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Poets love poetry
but that is as far as it goes
Poems love the attention
Anything else just blows

Poems feed you lines
telling you it's the truth
while lying out of the corners of their mouth
Don't believe ? How uncouth !

Poems fill up books page after page
About their loves , betrayals , pains , and rage
Don't believe them !
Its all been staged !

It's not their masters they despise
That's not the thought going down
It's all in black on that feeling of white

They are always staring back at you without a sound daring you to put them down
 Nov 2023
I bleed to produce seed
for my flower bed of creed
yet the flowers I need
didn’t grow, instead unwanted weeds
flourish as it dirtied my deeds
upon deeds of neglect, I heed.
It started to be play with words, that eventually evolved into what you read.
words: Bleed, Seed, ****, Creed, Deed, Heed.
 May 2022
I hate the word love
I hate how it's used
Tied to lust
Tied to abuse

I hate the word love
I hate how it's used
Tied to pain
Tied to you
KB, if you see this... I don't even know what to say to you anymore.
 Mar 2022
Sarah Locklin
She’s beautiful, the finest rose in the garden. Her hands soft as silk. Her hair as fair as her skin. Those thorns will get you though. So be careful where you pick her. She’ll ***** until you bleed.
 Feb 2022
Hands on my throat always crushing me down, putting me out, and turning me on
I don't know how you got here but won't you stay and laugh dear
Know one needs to know what we do when we're alone
She don't even miss you and he will never know
Intoxicatingly delicious, so much so it's suspicious
How can you taste so good when the flavor's all wrong
Not sure what I'm doing but I promise I won't stay long
Pin me, choke me, bruise me colorful until I'm pacified
Scream until your throat bleeds every time your heart beats
Necromancy not love, just enough to pretend we're alive
Our fingertips glow in red hot brands leaving us hissing
Cut open from sharp tongues clashing and kissing
Leave through the window never the door
Or you might knock again and ask me for more
Let's have an affair
XOXO George
 Oct 2021
Do you miss her
The Hell's Mistress I used to be
Pretty smiles
Prettier lies

******* you with my eyes
Skinning you with my words
I miss the power that came
In lying to everyone
This angelic facade is suffocating
I miss slipping off the mask
And slipping into your head
Making you my puppet
Then getting bored
And making you wish you were dead
Shoving my knife in your back
When you came
Walking into my life like it was yours
Following my breadcrumbs
Swallowing them whole
Who would have thought
You can hide arsenic so well
With just a hint of sugar
And a short enough skirt

Do you miss her
The Black Widow in my web
Eating you alive
To fill the void inside
I love it when the words write themselves for me.
- - -
I'm so sick of this tbh.
 Sep 2021
Let the flames lick over my skin
Until my eyes roll back in my head
Cause you know I like the pain
Tip my head back as the demons crawl out
And their ink mingles in with the burns
The cartography on this canvas
Is littered with ashes and holes
Caught in wildfires and never spared or unscathed
Unleash the heat and I'll be engulfed in your rage
I like the way you hit me
Each scorching breath you take hitting my face
Choking on the smoke I caress the blaze
Razor sharp yet soothing to sink into
Drown me in this inferno
Cause you know I like the pain
Burning flesh never smelled as sweet as you and me.
 Aug 2021
In pink she skips through the grass
She laughs at the butterflies
She basks in the warm sunshine

In white she soars through the sky
She jumps with the summer sun
She runs with the winter winds

In black she walks through the dark
She cries with the midnight moon
She screams at the stars above

In red she rests in our hearts
She sits among the flowers
She stands among the mourning

If only you could see us
Together again for you
All of us in black and red

If only we could show you
How many people love you
All the lives you’ve touched and changed

If only I could call you
Tell you how much I miss you
Tell you how much I love you

You didn’t have to leave us
You didn’t have to do it
You didn’t have to give up

I’m begging you to come back
I’m begging you to stay here
I’m begging you to live

I’m sorry for all the pain
I’m sorry for all the loss
You deserved to have better

Living was hard, I know it was
I’m so proud of you for trying
I can’t wait to see you again

“Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better? But because I knew you, I’ve been changed for good.” -For Good, Wicked
Last month a friend of mine took her life. She was 19. I can’t begin to describe the pain of it. I miss her more every day. Hug your friends. You never know when you might lose them.
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