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unnamed Oct 2019
State of fugue, seek in this smoke of poisoning lungs
reading articles and books, offering function to this numb
inside the voids of my mind into this woods.

State of fugue, alone in forest, this wooden solace
where no human shape can be detected, a mind confined while my will is taken. Again smoking as a captive of a defying belief of failing or as a container of tears escaping.

State of fugue, is the maintenance of vice and virtue, but also of poor choices, hitherto we seek something and in oblivion we keep running into solitude and animal noises

State of fugue can be also an invented peace, while outside we pleased ourselves with more than electricity, the solitude of reality where no destructive humanity in present seeks.
Diana Y Mar 2018
A hope, so bittersweet.
The passage of time, so palpable.
A bed sheet drapes over man's shoulders;
People die but time goes on.
Somber house
Lingering soul
"Who we are; where we go?"

CMSGavaran Apr 2017
Winter passed leaving the burrow empty
A wet wounded track wondered the woodland
That ascend steeps story after story
'Till a wolf cry be heard across the land
Then down to the trail of figs and fiddle
Where chase 'came calm and river became stream
Like solving a wild unbeknownst riddle
Chances did fade below the blue moonbeam

Aesthetic would the tulip of the hill
But the bloom dwindles on the canine's track
Huntsman did came last winter's haunting chill
Dispersed, but faith is the core of the pack
It's been an epic tale to save one's self
The wolf howl and hear echoes like itself
This poem was made last April 16 ,2017.Guess what old movie :)
Laura Apr 2017
There’s 3
but more on the team.
The 2 elements come together
but not in the way it seems.

The flying V,
is what you’ll see
when they need to move
faster than the other team

Whether you're Goldberg, Charlie, or Bates
you'll always be this bird
as those who fly together, stay together.
shåi Apr 2017
my body
covered like ivory
richest of all man's desires
a disarray of
such wet dreams

my skin
delicately with
each fold and crease
a mark of unfathomable

my lips
love back
harder than any love
you give
like a silent

my voice
speaks in the tongue of love
its native language
and only one its
ever known

my face
a ornate mask
i can be any
just for you, baby

my eyes
embezzled jewels
construed upon
a woeful heart

hard as nails
cared for like
a trough of crystals

forever yours
so effortlessly,
*i have lost my true humanity.
i wrote this poem after a movie entitled the skin i live in
NvrMnd Apr 2017
And suddenly I realized that all of this,
The gun, the bombs, the revolution
Has got something to do
With a girl named Marla Singer.

Cornelius, Rupert, Travis, Tyler Durden
Who could really tell how many are we in a single body?
Mind creating multiple personas, good or bad
Or both could mean the same thing,
A label, a name as it is,
Could mean something or nothing

And there could always be a Tyler Durden
The Bold and Free, The Enlightened one

We see ourselves as we’d like to be
Good or Bad? Again, we decide what is right
Founder of our own fellowship
For our own Project Mayhem
For a girl named Marla Singer..
What again is a Project Mayhem?

**All I know is…
First and Second Rule:
You do not ask questions about PROJECT MAYHEM.
oh boy, a little late for the topic 'movies' but I'd like to share it still (for the love of film)
Druzzayne Rika Apr 2017
A kid left alone
To his own device
Family left for holidays
but at home,he has fun
And gets into mischief
Makes best of his time
But comes under the eyes
Of the bad guys
And near Christmas Eve
He fights them away
in ingenious ways
Debanjana Saha Apr 2017
What to do when something
very important gets deleted?
To be more precise -
A folder of movies
got permanently deleted!!
that too by mistake..

Now what.....

Nothing...I ironically laugh at my mistake
and I know I can choose differently now
I can choose a new set of collections
which will be different from
what I always choose...
My movies folder by mistake got deleted..Nothing I can do now except to collect again and re-evaluate which movies I would like to watch
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