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PS Apr 2020
And I wish you were here
On this grey, windy day

I can almost feel
Your head on my chest
As we lie intertwined
Between tangled sheets

And together we watch
As the rain comes rolling in

I play with your hair
Splayed across your back
And plant silent kisses
Upon your brow

And together we watch
As lightning strikes the sea

We stay still
Our lives put on hold
Our hearts beating as one
On this melancholic day

And with your eyes locked on mine
We listen
To the distant rumbling of thunder

Oh how I wish you were here.
PS Apr 2020
Well beneath my sarcasm
My hatred for the world

There is a different story waiting
Waiting to be told

For I am made of poetry
Of sunsets
And the moon

Of summer rain
And chocolate smell
And nights that end too soon

It's hidden well
It's out of sight
It's on you to find the key

For my fragile little world,
My dear,
Is not for everyone, you see?
PS Oct 2019
You don't want
To be the strong one
The one that holds it all

Strong, fierce and beautiful
Your every day mantra

And you are, darling.
There is no doubt.

But sometimes
You just want
To be held
And be told that everything
Will be okay

That you don't have
To conquer the world
All by yourself

That showing weakness
Can be strength
PS Sep 2019
You are a mess
A sparkly, colourful mess

Like an explosion of gel pens
And I still love you
PS Sep 2019
I wish to
wake up next to you
On a Sunday morning
Looking into your sleepy eyes
And watch a flustered smile
Appear on your beautiful face

I wish to
stand by the kitchen window
In our underwear
Sipping coffee
Listening to the endless rain

I wish to
Sit across from you
At the dinner table
With the soft light of the candles
Illuminating your features
And you telling me all about
The dream you had last night

I wish to
Take a walk
On a sunny day
Breathing the fresh air
Our hands intertwined
A light breeze playing
With your hair

I wish for
Simple things really
Nothing too much
But somehow
Looking at our lives right now
They seem so very unachievable
When all you crave is a bit of routine in this messy world.
  Jun 2017 PS
Georgia Marginson-Swart
I am not a soft caressing breeze
I am the howling wind
That overturns houses in fury
I am not freshly laden snow
Delicate and yielding
I am the frozen expanse
That splinters bone
I am not the glowing ember
I am a wildfire after drought
I will ravage forests that oppose me
The air will be black in my wake
I am as untameable as the ocean
Swallowing islands and cities
Before retiring to my ebb and flow
I will lay waste to the world of men
Should need call of my rage
I will tremble the sun
And swallow the moon
I am the fire and the water
And the wind and the dry earth
*No ones thrives unless I will it
Written from the POV of mother nature, from whom all life stems.
PS Jun 2017
Our family may be but small
So if one little dove decides
it's time to go
The whole flock huddles together

Our family may be but quiet
But when the time comes
We understand each other
Without words

Our family may be broken
But old wounds
Are easily mended
By sharing the same pain

Our family might not be perfect
Or even harmonious
But our love for each other
Can overcome anything
Thank you! For everything you have given to us. I'm grateful that I was able to make it up to you - even just a little bit!
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