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Jan 2020
there’s a girl and her sister
on the long way home
they were running from the dog in the manger
but the sun’s down so it’s time to stop the roam

dad chugs beer
mom’s on vilazodone
it takes time to knock
afraid they will get locked

the two thought this is the right moment
so they come in but their parents are strangling each other’s throat
the two hide in the attic
panic but have no choice but to play with the plastics

they lay exhausted
tired of crying and laughing for hours
first thing in mind is to be cautious
afraid of being tortured

but there’s no sound
so she said “let’s go down”

there’s no one
no dad
no mom

but there’s blood
and remarks
she falls to the ground
searching for a hand in the dark

there’s no one
no sound
no crowd

but there’s a gun
and her broken heart
it never goes away, no matter how hard she tries.
Written by
devine  19/F
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