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sydney Sep 13
what i would give
to reach into the darkness
and grasp your hand
to pull you into a better place

i cannot see you,
i cannot find you
just reach out to me
and place your palm against mine

i will pull you here
into my shaded sunlight
and we do not have to be alone.
sydney Sep 11
sometimes i wonder
if we were made with different circumstances
would we be together
sydney Aug 11
i wish it were as simple
as i love you and you love me
but there are obstacles we cannot overcome
and therefore we can never be together
sydney Aug 8
you are so broken
you don't deserve to be.
sydney Aug 8
if my soul is not meant to intertwine with yours
i am scared to feel more deeply with somebody else
sydney Jul 7
tell me what i can do to make it better
sydney May 11
you always know the right things to say
it is such a shame i cannot hear them anymore
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