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Dawn of Lighten Feb 2017
Dimension beginning of vile ****** exposed,
And the Emperor has no clothes,
While helplessly strut a mighty walk without a shame.

Course of history repeating itself,
Like the flow of water meeting in the river of streams,
But recycle through the clouds and back to the ground it flows.

Are we so blinded by the glimmer of the mirage of oasis in the desert,
We toast with sands of dune to quench our thirst of our plight,
And all is but a fickling light ducktaped by words of unintelligible muddled murmur?

This is truly the flawed design of our time,
When we no longer promote arts and crafts of philosophies,
And religious cults of zealots condemned the science and Academia by berating it's achievement.

Likes of ancient times of Agora and the height of it's human enlightenment,
There are forces of deconstruction of society of choas ensued by hateful fear mongers,
And systematic inward of national fevor of berserkers leveling progress.

Maybe another dark age is inevitable,
But little seed of hope I feel tangible,
And sometimes event maybe a phoenix.
Religion is all sense of purpose is a illumination of hope in human plights,
But those who seek absolute power by controlling devotees, then it is no longer a religions but a cult of designed by vanity.
Dawn of Lighten Feb 2017
The heavens stood in blue,
Just as water mirrors it's hue,
And ocean dawn reflects the sky anew.

Time and stars light the darken space,
As if catching illumination with our pace,
But hands reach out to finish the race.

Race without a face in the life of maze,
Remembering the face upon your gaze,
A sincere warm smile that would haze.

Heart's tug of war,
The unspoken lore,
And it's forgotten core.

Yearning for two voices to weld
In solidarity beats would of held,
And united minds would meld.

The one way ticket always looking back,
But struggles to find the words to pack,
And in honest words it seems to lack.

Trying to piece every sense
Why miss your presence,
Trying to understand your essence.

Hands stretched,
Mind etched,
I seek only upon thee.
Wanting is a desire,
But desire is unwanting,
The truth of unrequited.
Dawn of Lighten Jan 2017
Ladies help define men to stride to be better,
And us men without our equal are prisoned in a soundless white room,
With sensation and voices dulled by empty cup.

The walk without the need to go places,
And the time stopped without her presence,
While searching for something tangible to grasp.

We men are mortified walkers,
Without a purpose or cause,
And lambs of the butchery robbed of shepherds.

We need our guidance,
Soul stone of our pathway.

The woman of our lives are our equal,
The voices where men can have sanctuary,
Our inner solidarity and piece of solice.

They are our inner home,
Our kingdom of fortitude,
The fortress of our essence.
I've heard that our flag represents our fortress, but I wager our equals are our kingdoms.
Dawn of Lighten Jan 2017
Seep upon the illusion of vanity,
As your true morality contested.

While all things fall asunder,
None reach perfect atonement.

Such struggle is but divinity of being human,
The tested fallacy in full glory.

In those imperfection lies heart of human kind,
And ridged expectation flow with the wind,
For all things do come to an end.

That precious moments define us,
And our flaws prescribe to center of universe,
For night sky are basked by infinite wisdom.

All things are illumination of life,
And there are no regrets,
But lost ether alone amongst the serenity of celestial plane.
What does it truly mean to be a human being, but the stride to be better in our imperfection, but that makes life little more interesting.  

There are no perfect universe that cradle our senses, but why would we want to clone who we are, knowing imitation is a limitation?
Dawn of Lighten Jan 2017
A day where we lose people less,
Living life with spirit and careless.

Is 2016 truly the year most of us became restless,
Because we got the leader of hopeless?

Death of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynold equated to year of relentless,
The fall of humanity and all that is good make us sleepless?

Stand before us that life has never been anything but senseless,
All action comes with reaction and all things are current living breathless.

Let us not forget to mourn for our past seamless of timeless,
but let us not dwell in sorrow and agony drunk hopeless or reckless.

Lets grasp life with fearless,
And accept the moment with purest act of passion celebrate life as life and time will come with to eventual lifeless,
While cherish moments as each moments is an another bliss of bless.
As I was read an article that gave negative plight to 2016, with the less than savory elected leaders in Capitol hill, or iconic people who have passed away, I refuse to take the whole years as something that needed to be past.  

Too often I heard people say 2016 was horrible, but if the negative energy gets strengthened, and people ask for 2016 to just end as if any other year was better than other years, they aren't living in the moment.

I refuse to let negative energy to prevail,
I will empathize for people's plight,
But I feel obligated to look at not last year, year after, or any years as to reminisce and wait on, but make the moments count!

My fear is people will always say this year was bad, and wait for next year, but rather people choose to fight for now, and live in the moment to strive in the present.
Dawn of Lighten Dec 2016
As the monotone of the tick comes to a halt,
The inner sense calm the nerves to numb,
And the impulses desire grasp more stimulus.

This is the very senses that one endure,
When being with people feel more alone,
And friends feel more distant than strangers.

As if drowning in the ocean sea,
And the surrounding feel like the vast night skies,
While lost in the dank forest search for singular moment.

Just know you are not alone,
But by mutual experience of empty space,
We share the common rhythm to recognize melody.
Dawn of Lighten Nov 2016
The Artisan tongue and Linguistic,
Likes of the melted cheese upon the mouth,
And the gift of tamoto soup in winter tundra.

Those are the gift that I seek upon,
As an indentured servant looking upon the wonders of aurora boreal,
Or a spiritless soul seeking to quench the inner fiber meld with ether.

Dream seeker with nothing to stand,
A adventurer without a quest,
Or the rebel without a cause.

Those days are but a distant past,
Forgotten murmur of mythic dreams,
As radiance dawn from each breath.

Come upon the golden kingdom,
And seek prize upon the window of glory,
While never stand in comfort of being normalized.

The suburban curse of procrastination,
The comfort of daydream,
The arrogant silence of enact.

The desire to seek greatness entwined with destiny,
Perpetual confidence grasp the very breath of existence,
And one would crawl out from nothing.

I breathe to be something,
And seek everything,
To avoid being nothing.

For seekers desire,
And desire seek every essence of breath another day to be all things.
I can never stay full, nor can be happy stagnant, but dare to seek everything.
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