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Anne Kho Aug 2016
Broken and broken
again on the sea, the moon
       so easily mends.

       Over the winter forest,
        winds howl in a rage
      with no leaves to blow.

Ere yet the sun is high
All blue the iris blossoms wave,
The color of the sky.
At dawn
The pink clouds,
Like hundreds of *****
Creep from the hollows of heaven
Anne Kho Aug 2016
Somebody love you
        Deep and true;
If I weren't so shy
   I'd tell you who.
Anne Kho Aug 2016
Bad girl, No more.
My Girlfriend was a bad girl.
Weeds, cigarette, alcohol and ***.
she hated her parents,
she hates the world.
she hates all the guys in this world
But when she found the one
She stops being the bad girl ,
from being ***** girl to good Girl
And that starts the
Bad girl, no more
Anne Kho Aug 2016
Do you love me
       Or do you not?
You told me once,
        But I forgot.
Anne Kho Dec 2016
I am Bold
I am Smart
I am Strong
I am Fun
I am Free
I am a Person
I am Me
Anne Kho Aug 2016
If apples were pears
And peaches were plums
And the rose had a different name.

If tigers were bears
And fingers were thumb,
I'd love you just the same.
Anne Kho Dec 2016
Do all the good you can
By all the means you can
In all the ways you can
In all the places you can
To all the people you can
As long as ever you can
sorry for not being active. was busy in school... xoxo love ya
Anne Kho Aug 2016
Little Miss, Pretty Miss
        Blessings light upon you!
If I had half a crown a day,
         I'd spent it all on you.
Anne Kho Aug 2016
love to faults is always blind,
Always is to joy inclined,
Lawless, winged and unconfined;
And breaks all chairs from every mind.
sorry for the wait
Anne Kho Aug 2016
understand that true love
is when the other person's
   happiness is more
    important than your own.

the mistake we make is
  when we seek to be loved
instead of loving
not sure
Anne Kho Aug 2016
Make new friends
But keep the old.
One is Silver
The one Gold.
Anne Kho May 2018
Don't just think
That our eyes are filled with rebellion
We a have desire for a better world
Add on your story if you can relate, your voice, everyday
People trapped in busy days, gettimg swept away
So stop pretending you're safe and sound
It's just a cycle of being perpetrators and victims
Why we say go louder.

We're so young
We're so freaky
We're trapped inside, losing what's real
We be screaming "GO"

Another pain, another page
Another song, this one
If no one can understand me
Then my dream will make you understand
Shout even louder, go
Trust your ego and for everything else, eyes closed
This isn't just my monologue
We're dreaming together, dreamers shout back.
Sorry for being inactive. I was caught up with school work and such.
Hope you are satisfied with my poem.  Thank you
Anne Kho Mar 2017
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I used to believe in "forever"
Because of YOU.

You made me happy
You made me believe in " love"
you gave reasons live again

But you gave up...
You... gave up on me
You left me...alone...

I started to give up
I lost my happiness
i lost my emotions
I lost... Me... myself
Because of YOU!

I hope you're happy
Sorry for the late post... and sorry for being inactive

— The End —