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Dec 2017
They're both happy together; but suddenly, everything has changed and he had mistake---
The man, who had been guilty for some several times; but the day came by that they don't want it to happen.
The woman asked him; and said "Can we have a break?"---
The man was surprised at the question of the woman. So he didn't realized it immediately; and then the man asks. "Are you planning to curtail our communication?".

The man suffers from loss; every night he's crying while remembering the past--
It was their last conversation; and their last encounter that would weaken him. That caused him many times he tried to **** himself.
A few months ago the woman heard about him; that the man has passed away for so fast--
The woman went hastily through the grave of her dear man while blaming herself; She is crying now in front of the man's grave and talked that  "I shouldn't give up on you, I shouldn't depart you and I know you won't do such things to yourself."
This is have a part 2
Emotional Heartless
Written by
Emotional Heartless  M
   aphotic blue
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