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 Oct 2016
You're still my golden jellyfish
You always have been and
You always will be.
 Sep 2016
you always say you were never good with words,
but it's your wide eyes
and strong hands, soft touch,
that speak to me in hushed tones

as for me, my heart goes wild
with mad love and adoration for you,
so much that when i try to speak
the words stumble and i am tongue tied

so it always ends with you
and me
and the quiet
and the way we both lack a way with words,
yet the comfortable silence we share
amplifies the light of love
bursting in our hearts
 Sep 2016
A kiss
Such a small gesture
Lips touching each other
and fierce
melting together
and teeth clashing

Such a small gesture
So much meaning

Good morning
and Goodbye

I love you
and I'm sorry

Full of longing
and fear

Rendering words

A kiss
Just a moment in time
With so much meaning.
Me? Overanalysing? Haha never...
 Sep 2016
Lynn Al-Abiad
مسِِكني من خوانيقي
حَمّلني باقة ورد بإيدي
لَبّسني فستان ب لالي
رِشّلي عطر ع رقبتي
قَرّب نَفَسَك ع دينتي
وَشوِشني كلام حلو
و شدّ إيديك ع خوانيقي

Wrap your hands around my neck
Give me flowers to hold
Dress me up in a nice translucent dress
Spread perfume all over my skin
Breathe into my ear
Whisper softly to me
"I love you"
And then tighten your hands around my neck

لين اا -
- LynnAA
 Sep 2016
Divya Padmanabhan
Hair like sunshine dust,
Shining like a gleam of light,
I could play with them forever.

Voice so addictive,
Even drugs can't get me so high.

You set me free,
Free from the worries of the world,
I feel like an autumn leaf,
Flying from one place to another,
Not caring about the tree.

When I look into your eyes,
I see a blue lagoon,
Deep and peaceful,
Calm yet powerful.

The guitarist,
To my heart strings,
Is you, my dearly beloved.
 Sep 2016
Waves torment the sand,

pulling back, always running

empty shore, naked
 Sep 2016
Jessika Swarbrick
Never in my life
has a boy kissed me like that.

Your hands trailed my body
so delicately, showing care

almost like I was a flower;
my parts petals

you were scared would wilt
if you pressed them too hard

and in that moment,
I realised-

that’s the only way
I wanted to be kissed again.
 Sep 2016
If the rain is falling
And you're stuck outside
Just know my arms will be a
Safe place to hide
Idea for a song
 Sep 2016
Ronald J Chapman
My Sky!
My love, my bright golden sunrise,
You make my Soul rise,

Together, we can do anything,

A new day,
Blue silver clouds,
My bright golden yellow sunshine,

I wish I could fly high into your arms,
Flying above, oceans blue,
Flying above an Eastern sea,

I love dark haired Angels,

Oh! darling Sky,
Please send me a Miracle,
I want to fly home,

Into your, beautiful Cherry Blossoms on a spring day,
My Princess Sky, the Angel in my dreams,
I wish to walk with you under the spring skies of Seoul,

God! Please send me a Miracle,

My Destiney is in front of me,
My beautiful dark haired Princess is waiting for me.

Copyright © 2016 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Because of You - Baek Ji Young [Hyde, Jekyll, Me OST Part 2] (Eng Sub+Hangul+Rom)_FMV
 Sep 2016
Autumn Rose
But the sea knew that
the mermaid was in love,
for her singing opened every
seashell to show her its pearl...
 Sep 2016
Shylah S
Dear Shayla
my dear sweet beautiful woman
your sweet voice is like honey
after hours it still sounds lovely
such an angelic voice in such a magnificent human
I love every inch of you
I love kissing your whole body
while playing with you naughtily
my love it’s such a wonderful view
just watching you
I am writing this poem
to show you how much I appreciate
that chance you gave me to date
the most beautiful poem-worthy woman in my life
I love you

dear my wonderful sweet man
your words bring the widest smile to my face
I couldn't help but giggle and sigh
dating a poet was the greatest choice
I could ever make
your words remind me of your touch
of how you taste
let's spin pages upon books of our love
how life wouldn't feel the same without us
not hearing your voice whisper to me everyday
thank you my darling prince
for showing me what it's like to be loved
and for what it means
*I love you
 Sep 2016
Sumit Bhaintwal
To all the crushes.
Hey! How are you doing?
Shhh! don't answer.
I know you're good;
you always were.
That's why I fell for you
in the first place.
We don't know each other.
*You don't know me.
You don't have to.
trust me; fine, don't.
I owe you,
for all the butterfiles,
and the clicks in my knees.
I admit I am not romantic.
I am in fact dull as a dust,
but I have never found it hard,
to praise you, or compliment your existence.
Like your enchanting eyes
or as I like to call them
“The black hole phenomena”
as they could capture time,
never to let it go;
Or the radiant smile
fabricated by your perfectly carved teeth.
But I chose to not talk about it,
as it has been clichéd
by many great poets.
Remeber everytime you caught me staring
and I made it look like I was not?
Such a great actor I am,
you gotta admit this.
I always thought you had a slight clue.
Meh! It doesn't matter anymore.
And If you ever find about me
(I know you won't),
Just don't feel bad, or sad
(I know you won't).
Believe me,
If the knot in my throat had allowed,
I wouldn't be writing this. Instead,
I would be singing this in my crocodile voice,
as I then had not cared about anything, or anyone.
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