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 May 22 aphotic blue
From the mind of a naughty girl;
                 in that sinful place
                 there is temptation
                 and by placing your finger there
                 you will bring out the devil in her.
 May 22 aphotic blue
Sometime this past year
I accepted that there isn't
any reward waiting for me
at the end of all of this.
 May 22 aphotic blue
gusto ko lang magsulat ng tula,
gusto ko lang,
gusto ko lang sabihin na...
gusto ko lang sabihin na sana nandito ka.

sana nandito ka sa tabi ko,
dahil namimi-miss ko na ang mga yakap mo,
sana, sana nga talaga,
para masabi ko muli sa'yong mahal kita.

mahal kita, at walang mag-iiba,
pupwede bang pumunta na sa hinaharap?
upang mapakasalan ka,
upang tuparin ang mga pinapangarap?

sana ang tayo'y maging totoo,
sana ang tayo'y di na magbago,
sana hanggang huli, mananatili,
paghanga, pagtingin, pagtibok, pag-ibig.
i miss my bb bread
 May 22 aphotic blue
damdaming 'di maipinta,
'di mailarawan sa isang blangkong lona,
samu't-saring emosyon,
walang katumbas na reaksyon.

pabalat ay natumbok na,
heto, magtatapos na,
ang tayong dalawa,
ang binuo nating istorya.

sa kabila ng lahat ako'y masaya,
lalo na sa mga mapapait na alaala,
dahil sa mga aral na napulot mula sa kanila,
isang yamang sa aki'y walang makakakuha.

sana'y mahanap mo ang iyong kasiyahan,
ang sayo'y magmamahal hanggang katapusan,
dahil kahit wala na tayong dalawa,
minamahal pa rin kita.
kung tayo talaga sa huli, tayo talaga
Do you believe in magic? there's a man who chose to use a black magic.
It is too many to mention, but there's only one who can use it, by tragic.

There's a man who fell in love with that woman, but the woman he loves has a spouse.
He always looks for the woman and sometimes the husband of the woman saw it in their house.

So he caused a dispute between the husband and its wife. And for the woman who were embarrassed in front of so many people, while crying.
Her husband didn't believe her and then they broke up. Her husband curse her, but she's still trying.

The woman was hurt, he heard about happened. So he still visits the woman, but he was rejected.
So he has hatred and bereavement with the woman. He caused the wrong things and he was very affected.

Since that day happened, the woman almost die because of her illness and he chose to hide it first from the woman.
He feels that the woman he loves starts to love her too. Then the woman was healed and now he got the girl's attention.
This undying love will have a part 2
He met a woman. They talked about something; and they became friends.
He was very happy, every time they were together; until he thought that he could court the woman.
However, he was rejected by the woman; that's why he need it to ends.
But he suffered and weeps; and at midnight he's always awaken.

Many years had passed; he met the woman again but the woman just passed him.
He sighs and dashed her onward, towards the woman; so she asked the woman "Do you still remember our history?".
The woman faces her and answered "No and don't touch me"; then the woman acts like grim.
He was surprised when he handed his out; and he whispered "Why so mystery".
It's really hurt.
A man was there; but nobody could see him,
He's hiding behind the door; searching for the key and slowly moving his limb.

His voice couldn't be heard; and his presence couldn't be felt,
He tried to get attention at woman; but his confidence did melt.

All he ever wanted; was to be and feel a part,
Of the people around him; to know how to heal his broken heart.

But nobody even noticed, nobody helped; and he always was there every single day,
Trying to be a better person, trying to summon up the courage; to say the words he'd like to say.

As his mouth opened; nothing would come out,
Trapped upon the tongue again; depart in a state of self doubt.

The man just vanished; like a ghost who's slipped away,
Without a single sound; depart to yearn for another day.

All he ever wanted was to be; noticed, part of the world and people,
But instead they just ignored him; and realize that he's not approachable.
They're both happy together; but suddenly, everything has changed and he had mistake---
The man, who had been guilty for some several times; but the day came by that they don't want it to happen.
The woman asked him; and said "Can we have a break?"---
The man was surprised at the question of the woman. So he didn't realized it immediately; and then the man asks. "Are you planning to curtail our communication?".

The man suffers from loss; every night he's crying while remembering the past--
It was their last conversation; and their last encounter that would weaken him. That caused him many times he tried to **** himself.
A few months ago the woman heard about him; that the man has passed away for so fast--
The woman went hastily through the grave of her dear man while blaming herself; She is crying now in front of the man's grave and talked that  "I shouldn't give up on you, I shouldn't depart you and I know you won't do such things to yourself."
This is have a part 2
Many years had passed; the woman still worries the loss of the man--
She's still blaming herself; and keeps carrying the pain.
Whatever she wants to forget; she still wondered what she could do and asked herself what is her plan?--
The damage has been done; but why still remain?

She keeps remembering the pain that she have done; she remembered that she's the only reason--
She's the reason why she lost her love; she's the reason why her loved ones were gone.
She's crying again; she's hurt and she thought that she had treason--
Many people told her that she need to forget it and it's not her fault for what had happened; but she still can't move on.
So this is the part two of reminiscence the past, i hope you like it.
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