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6h · 29
Happy Rolls
You may think that you are punishing me,
But that is just a ploy.
You see the one who is getting tricked is you.
I am just a second-hand smoker.

You can tell me to roll thirty addictive shells,
But I am not the one who is going to indulge in them.
You can smoke thirty a day.
I am not the one who is rotting away.

You can smoke the venom until they fill your veins,
But I am not the one who will die in less than ten years.

I will watch your teeth rot.
I will watch your lung fill with tar.
I will watch you until your last dying breath.

I do not know why, but there is something
Therapeutic about watching the smoke
Seep from your yellow teeth.
7d · 27
Erred Snake
People look at me so vicious and mean.
All I  do is show the possibilities.
I am that lonely snake in the tree:
a tree full of apples and no one will eat.
Everyone shunned me until a naive girl
took an apple and I showed her
the truth of the world.
My sister, Emily Childers, came up with this one and we worked on it together.
Apr 14 · 30
An Ode to Toenails
Amy Childers Apr 14
Oh, toenails that are shaped like the moon
How you make me swoon.
Your toes deadly sharp
Can cut through metal and
Can **** a shark.

Oh, toenails that are shaped like the moon
You can change colors if your owner wanted to.
When I stub my toe you never hurt
But you chip like armor in jagged lines.

Oh, toenails shaped like the moon
How I love you.
My mom was making fun of me and told me to right a poem about my toenails. Your welcome!
Apr 9 · 40
Amy Childers Apr 9
A Utopian world is a prediction made by hobos
On streets holding "the end is nigh" signs and preaching the faults of humans.
This prophecy will only be fulfilled, when the sun dies out,
Our world collides with the moon,
Inevitably causing a game of pool among the elite and impotent gods.
Apr 8 · 41
Amy Childers Apr 8
Love is a parasite,
You never know you have it until
It multiplies.
The symptoms of this bug are:
Irregular pulse, sweaty palms, butterflies in your stomach and
The lose of attention for the norms.
Your eyes will only be on your "true love."

But do not threat.
The parasite will pass out of your system
Once you realize the cruel reality
That has been passed down from many of your school mates;
No one will ever love you.
Apr 8 · 1.0k
My Little World
Amy Childers Apr 8
In my own little world fireflies stay in open jars
Flowers paint on their colors for the next day,
And the moon laughs while it walks away.
The trees speak of ancient scars,
The creek brings up lost trinkets from afar,
And the animals cry for freedom,
But freedom is not free.
Apr 7 · 108
White Rabbit
Amy Childers Apr 7
I have waited for you
White Rabbit.

I have waited for you
To run back into my arms
And tell me that I will be okay.

But how ironic it is to say
That you are late.

                    ­              ha. . .
Apr 6 · 31
The Frog and Snail
Amy Childers Apr 6
As I walked down the closed trail
I came upon a frog and a snail.
They seemed to be arguing
About who was better at flying.

The frog said:
"Of course I can fly higher! Watch me jump and soar."
                         m        e
The frog     j u                  d  and sneered at the snail.

The snail said:
"You did not soar like a bird Mr. Frog. You should try again."
                               M                      E
The frog     J   U                                        D  again and came back down.

The snail said:
"I believe I could do better than that. I will give you one more try Mr. Frog."
                                                          ­        .     .                                  
                                                  P  .    .  

                        ­   U
The frog    J                                                        ­    

I looked at the snail and asked:
"Why did you do that to your friend? I know you saw the bird in the tree."

The snail said:
"He annoyed me too much."

I got so angry and without thinking I stomped and he went SPLAT!!!
Mar 31 · 45
Amy Childers Mar 31
silence can be a blessing and a curse.
it all depends on what is occurring at the moment.
if people are telling you to change and that you are a waste of time
then silence is a blessing.
if you are alone and the silence echoes in your head and whispers
sharp words then silence is a curse.

why is there no sane voice in my life?
Mar 31 · 51
Amy Childers Mar 31
Perfection is a horrid word.
It sets almost impossible standards
And causes more broken hearts then exes and ohs.
It causes starving dolls
And robotic children who conform
To the whispers of the notorious mother culture.

Unfortunately, nothing will change
Because most will never learn this
Universal Truth.
Mar 27 · 55
Saltwater Guppy
Amy Childers Mar 27
Sometimes I feel invisible.
My surroundings consist of barrier reefs
And schools of exotic fish.
I am just a guppy in saltwater.
Out of place and out of mind.
And yet visible and more than often declined.

Where do I belong?
In freshwater or the sea?
Why must life be so hard for a saltwater guppy like me?
Who am I?
Mar 26 · 32
Wilting Mind
Amy Childers Mar 26
Morning birds sing at the
Mourning hours
In the dead of the night
By the wilting tower.

Wise owls fly during the
Sunlit day
To guide us on the path
That we lost our way.

Whichever hour
That of the moon
Or that of the flower
Love will be devoured
By the wilting tower.

Melting time is like the
Wilting mind
Which alters our perception
Of reverie and reality.
Amy Childers Mar 26
There are approximately 2 million species of animals on this planet.
16,306 are endangered and nearly extinct.

There are approximately 34,000 species of fish on this planet.
Almost 1,414 are close to extinction.

There are approximately 10,000 species of birds on this planet.
416 are endangered and nearly extinct.

America produced approximately 254 million tons of trash.
14 billion pounds of garbage is estimated to be dumped in the ocean each year.

There are approximately 7.53 billion people on this Earth . . .
And the universe is 9.3 billion light years.

Look out Universe cause here we come!
Wow. I am really shocked on how much we are destroying our beautiful planet.
Mar 23 · 50
Heart Monitor
Amy Childers Mar 23
On white walls
           with long halls
                          Hung pictures of nature that
You have
        never been.
                     To me that is just a reminder
That you will
     never travel again.
      When I reached your room and saw
Your corpse
           figure slowly
       Breathing to the rhythm of the
Goodbye Great Grandma. You were a great friend and you taught me so much.
Mar 22 · 40
Amy Childers Mar 22
Hello to all that write under the stone cold moon.
Hello to all of the broken hearts and the judged.
Hello to the chubby girls who stare at porcelain dolls.
Hello to the normal boys who dream of being important.


This may sound cliche but it is all about what is in inside that counts.
I am not usually the one to believe in fate our destiny but I do believe that
We are all special and that we should let it shine.

Please let your soul shine and never let anyone extinguish that light.
Mar 20 · 105
Coyote Soul
Amy Childers Mar 20
I saw no retribution, except for the outcasts and the coyotes.
I received retribution because I belong with them.
I am not an outcast.
So I must be a coyote.

I am not great like my relatives the wolves.
I am not feared because of my small size.
I am a symbol of selfishness, greed, and deceit.
I am small and cowardly because I fear the society we live in today.

Must I be a coyote and must I bear this retribution?

I just want to be wanted and
But I have a coyote soul . . .
Amy Childers Mar 19
Who decided that the rose should be picked and treasured
By mere human hearts?
Did the universe reach down from the stars and pluck
The fair rose and tear it to pieces?
Who decided that the rose was more beautiful than all the flowers
And that none shall be more beautiful?
Did the universe decide that they should place this flower on
Earth so that humans can destroy its beauty?

I believe that the rose should belong in the galaxy.
There it could be treasured by
Wanderer's eyes and will never be plucked by envied hands.

The rose of the universe.
Mar 19 · 41
Amy Childers Mar 19
I hate you.

I hate everything about you.

I hate how you think that you can knock me down and threaten me.
I hate how you think that I need you and that I am not resourceful.
I hate how you think that I will not make it on my own.

I am strong. I am smart. I will get through this. Even if I have to leave you and My loved ones behind.
Mar 18 · 235
Tar Pit Heart
Amy Childers Mar 18
My tar pit heart
Holds all of the souls of
my loved ones.
I watch them gasp for air
But they drown in my
Tar covered sorrow.

I am sorry . . .
Mar 18 · 24
The Broken Heart Clock
Amy Childers Mar 18
I feel like a broken clock.
I always want to move forward but I go 10 minutes back.
I hang on the white wall with red dots and tick to the beat of my dead heart.
When someone notices I am telling the wrong time they
Drop me in the box that
Is labeled

Rejects . . .

Then one day they take me out of the box
And hang me on the wall again.

Like a broken record they do this sick cycle again and
                                                                              again and
                                                                                      again and
                                                                                                   again . . .
Mar 16 · 27
Tear On My Cheek
Amy Childers Mar 16
 not realize
   how much you
     meant to me until the
    tear ran down my face and
      into your endless and black  
     oblivion. Too bad I had to
    let you go without a
     goodbye. . .
Mar 14 · 101
Amy Childers Mar 14
We were connected to each other once.
A red string connected our hearts
and passions.
Your love filled me like a balloon
With helium and I felt so light and boundless.

"Why did you cut the string that brought us together?"

". . . because I love you . . ."
Mar 14 · 120
Inanimate Objects
Amy Childers Mar 14
Screaming faces and walking mannequins.
They are no longer my parents but concrete walls.
-"You told me to work more hours ******!"
-"Why do you always work over. I wanted to spend time with you!"

Murmured words and uttered curses.
I have never seen inanimate objects show so much emotion.
Black and red walls with no portraits has never seemed so appealing.
Escape while you still can they whispered to me.

"How can I leave when I have nowhere to go?"
Mar 13 · 52
Amy Childers Mar 13
Pressed flowers in books of lore and
Dead poems lying on the floor.
Small journals of what could have been and
Dolls with button eyes and dimpled chins.
Unfulfilled art of the child's grin and
Dusty love and its unjust end.
Just looked through my bookshelf and this is what I found.
Mar 12 · 56
Amy Childers Mar 12
Fireflies in a jar . . .
                         Camping by the fire . . .
Looking at the stars . . .
                          For all the world to admire . . .

All things found in nature
Are being destroyed for mans greed.
We believe that we own this world
But truly it belongs to me.
Mar 12 · 34
Two roads
Amy Childers Mar 12
Two roads . . .
One side is light and the other
                                               is dark.

You, the reader, would naturally assume
That I chose the light path
Because the light exposes secrets and deception.
                                                But I am being guided by a fox . . .

He told me to go down the dark path
                                               And being me I was gullible and went with him.
Mar 11 · 76
Hanging Tree
Amy Childers Mar 11
D a r k . . .
           C o l d . . .
                      H a
                            n g
                                 i n g  T r e e . . .
               Help Me. . .        
                                                      Get Her Free . . .
Dark... Cold... Hanging Tree... Please Help Me... Get Her Free...
Mar 11 · 54
Amy Childers Mar 11
Loss never loses itself in your mind.
More or less it sleeps
Until one day it wakes up
With the most annoying alarm clock in the world.

Mar 11 · 44
Memory Lane
Amy Childers Mar 11
Memory lane...
What a disastrous place to live.
Some wealthy mansions
And most lonely hobos in cardboard boxes.

Some grass is green
And some grass dried to death.
The lily pond is there
But gone in the same second.

I remember that lily pond...
I fell in it because you pushed me in.
What a beautiful memory right?
Two young kids without a care in the world.

But growing up changes people.
I was never keen on growing up because
That would mean to push away my
Childish soul.

You, dear friend, felt the same way.
Growing up felt like
The imprisonment of what was left of your
Careless ways.

I guess you wanted to be a child at heart

I still look at that lily pond and wonder
"How can it be that deep?"
It was deep enough to hold you
And there was still room to hold me.

When you did it...
What did you see?

Did you see me riding my bike alongside you?
Did you see us dancing in the wheat by the farm?
Did you see Mr. Wilder yell at us when we did go in his field?
Did you see the night were you first told me how you felt?

If you are happy...
Then I am happy.
But I miss you old friend.

Memory lane is such a disastrous place to live
Because I can still see us jumping by the lily pond
And you pushing me in...
... goodbye dear friend...
Mar 9 · 197
The Storm
Amy Childers Mar 9
Howling and beckoning
The wind brought me to
A young woman standing in the tempest.
Hair like boughs but disintegrates in seconds
Her dandelion soul just out of reach.
When I grasp her hand she fades out of view.

Goodbye dear friend...
... goodbye
Mar 8 · 73
Amy Childers Mar 8
A shattered heart
Cannot be assembled
With shady nails
And deceitful duct tape.

That is a temporary solution
For this bleeding heart.
Mar 8 · 49
Leave me...
Amy Childers Mar 8
L  M  I  T  S  B  T  C  S  I  C  D  I   I  W    
a   e   n  h  a   y   h  o   o      a   r   n  t   a
y           e   n       e   a           n   i       s  v
                  d            s                f          e
                                t                 t          s

                                 Thank you...
Mar 8 · 43
The Sinned Poet
Amy Childers Mar 8
I feel as if I am not writing these words.

I feel as if my hands are tied with strings
And my ghost is the puppeteer.

          0000 R.I.P 0000
        0 THE SINNED 0
      00000 POET 000000
    1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Mar 6 · 42
Juxtaposed Poets
Amy Childers Mar 6
I write of disastrous loves
And tragic endings.
I write of shattered dreams
And evil beings.

You write of taxable love
And redeemable dreams.
You write of endless stars
And your sinless ambitions.

It is okay to be different
Because my darkness and your enlightenment go hand in hand.
All poets have different styles of writing. Embrace your style and call it your own.
Mar 6 · 44
Amy Childers Mar 6
I have been told of my pessimistic views
And told to lighten up and look for the best in life.

How can I do that when I only trust myself?
And for that, there is a reason
But that is not a tale for today

I am not reminiscing.
Mar 6 · 112
Amy Childers Mar 6
He did not see and he did not listen
To my ideas and ambitions
How sad that our love had one commission.

Or would you even call what we had
Or a carnival that had many conditions?
Mar 6 · 140
Notion Tale
Amy Childers Mar 6
Lady Liberty is blind.
Mr. Justice is deaf.
Sir Equality is mute.
Madame Freedom is dead.

What a bittersweet ending to this notion tale.
Amy Childers Mar 4
The heart and the brain are
Both major organs for our body and
Both so major but both so different.
The brain is the bodies control center
While the heart controls the blood
That I can see in your blush.

Without the brain then what will keep you alive?
Without the heart then what will let you live?

What an interesting paradox.
Do you listen to the heart our the brain?
Mar 3 · 108
Amy Childers Mar 3
Sometimes when the ropes of
Betrayal is too tight
You find out who will be there
To tear it with their teeth
If needed.
Thank you to all that has been there for me.
Mar 3 · 30
Flightless Owl
Amy Childers Mar 3
I am the chained owl
Who will not take flight
Into the moon tonight.

These chains bound
So strong and tight
Break me under the pressure.

With all of my might
I pull the chains
But my little body is brittle

I might as well die under these chains.
No one cared about these scars anyway.
I am the unwise owl who can never take flight
Into the moonlight night.
Amy Childers Mar 2
When did I turn into the monster
That you see?

When did you begin to quiver
When I came near?

When did you call me the monster
Under your bed?

How unfortunate
You will not care when I am dead.

                             Am I really the monster that you see?
Mar 1 · 77
5:01 pm
Amy Childers Mar 1
"Ur not a drama queen"
"Actually ur the kind of
person that doesn't want drama"

                                                                       "yes thank god someone
                                                                        undersatnds!!! I just want to
                                                                        stand up for what I believe in
                                                                        and she just keeps on squishing
                                                                        me down. Well I am not going
                                                                        to take this is any more!"
"Whut r u gonna do"
                                                                        "I am just done being her friend.
                                                                        I thought that she was going to
                                                                        change but she has not so I am
                                                                        done. I dont need this in my
                                                                        life. I am so sick of being
                                                                        drowned in their ignorance. I
                                                                        know that she will not like this
                                                                        but i am going to be selfish for
                                                                        once in my life."
"Ohhh u do whuts right for u amy"
"I'll stand up for u"

                                   That last line melted my heart.
A good friend is all I need during a hard time. Thank you!!!
Mar 1 · 44
Help Me...
Amy Childers Mar 1
I just wish that they would stop pestering me to talk to her.
I said I would talk her out of it
but I don't need this stress on my life.
I take two steps forward and they keep on pulling me three steps back.
I am always one step behind them so
That I can never be better than them.

But if I leave her then she might actually do it.
What should I do?
It is literally breaking my heart in two.
My friend is saying she wants t commit suicide because her boyfriend broke up with her, This is her fifth time saying it and she is just bluffing in order to make me stay with her. What should I do?
Mar 1 · 42
Standing Up
Amy Childers Mar 1
I am going to make this loud and clear.
I will talk to her okay,
But I will not let people tell me what to do
And tell me what to do with my feelings
Because guess what!!
If you can not understand that
Then I guess you never respected me in the first place.
This is what happens when you Stand Up for something that you believe in; a harsh text with my feelings poured inside.
Mar 1 · 198
Please Don't Do It
Amy Childers Mar 1
Why do you have a fascination
With Death?
It may bring you relief
But what about all of your
And family

They all think you have a life worth living
So live it.
Why would you want to take your
Precious and Beautiful
Life and destroy it?

Feb 26 · 50
Painted Images
Amy Childers Feb 26
A gazebo in the deep woods
Has been standing for almost 100 years.
Forgotten by society and left to debris.

The gazebo is covered in ivy and one single rose.

What are you going to stare at;
The fallen gazebo
The crawling ivy
Or the single rose?
Please answer. I want to hear your ideas!!! Thank you!
Feb 26 · 24
Auntie May
Amy Childers Feb 26
The sun never shines
On even the best of days
Because of the house on Sixth Street
Stares at Auntie May.

She screams and cries
But no one hears
The fear her throat is trapping.
Maybe I should lend an ear.

Bumping and thumping
The house goes a rumpling.
I find it rather sparkling
But not my Auntie May.

She screams of the body behind the door
and the blood stains on the bedroom floor.
Poor Auntie May has been screaming for years
Of the monster that whispers in her ears.

Auntie May now sits in a trance.
She is as quiet as a mouse in a trap.
Poor Auntie May was sealed in her tomb.
Then I realized that the house did move.

I looked for it the next day
And found it by my Auntie Mays grave.
Curious I knocked on the door
And inside was horror galore.

Blood was on the floor like
Auntie May did say
But the body was gone
That she screamed about the other day.

On the chair by the door
I saw a figure sitting on the floor
and to my dismay, I looked at the figures face
And found it to be my old Auntie Mays.

The sun never shines
On even the best day
Because the house on Sixth Street
Scares little Olivia May.
I was challenged to write a dark poem in a Dr. Seuss style. I think I did pretty well.
Feb 26 · 83
Amy Childers Feb 26
I have seen many common
One of my favorites is that he believes that he
Made me the person that I am today.

This statement is clearly false
Unless I am an evil, ill-mannered, arrogant
Human being.
Luckily I am none of these.

I raised myself above the ashes to be a
Courteous, righteous, noble
Student of the universe.
So let me grow in peace
And Patience.
Feb 24 · 31
Amy Childers Feb 24
broken hearts
broken dreams
broken plates
echoed screams...

no one can help me
not because i wont let them
but because they are not there
for me

it is okay though
i have adapted to the loneliness
Feb 24 · 150
3:14 pm
Amy Childers Feb 24
"ur poems are such a
                                                                          "yay I guess"
                                                                          "some moods are perfect
                                                                          to write during because
                                                                          some people can find the
                                                                          truth during them."

I hope I have helped you, the reader, to see the truth. It does not matter what it
                                     is as long as you acknowledge it.
I am with Tabitha Houska. If you have not read her poems please go and do it. She is a great friend of mine and if not for her I would not be able to share my poems with you lovely people. Thank You!!!
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