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Lumiere Oct 2020
I want to be a theatre,
A reflection of a billion human emotion.
I want to be a word,
A musical note,
Or a dream,
that bleeds through the artist's loving hands.
I want to be a world,
that holds dear to its heart
Everything and everyone
And tells them
That's where they belong.
Lumiere Sep 2017
Lights flicker in my eyes,
Blinding me.

Devils dance in disguise,

Chaos eating up my mind,
Fogging my sense and sight.

Worries are just eating me.
Written on Feb 7th, 2016
Lumiere Apr 2014
On days like that
you just want to open a crack in the floor,
and disappear.
You've went through your last ounce of strength
It's over;
It's so clear,
Then you find courage that you never knew exist.
It was never there
You've just invented today,
to use it here.
And like a genie comes out of its lamp,
You emerge out of your miserable crack
With strength you've never had before,
You stand up once more
and you fight,
Stronger than you were yesterday
You know you'd fall down ,
Some countless times ahead
But now you're strong,
You've got infinite roads to tread
With limitless courage,
an iron will.
Nothing will ever make you fear
You're here to stay,
You fight
You eventually win.
Lumiere Jan 2014
I'll get lost in the crowd
After I've committed yesterday and tomorrow's mistake
I'll get lost in the crowd
My colors will fade away
My heart, washed-out
As I disappear into the bustling crowd
Lumiere Oct 2013
Words that go unspoken,
Words that are never said,
Scars will last forever,
And the pain does spin my head.
Feeling miserable. I should have spoken up  for myself because I certainly didn't have the ability not to hear their words.
Lumiere Jul 2013
I'm in my weird melancholic mood.
Do you know this mood?
When you can sense the whisper of the breeze,
That would let you freeze
And hear every tiny noise.
You're a bit dizzy, a bit dazzled,
And very bewildered.
This mood
of scintillating tears.
I was chatting with a friend, telling her how I feel. Then, she added the italicized sentence to my words and told me I can call it a poem. I'll take her word for that :)
Lumiere Jul 2013
It's been so dark for so long.
It's been utterly stark dark.
What do I do now?
How long shall I wait?

There have been Fire somewhere.
It fed on hearts, consumed souls.
It lit up some splendid torches,
Painted bright honor and hope
Out of the blazing pure hearts

But, Fire that could
light up the dark,
It's way too hard
to make it start.

I can't burn down my own heart
I was never that courageous, or brave!
Am I destined to wait in the dark
Lifeless, hopeless, and stagnate?
Or Shall I sacrifice my own heart
To light up the utterly bleak dark?

What should I do now?
How long shall I wait?
What should I do now?
Will the blaze solve out this maze?
It's just some words that refused to stay inside me. What do I do? My thoughts are rebelling now. I don't know if I can keep them in check anymore.
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