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CJ Flynn Oct 2020
Its been 4 years since I have been on this site many new changes both here and in life.

I own my own home a rental duplex at that. I got a new job with good pay and a union. I have been to the ER a few times for health problems but I wont sing the blues I'm still here.

Covid-19 breaks the US and world great depression 2021 is just around the corner.

I'm at the tail end of my 20's 30 is coming up fast so many things I have done. Yet so many more that may never happen will see about that.

HERE is for more tomorrow than yesterdays more bright sky's than rainy days  more pace and harmony for all humanity!!!!
A quick poem about my feelings on 2020 and where I am in life!
CJ Flynn Nov 2016
Bleeding out that cash

dying to get hacked

Its so cutting edge its gonna cut you

6 months out its been edged out

No longer supported $500  paper weight ain't that  great
Cutting edge just an observation on planned obsolete and on innovation and product growth and development
CJ Flynn Mar 2016
Your life is not your own when you have a fancy smartphone

You can see all hear all but not really listen your here but... Not really here

Your in digital Fantasyland...

Where everybody's gets their 15 seconds of fame it's just 1 like or status update away :)
Digital society social values what do we value do smartphones make us more or less human?
CJ Flynn Feb 2015
It says don’t eat breed
But eat some carrot sticks instead
don’t eat this and don’t eat that
what can I eat, and not get fat,
they point out lots of food to choose
to make you lose, and lose, and lose
But I love to eat, and I love to cook,
and All I’ve lost, is m diet book.
A poem past down on my mother's Czech family Folklore. most of the them were overweight Czech people. So I post this as a fitting tribute :)
CJ Flynn Feb 2015
Its been a year since…

I was 1st  here!!!

on for a month

then off for 12

my art came from my heart

I would never dart…

I need to spell it out.

never screamed or shout

but here we are again
CJ Flynn Mar 2014
The Declaration of Friendship is an idea I have heard from other friends of mine and that I am building on. You could call this a sociology lesson maybe?
We will start out with a base line of Stranger Danger most people in the universe would fall under this category because we do not know most people in the world we fear them. We fear the unknown

now we have what I would call the acquaintance level we will start off with negative and then go positive.

Acquaintance Negative is someone who knows you and you don't really like each other or get along very well but you will tolerate it.

Until it goes to Dislike Status where you cant stand each other and very few people fall under this level for most people.

Acquaintance Positive is someone you know who you enjoy being around when its easy for you to see them and some times cool stuff happens sometimes it doesn't. I would say a majority of people would fall under this level. Its not a bad place to be but its not the top level of a social relationship either.

Friendship this is the level that all other levels build on how do we define it? Who is a “True Friend”? How do we reach this level?
CJ Flynn Mar 2014
I was once like you I ran a computer & on that computer I ran Windows. Until one day when it got The Blue Screen of Death then I went searching & you know what I found.... I found Linux & I accepted Linux as my savior for my computer needs. I took my computer from the fiery pits of computer hell & had it resurrected by the all knowing ALL seeing power of Linux! Ever since that day I have never paid for software.

MS-DOS,95, XP, Vista & 7 I have no use for you now as I I'm free & open source ONLY!!!

Now how many of you have seen the light & are willing to accept Linux as your savior for computer needs?
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