives a few doors down from me. He looks at me, but has yet to let words slips through his mouth. Patiently waiting. I'm so hoping that I didn't get my hopes up for nothing.
DarkDepriment Aug 2014
Wish I could make you feel my pain.
DarkDepriment Jun 2014
I thought horror
movies were scary
But then I thought of
Loosing You.
DarkDepriment Aug 2014
I want you to kiss your love into me.
It's been way to long since I've felt a kiss. But I don't want just an ordinary kiss. I want a kiss so exhilarating and So unforgettable that it'll have me thinking it was my first Kiss.
DarkDepriment Jun 2014
I wanna get drunk with you
And tell you all the things I'm afraid to say sober.
DarkDepriment Jun 2014
Saying your name tastes like the bitter liquid Of *****
burning my throat but pleasing my insides.
DarkDepriment Dec 2017
A female in her prime is the most dangerous
DarkDepriment May 2015
A heartbreaker is something you swore
you'd never be
But what would you do
if I told you That a heartbreaker
is exactly
what you've become?
Karma - amrak
DarkDepriment Jun 2014
I fell into a deep angry abyss of rage.
DarkDepriment Mar 2019
Dry throat

                Thudding heart beat
Body shaking

                       Mind racing
Chaos in my body
DarkDepriment Apr 2014
I'D Rather Feel Pain Then Nothing At All .
DarkDepriment Jul 2015
Means that it's been broken, aching and stepped on,
But still managed to love others without the fear of getting hurt again.
DarkDepriment Jun 2014
It seems as though the moon has consumed me...
DarkDepriment Sep 2014
"There's a mark on the calendar of dooms day for everyone. It may happen at different times but it still comes."

He smiled a troubled one. A smile that didnt quit reach his eyes. I didn't know what he meant but He kept inching closer and closer to the edge of the cliff and my nerves were far from calm.

"Get away from the edge,  You'll fall and probably die!"

My heart literally felt like it was going to fall out of my chest. I couldn't move or grab him because both of us were going to fall. But maybe that was a risk I was willing to take. He looked back at me Carelessly,

"I don't want you to die!" I cried out.

"At one point everybody dies silly, I'm just choosing to die now"
Btw- this is not a poem, it's a scene in a story I'm writing on a website called 'Wattpad'.
DarkDepriment Aug 2014
Kissing me awake is the best breakfast in bed
Poetry and Lemon Tea= best medicine. (:
DarkDepriment Aug 2014
Laughter fills my ears and I feel the burst of energy from the crowd of friends walking past me

They horse play and joke around without a care in the world
They bring me back to my old high school memories
Girls and boys together
Best friends having the times of there lives
Of course I've had my friends too but I always felt like I've been with the wrong people

So they live carelessly not even knowing that they place me in a dark place wondering why I've tried and tried but always terribly failed to fit in.
My tears are threatening to stain my face.
DarkDepriment Jun 2014
All my problems are hitting me
All at once and I can feel the depression seeping in
Taking it's rightful position in my insides
My hope for great things are twirling not in my mind but in the universe contemplating if they will be great
And I'm still laying here
In this dark abyss
Wishing things were better
That I had no tears to waste
That my heart wouldn't hurt so much
DarkDepriment Jul 2014
The oceans waves reminded me of how violent love can be
DarkDepriment Jun 2014
You **** repeatedly
Every ounce of common sense
In my brain
When your lips connect with mine.

You **** slowly
Making sure you've got me
So vulnerable
That I'll be anything you want me
To be.

You **** thoughtfully
Making sure I'll always want more of you
And that's something I can't have.
DarkDepriment May 2014
Before the world ends
And where all devided between
Good & evil
I want to know that i lived a great life on earth
And that i've made all my wildest dreams
Come true~
DarkDepriment Jun 2015
Somedays I'm perfectly fine
I can smile for a full 24 hours without letting the thought of you ruin me

But somedays....
I breakdown and scream to the deepest darkest part of the universe asking the world why can't I have you?
DarkDepriment May 2014
Boys just dont get us.
But really whats not to understand?
DarkDepriment Aug 2014
Oh please don't waist your time
Trying to figure me out
I'm not a puzzle or maze
Just something far more worse
I'm just scared and confused
I want love just as much as much as I despise it
I love it and I hate it
I'm happy but I'm depressed
I'm lonely but I'm surrounded by figments who only love me because of our blood
But we call this life.
DarkDepriment Apr 2014
And till this day
I still regret the chances I didn't take.
Don't ever take a good moment for granted friends. If you have a good chance of doing something great, go for it. It may not come to you again.
DarkDepriment May 2014
You whisper my name "mercy"
In my ear and you look intently into my eyes

But I swear all I heard was "kiss me"

So I did what I was told.
Guess I heard wrong. I like kissing.
DarkDepriment Mar 2015
Come close but not to close
Confuse me with your words but make your intentions crystal clear
That you WANT me
But you don't REALLY want me
DarkDepriment Mar 2015
I need a vacation from you

      To think about what I'm going to do with you.
DarkDepriment Jun 2014
I've taken my time and thought
about relationships
My past mistakes and my future goals
I put my old relationships and old feelings in a box
I burned it to ashes and wished it away
I didn't know what to do
I was lost until I finally came to the conclusion that I just Need someone who needs me.
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