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 Sep 2020
Elizabeth Kelly
This place is a wasteland
Wasted potential
Wasted at the bar, looking at your hands
“how could you do this to me?”
What happened to beauty?
And who will be the bad guys in the movie?

If a fascist takes a **** on the floor, will it land in 1984?
We’re at war
We’re at war
If you’re not rich you’re poor

We’re not the ones keeping score.
 Jan 2018
A cacophony of wasted space in a mind too full to see
boring holes to breathe or vent
or pray that there is no light to be let in

Was never done dying before yesterday moved
tomorrow is last year a lifetime ago
today, erased by was and will

Tears can't dry in incessant floods
bleeding acid that feeds unhealing wounds
in a mix of steroids and parasites

Faced with all that perception ever was
altered reality in crushed emotion
scraping the dregs of feeling to find a place to sleep

Jagged shards of memories offer the most comfort
as they slice what attempted to heal
killing me slowly anew with each passing moment

Moments torn in a million pieces of equal pain
encased in cemented ideals and rosy falsehoods
yesterday is the only reality left

Outside a clenched fist holding onto nothing
blood crusts in black paint
open or closed, there's nothing left to see

Longing to bleed out through the ****** of dreams
left to die in a place that packs holes with dirt
enough to exist in an invisible life

Killing the long ago before it finishes what it started
seems its own nightmare of weakness
will it alive or will it dead, just will something and make it so

A lifetime of dying in a half-life of truth
gray eats black as anguish feeds on beauty
nothing remains in untouched memories
 Nov 2017
Silence Screamz
I had a nightmare, swimming with a dark maniac. His eyes were cold as a Chicago winter and hhhiis dagger was as sharp as a razors edge. He just stood there.  ****** as a statue. Then I awoke, with him asleep next to me.
 Sep 2017
I'm in my weird melancholic mood.
Do you know this mood?
When you can sense the whisper of the breeze,
That would let you freeze
And hear every tiny noise.
You're a bit dizzy, a bit dazzled,
And very bewildered.
This mood
of scintillating tears.
I was chatting with a friend, telling her how I feel. Then, she added the italicized sentence to my words and told me I can call it a poem. I'll take her word for that :)
 Jul 2017
Do you think the moon
loves the sun,
than his thousand
mistresses of stars?
 Jul 2017
Trying to find rare people in this world's generation is like trying to find a book in a library of blank pages
Made a new friend today...there are still some pretty amazing people out there.
 Jul 2017
I was not born a


I was broken into


 Jun 2017
cake-235 calories

You can have a bite.  
Come on treat yourself.  
For only the price of:
An hour of sit ups,
two hours of guilt,
A day of crying over the bathroom scale,
A week of fasting.  

French fries-250 calories

Come on take a bite.
Reward yourself.  
You haven't eaten anything but your own fingernails in days.  

Chocolate milk-120 calories

Take a sip.
for only the cost of the rest of your life spent worshiping
the feeling of an empty stomach.  
The feeling of being cold in a warm room.
The feeling of your bones poking through your skin like white flags.  

Waffles-190 calories

Just one bite won't hurt.  
And another and another
soon it's a binge.
Now purge.  
Purge your body of the evil of calories.
Purge your guilt into the toilet.  
Wipe your tears and brush your teeth.
It's worth it to treat yourself,right?
 Mar 2017
dreams are shattered
pieces lying on the ground
yesterday's hope, gone in a blink
waiting for tomorrow
same old thing
nothing's happening,
and the clock's ticking
the dance of life
and the song of happiness
turned into a trickling sand
standing in the edge of defeat,
looking down in an abyss

...ready to embrace the fall.
 Jan 2017
i want to be your angel
you bring out the sin in me
stuck in a k-hole when i'm with you
right where i want to be

lines that blur and lines that burn,
dark liquors make your stomach churn,
his tongue has never felt more right,
falling down the k-hole tonight.
 Jan 2017
Silence Screamz
My body floats on the still lake water
as if I was a weightless piece of trash.
Nonrecycable and sent out to nature to vanish forever.
Helplessly, the white seagulls would fly over me,
circular in pattern, then the grey skies followed.

I begin to count each white seagull with their black, beady eyes, 1, then 2, then 3,
I lost count as my eyes became lazy with the evening sky.
It burdens me so as to why I started to grace the surface of the water in the first place. I could not fathom a reason or contemplate a thought as to why my fate led me here.

I became a floating vessel of skin, blood and bones, then I began to take on the murky water and sink.

Am I being erased into a watery grave and by the hand of some unknown entity?

I swallowed my last breathe of life. Slowly sinking to the bottom of the lake.
My mind erases the watery scene as I close my eyes forever.

Then I awoke in my own bed!!
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