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18.6k · Apr 2014
DarkDepriment Apr 2014
And whenever you feel alone
I want you to take comfort in looking at the moon
Cause even though I'm not there with you
I'll be watching the moon too ~
14.1k · Apr 2014
No Trust
DarkDepriment Apr 2014
You caused me pain

Now I know I cant trust a soul.
7.8k · Mar 2014
Confidence (Love Yourself)
DarkDepriment Mar 2014
I'm very much comfortable being alone
I enjoy nothing more than my own
Happily free to do what I want and tend to myself
My confidence is built only by the way I view myself
Yes my loved ones opinions count but which one matters most than your own?
Yes it's nice to have a lover or date
But you have to learn to be happy with yourself
Before your even happier with someone else
I'm not sure if this is even a poem but here's something to think about(; don't ever think you need a boyfriend/girlfriend to keep your happiness. Love yourself before anyone else.
6.7k · Apr 2014
DarkDepriment Apr 2014
And till this day
I still regret the chances I didn't take.
Don't ever take a good moment for granted friends. If you have a good chance of doing something great, go for it. It may not come to you again.
5.8k · Apr 2014
DarkDepriment Apr 2014
It would be so out of character
To treat people how they treat me

But oh how sweet
Revenge could be
5.7k · Aug 2014
DarkDepriment Aug 2014
They say thinking of sin is pretty much sinning
So let's sin away
And later pray for forgiveness.
Not trying to encourage religious sins. But this only means what it says. That thinking of bad things is almost as bad as doing it. I feel as though some sins I commit are forgivable yet intolerable. (I'm ranting but I wanna get my point across) please don't anyone take this poem offensive or in the wrong way(:
5.5k · Jul 2014
DarkDepriment Jul 2014
They are our ESCAPE

our Fantasy

Our Ecstasy.

Our way out.
I often hear rants about drugs and peoples nasty opinions of them. I listen carefully and I agree with a few things people say about drugs and the damage it could cause, and is causing, but people have to think of why drugs are being used in the first place. It's not the 'drugs' it's LIFE! Life is the motherf#%*er who makes us rebel.
4.4k · Aug 2014
A kiss
DarkDepriment Aug 2014
I want you to kiss your love into me.
It's been way to long since I've felt a kiss. But I don't want just an ordinary kiss. I want a kiss so exhilarating and So unforgettable that it'll have me thinking it was my first Kiss.
3.4k · Jun 2014
Heaven or Hell
DarkDepriment Jun 2014
Would you want to burn in hell for eternity just for temporary fame?
2.9k · Jul 2014
DarkDepriment Jul 2014
They are our ESCAPE



Our way out.
I posted this poem already but decided to repost it.

- I often hear rants about drugs and peoples opinions of them. I listen carefully and I agree with what some say about drugs and the damage it actually does to people. But people have to think about why drugs are being used in the first place. It's not the "Drugs" it's "Life"

Life is the motherf$&8 who makes us rebel.
I'm not defended it and saying it's okay, but before you judge addicts make sure you look at the bigger picture. The cause of the drug use.
2.2k · Jun 2014
DarkDepriment Jun 2014
I found the secret notebook you hid from me
It was full of love letters that you never gave to me
Because I was too cold hearted to let you in.
2.1k · Apr 2014
DarkDepriment Apr 2014
My brain constantly
Deceives my heart
1.9k · Mar 2014
DarkDepriment Mar 2014
Its what feelings sound like
1.8k · Mar 2014
DarkDepriment Mar 2014
Im misguided and misunderstood
Frankly like sticks and wood
Feeling useless and unwanted
How could anyone ever want this
A distant sense of a ghostly presence
Taking my place in my absence
Substitute my every move
But being me takes constant practice ~
Lots of my poems come from deep down but they're not all about me. I feel like sometimes I need to be someone eles mouthpiece.
1.7k · Jun 2015
DarkDepriment Jun 2015
I'm selfish because i want your lips all the time
There's no time of day that I don't want you, you treat me like a princess
dont think I didnt hear how you defend me when I'm not around, I love to wake up knowing you are all mine
Telling me you love me everyday is nothing but music to ears,
Your amazing,

Your friends
They don't deserve your time
I don't want them to see your smile or get use to your laugh like I am
I would hate for them to love you like I love you because they won't want to let you go either,
I don't want you to go out in public
There's other girls
They might hear your laugh, or catch a glimpse of your beautiful eyes and they might fall in love you
And if you think there beautiful enough then there's a chance you could fall in love too

I don't want anyone else to have you
I envy anyone else who has because I love you.
And that's why I am selfish.
1.7k · May 2014
Dont give up on me now ...
DarkDepriment May 2014
Dont let me go just yet

Theres a reason why we've met

Dont you remember our first night


You told me that the moon should be

Jealous because my eyes were the

Only thing lightening up your night.
Your history and memories with people is what really keeps you together.
1.5k · Jul 2014
DarkDepriment Jul 2014
A bittersweet soothing event that terrifies yet amazes me.
1.4k · Jun 2014
DarkDepriment Jun 2014
Why is it that when the sunny happy day retires
And the mysterious moon shows it's face
Our feelings sprang up like zombies in a grave
Bursting free of life
But only at night, and not in the day?
1.4k · May 2014
Happy Mothers Day MOMS!
DarkDepriment May 2014
she should be celebrated everyday

Not just mothers day.
1.3k · Apr 2014
DarkDepriment Apr 2014
You walk a lonely road
But You still have hope
So Dont give up yet
1.2k · Jul 2015
A Strong Heart
DarkDepriment Jul 2015
Means that it's been broken, aching and stepped on,
But still managed to love others without the fear of getting hurt again.
1.2k · May 2015
DarkDepriment May 2015
Praising Jesus in your darkest hour
When your stressed and tired
You feel no hope in you heart
Things around you are not perfect
But there's got to be something worth smiling about

So praise Jesus.

"Thank You Jesus"

Because things can be bad right now
But they could always, always be much worse.
Sometimes things around me aren't perfect. I have to learn to be greatful for what I have, and continuing to be happy that my situation is not as bad as it could be. Thanking Jesus out of habit is a beautiful thing because that shows him that you are faithful to him and you know that he can bring you out of any darkness at any time. Thank you Jesus.
DarkDepriment Apr 2015
Heavy eyelids and burned cigarettes,
No sleep
And poison in my veins
Pink lips and sunken eyes these days,
Self consious and bitterly depressed is my state of mind,
Fidgeting fingers and sweat glands,
My nervous outcome,
Love and happiness are things I crave,
But to you, this is all I am.
1.1k · Jun 2014
DarkDepriment Jun 2014
I wanna get drunk with you
And tell you all the things I'm afraid to say sober.
1.0k · Jun 2014
DarkDepriment Jun 2014
I hate love

But it's so seductive.
989 · Apr 2014
DarkDepriment Apr 2014
Ever seen someone so beautiful you couldn't look away?
984 · May 2015
I'm Happy
DarkDepriment May 2015
I've never met anyone like you

You actually like me for me

when do people actually find that these days?
862 · Oct 2014
Repetition of Depression
DarkDepriment Oct 2014
Pressing my lips in a thin line
I tilt my head back
Squeezing my eyes shut
Trying my best to hold back those angry tears
Caused by those around me
Who conjure up my fury
They make me wear it on my sleeves
It's obvious but to them it's the most oblivion
And they constantly send me back to that dark pace
Makes no sense I know. But what if the people around you were partially the cause of your depression? How do you deal? What do you do in tuff times?

I overheard someone close to me speak very bad about me. Do I cry? Do I retaliate? What do I do?
856 · Jun 2014
DarkDepriment Jun 2014
I've never had *** ... But I  hear it's amazing when it's with someone you truly love.
800 · Jul 2014
I hate smoking but I ...
DarkDepriment Jul 2014
Had to get a cigarette to inhale the bad ****
And exhale the ******* .
Playing with death. Digging deeper in my hole of sins.
788 · Aug 2015
DarkDepriment Aug 2015
Please do not get angry at me for feelings that I cannot control
753 · Apr 2014
DarkDepriment Apr 2014
Dont worry if your having hard times

Just remember

That we all fall before we rise.
750 · Jul 2015
That Boy...
DarkDepriment Jul 2015
It's funny because as poetic as I am
And how much time I spent thinking of him in the wee hours of the night
I could still only think of one word to describe him
And that word
746 · Apr 2014
DarkDepriment Apr 2014
How is it possible
to have a massive amount of feelings
for someone who obviously doesn't even care for you?

And someone please ...
Tell me how to get over
This ****...
732 · Jun 2014
DarkDepriment Jun 2014
Don't confuse me or hurt me
Just because you don't understand
Your own feelings.
DarkDepriment May 2015
Like the love you have for me
That smile that stays attached to your face in my presence
I know I give you a rush
I make your heart feel a little bit better each day
And I'm not use to this love
I've never met anyone like you so please forgive me when I push you away
I'm being selfish I'm sorry
You told me that when I ignore you it makes your heart hurt
I'm sorry for that too
I keep thinking this is to good to be true, maybe it is or maybe I need to just let myself fall helplessly in love with you without any fear
Like you did with me
I'm sorry if none of you understand...neither did he.... It's hard to explain
698 · Mar 2014
I hate love
DarkDepriment Mar 2014
Love doesn't love me
So I hate love

Love is a curse we can never get rid of
It hurts and It makes us do stupid things
Like ask someone to be with you forever with a ring
Now your stuck with your significant other and your ashamed
You might not have made the right choice in this game
You decided to step out on your marriage to Fuful a desire
But all you did now was add fuel to the fire
Just like a high school crush this love thing never lasts
Now lets get a divorce and put this love thing in the past
695 · Aug 2014
DarkDepriment Aug 2014
But god, the bad things are much more seductive
I mean this to be existent to every fiber of my being that doing bad things spark a wonderful fire in me.
695 · May 2015
DarkDepriment May 2015
Your face which was my coffee in the morning
That voice that was my lullaby at night
Those hands that soothed my soul
Your lips that made my skin burn
Your heart that belonged to mine
Will always love you
662 · Mar 2014
Pain (Part 1)
DarkDepriment Mar 2014
Big or small lies are lies
And the pain from it never dies
It crawls deep into you and hides
Waiting for its time to rise
A dark force it forms to be
It may take a while for you to see
It has a face and two feet
It's just like you and just like me
oh what a beautiful creature pain
Could be
I'm doing 3 or 4 parts of this poem (:
657 · Jun 2014
DarkDepriment Jun 2014
Saying your name tastes like the bitter liquid Of *****
burning my throat but pleasing my insides.
655 · Dec 2015
DarkDepriment Dec 2015
Getting your heart broken feels like a nightmare that you actually have to live in.
642 · May 2015
DarkDepriment May 2015
I can't
I can't
I can't
I can't
I cant
I can't
I can't

(Try Again)

I can.
Never give up.
641 · May 2015
Our Difference in Forever
DarkDepriment May 2015
"Forever" he mumbled carelessly. He expressed the word like it was another ordinary word.

"Forever" I reposnded like the word was a melody. I expressed it like my life depended on it. Because it did, and still I mean it today, even watching you with a girl that is not me.

"Forever" we both said. But only one of us meant it.
629 · Oct 2014
"I bet you didn't know"
DarkDepriment Oct 2014
"Live" spelled backwards is "evil" and "lived" backwards is "Devil"
Takes notes. To learn the secrets of this world, you must learn to think backwards.
628 · Jul 2014
DarkDepriment Jul 2014
Physically, emotionally, spiritually confused.
627 · Jun 2014
Pull The Trigger
DarkDepriment Jun 2014
Ever get so angry you start shaking?
Wanna cry but you won't
Wanna die but your finger never reaches for the trigger
you just like knowing that you could simply end all the pain by one bullet traveling through your brain

But you don't pull the trigger.
601 · Mar 2014
Slow Dance
DarkDepriment Mar 2014
How about we slow dance
To the rhythm of my heartbeat
Our eyes connected
Our souls in sync
A stranger to my face
A lover to my heart
Everything is black and white
But we remain in the dark
Behind the talk and the whispers
And the topic of the town
Your fingers touch my lips and I forget
Who's around
Your intoxicating scent Often puts me in trance
What a unforgettable moment
The first time we slow dance
579 · Jun 2015
The Real You
DarkDepriment Jun 2015
The way you left the relationship just shows the type of person you really are.
You don't care.
573 · Jul 2014
DarkDepriment Jul 2014
Sleep has not taken me hostage yet
And it is now 5:00am
It probably has not come to me yet because of that monster I drank at the festival
Or maybe the fact that you were there
And I was there but
My heart was not

And my plan was to get ****** up this night
But I wanted to stay sober and remember that you were there
****** so called poem. I know. It's 5:00am. *** my sleeping pattern is ******!
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