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  May 19 Anne Kho
Not by religion
Just by human
nature and social

And, not by
country I am

I am Palestinian

Free Palestine and
Safana - The Poet ✍️
  May 2018 Anne Kho
Every time he touches her
My heart breaks a little
And by the end of the night

It was completely shattered
Anne Kho May 2018
Don't just think
That our eyes are filled with rebellion
We a have desire for a better world
Add on your story if you can relate, your voice, everyday
People trapped in busy days, gettimg swept away
So stop pretending you're safe and sound
It's just a cycle of being perpetrators and victims
Why we say go louder.

We're so young
We're so freaky
We're trapped inside, losing what's real
We be screaming "GO"

Another pain, another page
Another song, this one
If no one can understand me
Then my dream will make you understand
Shout even louder, go
Trust your ego and for everything else, eyes closed
This isn't just my monologue
We're dreaming together, dreamers shout back.
Sorry for being inactive. I was caught up with school work and such.
Hope you are satisfied with my poem.  Thank you
Anne Kho Mar 2017
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I used to believe in "forever"
Because of YOU.

You made me happy
You made me believe in " love"
you gave reasons live again

But you gave up...
You... gave up on me
You left me...alone...

I started to give up
I lost my happiness
i lost my emotions
I lost... Me... myself
Because of YOU!

I hope you're happy
Sorry for the late post... and sorry for being inactive
Anne Kho Dec 2016
I am Bold
I am Smart
I am Strong
I am Fun
I am Free
I am a Person
I am Me
  Dec 2016 Anne Kho
December is a cold month.
So cold.
So incomplete.

A time when nature dies,
Along with parts of me.

December is a month of dreary days.
Lit up with lights to mask the pain.

Holiday spirit.
Just an excuse to drink.

Food, family, friends.
It's all just more fuel to think.

I grew up to understand the Grinch.
Whose heart became so small.

And although these lights do warm me,
I want to crush them all.

December is a month of lies and of deceit.
It's not at all about spirit, rather a receipt.

I'd prefer sit alone.
A fireplace and a book.

Than sit along beside others, to have my heart led astray by some crook.
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