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No guys I am not in danger I am fine!!! Just wanted to write out of a desperate cry of emotions and mourning
 Apr 10 Amy Childers
and the lilies stayed
the roses did too
by the side of the road
with you.

you've walked a path
dark and crippling
it was difficult journeying
i know i know

the flowers stayed beside you
like lights across the path
the flowers stayed beside you
like i couldn't, like i can't
Doctor, my pen
is mighty as your scalpel. It cuts
as deep and broad.  Layer upon

layer it excavates ignorance and hate. Dare I say
my work’s as great? We both work with
our hands, minds, hearts

and thrones. For the greatness of ourselves,
the greatness of others, the greatness of
pen and scalpel
I break my neck just to watch you
Stab me in the back.
 Mar 31 Amy Childers
Her hips sway
The tide moves
A buoy tolls
A distant warning
Her lips part
The waves thunder
A ship breaks
On coral reefs
 Mar 31 Amy Childers
i inhaled sharply
as if our fingers sliding together
was the breath of fresh air
i never knew i needed
i don't think i breath when im not with you
i was told the lowest you could go
is rock bottom
they were wrong

for i dug
 Mar 14 Amy Childers
Autmn T
I want to give you infinity. Bloom immunity. This could be our forever.
In my heart
A caged bird sings
It lives alone
With broken wings
She tells a story
Of what love brings
It’s an open window
Shut with golden rings
O how you feel like
a ship docking in the port

When I loved the open sea
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