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  Mar 2017 Dameon Smith
Maybe its just me,
but I hardly ever see poems about happiness

Is it because the bad times outweigh the good?
or do they outshine them?
Dameon Smith Mar 2017
The warmth of a dog splayed on my legs,
The warmth of a large sweater hanging from my shoulders,
The weight of a blanket covering my legs,
The weight of a book open on my lap,
The scent of woods coming from my flickering candle,
The scent of cold wind leaking through my closed window,
The sound of worn pages turning on my fingertips,
The sound of my mother talking on the phone below my room,
The taste of stale coffee long ago drank on my tongue,
The taste of the salt from the thumb between my teeth,
The sight of the blizzard raging outside my walls,
The sight of bright snow reflecting the moonlight, a stark contrast to the warm yellow light of my lamp.
I sigh in contentment,
And soak the night in.
Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!
Dameon Smith Mar 2017
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I'm beaming
The minute I see it's you.
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Dameon Smith Mar 2017
For years I searched
And searched
For the Light
Only to realize
I am the Sun,
And I don't need a lantern
To bring me out of the dark,
I just need
To shine brighter.
Dameon Smith Mar 2017
Sometimes I still think about her.
And while I miss her
So ******* much,
And there are days where I see her in strangers passing by,
I dont regret ending it
Because we both deserved so much better.
I regret never hearing her laugh again
Never seeing her smile,
I regret that exes can't stay friends,
That /we/ can't stay friends
Because I broke her heart.

I regret that most of all.
I wonder how she's doing.
Dameon Smith Mar 2017
Sometimes I look for who I was in who I am,
And not finding them makes me doubt I'm getting better.
But thats not how it works
I can't find them because I'm stronger
I'm happier
I'm kinder
I've grown into a better person.
And ******* it I'm recovering.
  Jan 2016 Dameon Smith
People always say the eyes are the windows to the soul.
Does that mean we see people with our souls as well?
We stare at other souls with our own-
Knowing there is something beautiful trapped inside those windows,
All the while being trapped behind our own.
Some are darker than others-dreary with no hope.
Other's are bright & welcoming, nothing to hide behind-transparent.
Like a moth to a flame, we are drawn in.
Window to soul, soul to window.
We peer in trying to catch a glimpse of the true colors of a person.
I guess we are all peeping toms in the end.
Oldie but goodie.
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