Mar 22 Diana Y
Melissa Vance
I know it's been a while
Since we've last both spoken.
I'm doing fine

I miss you sometimes
When I least expect it
I'm not really sure why
It's not like we were anything special
Maybe it's the look in your eye
In that one moment of vulnerability
When you tore off all the layers
Of protection
That you pull so tightly
Around you
Perfectly hiding you
Making you invincible from the world

Did that scare you?
That I saw that side?
Is that why you didn't call
Didn't leave even a note or an inkling
That you had the slightest interest
Or was your interest only for those few
Moments together

Like magic
Engulfing me completely
Intoxicating my senses
Filling me to the brim
With you and the possibility of more

More that will never come
Because you won't let it

I want you to know that I go
From spurts of anger to pain
When I think of you
And what we could have had
Sometimes I still hold hope
Before remembering
****** girl, it'll never work

You make me the highest of highs and the lowest of lows
And you don't even know it
Because I don't want you to
You don't deserve that
And at this rate you never will

Well this is getting long winded
And it's something you'll never see
Because really why would you?
You never even think of me!
So I guess it's time
To finish what I have to say
There's really nothing else
Other than
This is something I wrote when I couldn't sleep and couldn't get a certain person off my mind. Hoping for some closure with this piece. As always, constructive criticism and commentary is welcome. Thank you.
  Mar 22 Diana Y
michelle reicks
i step into the shower,
my hair flowing down my back

and i hear the bathroom door open and close
           you enter

i ask if you're coming in,

           you pull back the curtain
and you stand there
like a mountain,
          absolutely majestic

your skin warm and inviting

i push my hair behind my ears

you step into the shower
                the stream hits your body

like a waterfall in Minneopa
in the middle of a hot summer day.

you lay three fingers against me,
like an electric current
screaming "I want" over and over.

You bend down to kiss my forehead,
the water spreads over your face

and rushes between my legs

             you kiss my lips

you place your remaining ******* on my waist

I snap back into place:
sitting in a hard plastic chair
listening to a short bearded man
go on forever
about some dead philosopher
who has never touched me.

and again, you are far away
Diana Y Mar 19
I don't know who I am anymore.
I don't know who anyone is.
Everyone here is victim to routine, and I hate it.
Everyone here is a victim to themselves.
My throat burns.
I feel like I've let them down; I feel like they let me down.
I am lost. Give me a sign.
Diana Y Mar 19
A hope, so bittersweet.
The passage of time, so palpable.
A bed sheet drapes over man's shoulders;
People die but time goes on.
Somber house
Lingering soul
"Who we are; where we go?"

Diana Y Nov 2017
I feel powerful.
I feel compelling.
I feel forceful.

Like everyday
Every night
Every tear I've ever shed

Made me stronger.
  Oct 2017 Diana Y
You said that my heart is black
If only you knew
the depth of that blackness
how it reaches toward infinity
and grasps me with its talons
and pulls me under

You said that I'm two different people
If only you knew
the fearsome duality
of my restless spirit
and the constant wrestling
for dominance

You said you could love me if I let you
If only you knew
my heart's blackness
and my restless duality
will be your undoing
If only you knew...
If only you knew...
Diana Y Oct 2017
i feel like he's watching me
not in a scary way,
not in a seductive way,
but in a judgmental way.
i feel like he can read my thoughts
like he has gained entrance into the lives of everyone he's ever known,
but chooses to look closely into mine.
i'm worried that one day i'll meet him
and he'll bring up each moment
where i was caught off guard,
and laugh at me,
judge me,
ridicule me.
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