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I can be your friend,
until our lives end.

Don't be shy with me,
and just feel free.

You were so good,
but people misunderstood.

Lean on me anytime,
and I will write this with a rhyme.

That's the reason why we loved each other,
But you just loved me as your brother.

I was hurt, I was disappointed; and my heart was broken--
I was so sad until I was crying; and I just wrote a spoken,
A spoken will remind you; that I was hurt--
But it was all my fault; because I flirt.

Whenever we meet; I tried to avoid you--
To forget all my mistake; and to start a new,
But I don't think; that it will be a good idea and a good example in our lives--
I realized that it'll lead us to be a better person; that's what really God gives.
Don't you ever try to avoid someone, because you are hurt. Face the reality.

He loves his friend but his friend treat him as a brother.
 Oct 2018 aphotic blue
Pagan Paul



  ­   It yawns

      and swallows

                  the words ...

© Pagan Paul (20/06/18)
I prefer to call it Poets Pause as it implies a
period of reflection rather than a period of
complete inactivity. A bit more positive than
writers block.
I'm not suffering it right now though,
its just a poem about it :)
May you meet demands
With daring candour,
May your dreams be grand
But the mornings grander.
May the angels hear you
Each time you pray,
And Saints be near you
Come what may.
May happy trails
Leave paths of laughter,
In fairy tales
And ever afters.
May fortune bless you
Each single day,
And strength possess you
Come what may.
May you meet your maker
With head held high,
Through Heaven's acres
Let spirit fly.
May harps strum freely,
Our song they'll play,
In hopes you'll see me,
Come what may.
 Mar 2018 aphotic blue
 Mar 2018 aphotic blue
The warmth spreads across my body like a feverish dream
Leaning into my chest, laying there
Her head upon my shoulder
Silently day dreaming
The slow, gentle rise and fall of her breath
Earphones in as we sit and await
The bus traveling to our final destination
attempting not to be late
My tired eyes glance to the girl by side
Her worn black shoes
Her pale pink socks, dyed from the past wash
Lightly Tanned legs leading up to the navy blue dress
Her matching year 12 jacket resting gentle on her chest
Her short golden and brown locks fall gracefully in front of her glowing blue eyes
A tired look adoring her face as she thinks of the day to come
Clutching onto my arm
That lay over here own shoulder
I wonder what will happen to us when we get so much older
Will the peaceful days of silence be as they are now?
Or will there be heavy conflict that will bring us so much closer?
Will there come a time where we both become loners?
A thought of a moment, a life we have lived up till now
Just close your eyes tight, We can think about it when the days over.
Just random thoughts about my best friend as we were on the bus one morning
I painted you.
With trembling, amateur precision,
I suffered each line on your face.

Each fleck of sun,
Your candid smile,
Your immediate beauty in the foreground
Of an exceptional ocean.

Stumbling blindly through the days,
Fumbling for the switch
In a punch-drunk, love-sick afternoon.

Apart from you,
Stripped, exposed,
Laid prone on the gurney
With my skull in a vice
And a fist to my stomach.

I can barely stand because of you.

I painted you this afternoon
So I could toil in your gaze.
Pray I am an interesting splatter,
A noticeable blight;
A happy accident on your page.
Cold frozen road
Poor sorry lad

Brutal roaring storm
Corpses madly bloom


The crippling cold catches up

Through minds zip chaos
It corrodes conquers nights

Too late...

The howling harvester hacks heads

All broken...

Cold worn hearts
Seek godly protection
A mnemonic for chemistry students~  Feel free to use it and share it with others!
The purpose of life is to learn
We are the inheritors of a portion of time
We can dissipate it on futile things
Or utilize it to our everlasting benefit
The seeming imperfections of Earth
The hazards and inequalities of life
The cruelty, harshness and apparent indifference
To suffering and affliction are not what they seem; as it is,
Earth is perfect for its purpose
It is ignorance of that purpose which makes it appear imperfect
Tribulation and adversity, sorrow and suffering
Are not to be thought of as needless burdens
Imposed upon the difficulties inseparable from earthly life
They are things of value which open the eyes to Truth
Tempering the spirit, as iron is tempered in the flame.
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