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Audrey Feb 2015
This friend I have is one I know
She would never want to go
Something's burning from inside
I can't bear to let it hide
Another moment, I fear the worst;
I decide to tell her first

Searching for courage, but it's tough;
I don't think I have enough
Finally, I say the words
Though every single sentence hurts
The fear is cutting through my bones
My heart is beating through my toes

After I have spilled it all
I look up and silence falls
She begins to grab her things
My fresh tears begin to sting
I reach my hand out for a touch
She flinches and says "You're ******* up"

I can't believe what I've just heard
But I remember every word
Clear as crystal inside my head
I'll be silent forever instead
I can't do this anymore;
I feel my heart slam shut its door

She ran fast away from me
She didn't even hear my scream
I kick, I cry, I pound my head
I can't believe I've lost my friend
This friend was one I thought I knew;
She walked out right on cue
This poem is literally about my biggest fear. I have had so many people leave me in my life that I can't truly open up to anyone and just be myself. I think that's why I actually really have no idea who I am yet.

I know this was a long poem. Thank you for taking the time to read it, if you did.
Audrey Feb 2015
I just want to be accepted
But I'm afraid I'll be rejected
If the real me is projected
Their opinions will be affected

I don't know why
I pay them mind
I need to find
Who I am,
Not who they want me to be

*I am me
I am crazy
I am free
Audrey Feb 2015
I wish upon a star so bright
That I may dream good dreams tonight

Whenever I turn off the light
I find I have nightmares in sight
I'm sick of death and fear and fright
I need to dream good dreams tonight

I try to live with all my might
But I don't know if I can fight
I might not last another night
If I don't dream good dreams tonight

I wish upon a star so bright
That I may dream good dreams tonight
I don't like how it made "tonight" its own line in the second and last lines of the poem. It's not supposed to be that way... It needs to be read as if it's on the same line in order to keep the flow of the poem.
Audrey Feb 2015
I need to escape this vile emotion
But my brain is a deep blue ocean
I keep swimming towards the surface
But up is down, and I have no purpose
My lungs are screaming, my head is pounding,
And I realize - *I am drowning
  Feb 2015 Audrey
Ashley Nicole
A lump of coal
Tossed into the fire
Before it even stood a chance
Of becoming a diamond

And all it needed was time
  Feb 2015 Audrey
No you idiot!
This is how people fall in love.
Are you a *******?!
Do you like getting hurt ot something??

Dont open up to her.
You know she is the type.
She will stomp on your heart.
You can't take it anymore.
You will die this time.

Stop what you're doing.
Move on.
End It.
*Please dont **** us!
The idea of this one is pretty straightforward. The mind is pleading to the heart.
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