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Mar 2019 · 128
DarkDepriment Mar 2019
Dry throat

                Thudding heart beat
Body shaking

                       Mind racing
Chaos in my body
Dec 2017 · 257
DarkDepriment Dec 2017
A female in her prime is the most dangerous
Jan 2016 · 354
DarkDepriment Jan 2016
I still hate life
And I still want to die.

How about you?
Jan 2016 · 320
DarkDepriment Jan 2016
The saddest part is when the one you want
Wants someone else.
Dec 2015 · 655
DarkDepriment Dec 2015
Getting your heart broken feels like a nightmare that you actually have to live in.
Dec 2015 · 335
It's Been five weeks....
Nov 2015 · 324
Still Love You
DarkDepriment Nov 2015
My heart still beats rapidly in my chest when I see your name flash across my screen
Nov 2015 · 246
DarkDepriment Nov 2015
You're sad and he doesn't care.
Nov 2015 · 353
The 7 month breakup
DarkDepriment Nov 2015
It only bothers me when I'm alone
And I think about it
Nov 2015 · 305
Lost Love
DarkDepriment Nov 2015
He was once your everything
then all of the sudden he wanted to mean nothing
And then the heartbreak eventually became a memory
And now you walk past each other on the streets like strangers who were never ever in love
Nov 2015 · 207
DarkDepriment Nov 2015
I loved you to much
And you didn't love me enough
Nov 2015 · 248
DarkDepriment Nov 2015
I could get anything I've ever wanted
And still feel like somethings missing.

But that's just me.
It has nothing to do with being ungrateful, it just means that the fruits of life May not be very fulfilling.
Oct 2015 · 302
I am alone
DarkDepriment Oct 2015
Every single day
A battlefield of chaotic traumas erupt
A red blur of trouble finds me
God lets this happen to me for I am suppose to trust him, but how long does that trust stretch before Im broken down and all those who are suppose to stand with me are against me, and I am alone in a world full of humans
Oct 2015 · 222
DarkDepriment Oct 2015
It was that kind of breakup
That left you both emotional and emotionless
All while wondering was it all worth it?
Oct 2015 · 196
Describe Yours
DarkDepriment Oct 2015
My Depression is beginning  to feel like a stickyness on my fingers that I can't quit wash off
Oct 2015 · 183
DarkDepriment Oct 2015
Why is it that when you finally get what you want
You suddenly don't want it anymore?
Sep 2015 · 222
DarkDepriment Sep 2015
I've never Been this angry
And so closed off from the world
And ive never been so terrified of what could come next
Aug 2015 · 237
DarkDepriment Aug 2015
The saddest part is
You live three thousand miles away and you still need space.
Aug 2015 · 203
DarkDepriment Aug 2015
These days my life is like a pool of bad vibes and negativity
Aug 2015 · 245
Thoughts 1,000
DarkDepriment Aug 2015
What is it about anger
That makes our fear disappear?
Up and down my days go from bad to worst or good to perfect and I wonder when I drift off into my mind, why is it that our anger makes us do certain things that we wouldn't normally do? Life right now for me is difficult and I'm trying to get through it and I know that giving up is not an option but it's really hard.
Aug 2015 · 193
DarkDepriment Aug 2015
Is it when your innocence has fled that you are no longer as pure as you use to be? Are you not as poetic as you use to be?

Are you even the same person?
Aug 2015 · 253
You Should Know
DarkDepriment Aug 2015
Arguing back means you love them

Not arguing back simply means ur done fighting for a love that just isn'there anymore.
DarkDepriment Aug 2015
I get attached to things, places, people, You.
all things I always eventually loose.
Aug 2015 · 788
DarkDepriment Aug 2015
Please do not get angry at me for feelings that I cannot control
Jul 2015 · 750
That Boy...
DarkDepriment Jul 2015
It's funny because as poetic as I am
And how much time I spent thinking of him in the wee hours of the night
I could still only think of one word to describe him
And that word
Jul 2015 · 285
DarkDepriment Jul 2015
He was a simple minded boy
Who didnt quit understand poetry or the dangerously poetic girl who made thunderstorms only look like rain
Jul 2015 · 205
DarkDepriment Jul 2015
Why are you making me feel so ashamed
For falling so deeply in love?

Is it because you know that it is a momentary thing?
That it will be over in a blink of an eye? Because if that's your reason then I'm scared too..
I know loving every single little thing about a person is a dangerous thing.
Jul 2015 · 543
DarkDepriment Jul 2015
Through all the madness around me
You've been my constant, my happiness

I need you |
Jul 2015 · 1.2k
A Strong Heart
DarkDepriment Jul 2015
Means that it's been broken, aching and stepped on,
But still managed to love others without the fear of getting hurt again.
Jul 2015 · 222
I woke up
DarkDepriment Jul 2015
And today was really ...
              really bad..
Hate days like this
Jul 2015 · 235
Power On Your Lips
DarkDepriment Jul 2015
Some people just aren't wise enough to hear the powerful exsposion in your words.
And that's okay.
Jul 2015 · 490
You Cheated
DarkDepriment Jul 2015
And I left you even though my bones, heart and soul didn't quit agree with my actions and I stay up every single night with a bottle of something alcoholic by my bed and a full pack of cigarettes under my pillow just in case I do fall asleep by an accident and dream of you, then I can jolt awake with the realization that I left you and I can drown my stomach with so much alcohol that I drink myself into a drunken paralyzation so I can't run to you in the middle of the night so you can make it all better

I'm so tired of thinking of the reasons why you did it
I'm done with blaming myself for what you did and putting myself down and shaming myself thinking that I wasn't good enough for you
I want my heart to know that I was to good for you and you knew that so you cheated to make yourself feel better.
You didn't deserve me anyway.
Jul 2015 · 168
DarkDepriment Jul 2015
It's that feeling you get when you don't exactly know what your feelings
Jul 2015 · 179
DarkDepriment Jul 2015
Still wanna know why they were strong enough to stay in high school and I wasn't...
Jul 2015 · 156
DarkDepriment Jul 2015
Is every mistake forgivable?
Jul 2015 · 391
It's Gonna Make Sense...
DarkDepriment Jul 2015
When your crying on his doorstep
Begging him to let you in because he changed the locks on you, and it didnt make sense to you because he's the one who cheated on you, but you didn't leave him because no one has ever loved you like he did, around this time last year is when you fell in love with him, but this year he ends up leaving you. It's gonna make sense now because I was in your position, I went back to him over and over until i was empty. Until I had nothing left to give and I thought I'd stay with Him I'd get my heart back at least.  It's gonna makes sense now but please don't go back to him, let him be. Because ******* like that never change.
Jul 2015 · 231
Endless Possibilities
DarkDepriment Jul 2015
It is most beautiful but tragic to actually love  someone, and know that it is possible to loose them.
Jun 2015 · 160
DarkDepriment Jun 2015
Or maybe I loved him because I was at my worst and he still thought I was perfect.
Jun 2015 · 174
DarkDepriment Jun 2015
My feelings change faster then the days go by
Jun 2015 · 212
Gonna Die Anyway
DarkDepriment Jun 2015
Who cares if your life is terrible
Or if it's the greatest
Where all gonna die anyway so do what you want.
Jun 2015 · 169
DarkDepriment Jun 2015
If I don't get that Rush when you kiss me
If the butterflies don't come when your around...
Then does that mean your not the one?
Jun 2015 · 254
Why is Love So Hard?
DarkDepriment Jun 2015
I want this to work
I want you to be a permanent person in my life
I want you to change me to be better, I want to learn from you while loving you with every piece of me, I also want to receive the same amount of love right back

But what I don't want is to be the only one trying,
Being the only one wanting this to be something you don't want it to be
I don't wanna swim out in the middle of the ocean with you in this relationship only to be left alone to drown in the middle of it.
It ***** when you both love each other but things just don't work out :(
Jun 2015 · 180
DarkDepriment Jun 2015
The moment you let people's opinions about you hurt your feelings
Just know that your giving them full control over you and the way you feel about yourself.
Jun 2015 · 192
Things I Get Use To
DarkDepriment Jun 2015
He didn't understand why I liked storms
But what he never realized is that
Everytime he left me
I felt like one
Jun 2015 · 151
DarkDepriment Jun 2015
I'm the white spaces between every single word.
Jun 2015 · 212
Blank space
DarkDepriment Jun 2015
Somedays I'm perfectly fine
I can smile for a full 24 hours without letting the thought of you ruin me

But somedays....
I breakdown and scream to the deepest darkest part of the universe asking the world why can't I have you?
Jun 2015 · 227
Differences: You/Him
DarkDepriment Jun 2015
I loved you, you saved me
but with you I always felt the need to look over my shoulder

I loved him more
Because with him, I felt safe enough to fall asleep in his arms
I felt no need to look over my shoulder.
DarkDepriment Jun 2015
No matter if it's
guilt, anger, love, loss or betrayal.
Change is never easy
We fight to hold on and we fight to let go.
Jun 2015 · 244
DarkDepriment Jun 2015
If your relationship is too perfect
You start thinking of things that aren't wrong
You began to create problems in your head that's not really serious in real life

"Is he so perfect that he's not good enough?"

Does there have to be some sort of conflict in the relationship to make "us" seem real?
To make it seem like this is really a relationship?
Time to do some soul searching about how I feel.
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