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1.0k · Apr 8
My Little World
Amy Childers Apr 8
In my own little world fireflies stay in open jars
Flowers paint on their colors for the next day,
And the moon laughs while it walks away.
The trees speak of ancient scars,
The creek brings up lost trinkets from afar,
And the animals cry for freedom,
But freedom is not free.
594 · Feb 17
Amy Childers Feb 17
A picture may be worth a thousand words
But none of them adore you.

Wicked and malicious
Dark and fiendish
Knavish and swarthy

Luckily words are empty
And actions are temporary
But a shredded image can go a long way.
466 · Feb 4
Amy Childers Feb 4
We used to live in harmony
But your feelings...
Once smooth and pure
Now rough and grimy.
We are both not the people we fell in love with.

235 · Mar 18
Tar Pit Heart
Amy Childers Mar 18
My tar pit heart
Holds all of the souls of
my loved ones.
I watch them gasp for air
But they drown in my
Tar covered sorrow.

I am sorry . . .
208 · Jan 23
The Bibliophile
Amy Childers Jan 23
You were once clean
Like all creation.
Beautiful and unfamiliar,
Full of possibilities and ambitions.
Just waiting to create your own story.
Your imagination is your only limit.

But I did not fall in love with you
Because of your cleanliness
Or because of your image.
I did not fall in love with you
Because you were new
Or because it was fated.

I fell in love with you because
Of your contemporary ideas.
I fell in love with you because
Of your imperfections.
I fell in love with you because
Of your ancient scars.

I fell in love with you because
You made me laugh when I wanted to cry.
I fell in love with you because
You beckoned me to come into your mind.
I fell in love with you because
You consumed everything that I ever was.

You didn’t care about my past.
You didn’t care about my feelings.
You didn’t care about my looks.
You cared about your selfish ambitions.
You cared about seeing the world.
You cared about changing me.

You altered my being and my story.
So thank you.
If you have not seen a pattern with my poems? Read the others and you will see it.
198 · Mar 1
Please Don't Do It
Amy Childers Mar 1
Why do you have a fascination
With Death?
It may bring you relief
But what about all of your
And family

They all think you have a life worth living
So live it.
Why would you want to take your
Precious and Beautiful
Life and destroy it?

197 · Mar 9
The Storm
Amy Childers Mar 9
Howling and beckoning
The wind brought me to
A young woman standing in the tempest.
Hair like boughs but disintegrates in seconds
Her dandelion soul just out of reach.
When I grasp her hand she fades out of view.

Goodbye dear friend...
... goodbye
180 · Jan 20
The Selenophile
Amy Childers Jan 20
The selenophile stares solemnly at the beautiful Selene.
His long lost love hidden somewhere in that celestial body
Surrounded by darkness, dashes of the stars, and the dust of gods.
One eternity evolves effortlessly into two watching his wandering wife
In the mourning midnight blue sky.

Her ethereal skin,
Her cherubic lips,
Her sublime locks extending beyond the stars,
For all the world to see
And for all to adore.

The selenophile stares solemnly at the beautiful Luna.
His fair silvery sister hidden in that satellite,
Surrounded by loneliness, competitive stars, and cloudy skies.
One day brings an eternity effortlessly to its knees,
In the mourning heart of the kin.

Her exuberant eyes,
Her ****** lips,
Her compassionate soul dimmed by the dark,
For all the world to see
And for all to envy.

The selenophile stares solemnly at the shadowed sky.
Combing for the figure that is hidden beyond the coverage,
Engulfed in darkness, blank stars, and stained skies.
One day brings drab darkness to the land and
In the mourning heart of the people.
I hope everyone enjoys this. I did!!!
172 · Jan 21
The Pluviophile
Amy Childers Jan 21
I can hear her pounding on my roof.
I can see her gloominess in the sky.
I can smell her sweet aroma throughout the wind.
I can taste her tears falling from your cheeks.

She beckoned me outside with her intoxicating song.
Her fluid movement like a ballerina in mid-flight.
Her sweet singing luring me in her luscious embrace.
I wish I could stay with her forever but the storm was almost over.

I love her jealous tempers that come in gusts.
I love her misty hair twirling in the ferocious wind.
I love her alluring aura that shines above all elements.
I love her impish laugh that is carried throughout the valley.

I am in love with the rain.
170 · Feb 4
Amy Childers Feb 4
I am a single dot in an infinity of
More beautiful and colorful dots.
How can I be more lovely
Than the dots surrounding me?
I am not one in a million
But one submerged in a billion
Of beautiful dots.
150 · Feb 24
3:14 pm
Amy Childers Feb 24
"ur poems are such a
                                                                          "yay I guess"
                                                                          "some moods are perfect
                                                                          to write during because
                                                                          some people can find the
                                                                          truth during them."

I hope I have helped you, the reader, to see the truth. It does not matter what it
                                     is as long as you acknowledge it.
I am with Tabitha Houska. If you have not read her poems please go and do it. She is a great friend of mine and if not for her I would not be able to share my poems with you lovely people. Thank You!!!
144 · Feb 12
The Moons Tragedy
Amy Childers Feb 12
The moon is a babbling brook
Near the quaint town.
The moon is a lonely mariachi
Singing his sad songs with his guitar.

The moon is a silver dollar in  
The pocket of an elderly woman.
The moon is a lake where
Her body was found.

The moon is a stolen item that
Ended up in the mariachis pocket.
The moon is that same silver dollar
But covered in blood.
140 · Mar 6
Notion Tale
Amy Childers Mar 6
Lady Liberty is blind.
Mr. Justice is deaf.
Sir Equality is mute.
Madame Freedom is dead.

What a bittersweet ending to this notion tale.
137 · Feb 23
Never Dream
Amy Childers Feb 23
My friend asked me what do I dream about.
In reply I said
"I do not dream..."
He replied softly
"That is a concern."

I paused and looked in his ocean eyes.

"I guess when every dream has been broken, dreams begin to fade from sight."
120 · Mar 14
Inanimate Objects
Amy Childers Mar 14
Screaming faces and walking mannequins.
They are no longer my parents but concrete walls.
-"You told me to work more hours ******!"
-"Why do you always work over. I wanted to spend time with you!"

Murmured words and uttered curses.
I have never seen inanimate objects show so much emotion.
Black and red walls with no portraits has never seemed so appealing.
Escape while you still can they whispered to me.

"How can I leave when I have nowhere to go?"
117 · Feb 18
Heart Lock
Amy Childers Feb 18
Oh, what a delicious day it is
To get my heart locked on the fence.
You can not climb over it
Even if you did I would never let you in.

You can bang,
And bruise
But my heart is made out of steel.

I will never upon my gate again
Because your love was too real.
116 · Feb 8
Framed Heart
Amy Childers Feb 8
He ripped her heart out
And placed it in a frame.
He worshiped the framed heart
But his knees began to bleed from the pressure.

He placed the frame in the attic
So it would never be touched.
Over the years he visited the frame
And whispered his dreams and ambitions.

But one day he stopped...

Wilting with the dust
Her heart began to crumble.
It is still up there today
Being forgotten by all...

Except YOU!!!
112 · Mar 6
Amy Childers Mar 6
He did not see and he did not listen
To my ideas and ambitions
How sad that our love had one commission.

Or would you even call what we had
Or a carnival that had many conditions?
108 · Apr 7
White Rabbit
Amy Childers Apr 7
I have waited for you
White Rabbit.

I have waited for you
To run back into my arms
And tell me that I will be okay.

But how ironic it is to say
That you are late.

                    ­              ha. . .
108 · Mar 3
Amy Childers Mar 3
Sometimes when the ropes of
Betrayal is too tight
You find out who will be there
To tear it with their teeth
If needed.
Thank you to all that has been there for me.
105 · Mar 20
Coyote Soul
Amy Childers Mar 20
I saw no retribution, except for the outcasts and the coyotes.
I received retribution because I belong with them.
I am not an outcast.
So I must be a coyote.

I am not great like my relatives the wolves.
I am not feared because of my small size.
I am a symbol of selfishness, greed, and deceit.
I am small and cowardly because I fear the society we live in today.

Must I be a coyote and must I bear this retribution?

I just want to be wanted and
But I have a coyote soul . . .
105 · Feb 11
Amy Childers Feb 11
Maybe we are meant to acknowledge
The darkness.

If we ignore it
Then we will never see
The light shining through.
101 · Mar 14
Amy Childers Mar 14
We were connected to each other once.
A red string connected our hearts
and passions.
Your love filled me like a balloon
With helium and I felt so light and boundless.

"Why did you cut the string that brought us together?"

". . . because I love you . . ."
100 · Feb 15
Amy Childers Feb 15
"Shut up heart!
I can not hear my brain over you."
I have learned to never trust my heart
Because last time it got ripped out and thrown on the floor.

"Heart why can you never learn?
You are just going to get hurt like last time."

"I would rather get hurt than to never live..."

Sorry, guys, my heart is delusional so I am putting it on mute.
83 · Feb 26
Amy Childers Feb 26
I have seen many common
One of my favorites is that he believes that he
Made me the person that I am today.

This statement is clearly false
Unless I am an evil, ill-mannered, arrogant
Human being.
Luckily I am none of these.

I raised myself above the ashes to be a
Courteous, righteous, noble
Student of the universe.
So let me grow in peace
And Patience.
77 · Mar 1
5:01 pm
Amy Childers Mar 1
"Ur not a drama queen"
"Actually ur the kind of
person that doesn't want drama"

                                                                       "yes thank god someone
                                                                        undersatnds!!! I just want to
                                                                        stand up for what I believe in
                                                                        and she just keeps on squishing
                                                                        me down. Well I am not going
                                                                        to take this is any more!"
"Whut r u gonna do"
                                                                        "I am just done being her friend.
                                                                        I thought that she was going to
                                                                        change but she has not so I am
                                                                        done. I dont need this in my
                                                                        life. I am so sick of being
                                                                        drowned in their ignorance. I
                                                                        know that she will not like this
                                                                        but i am going to be selfish for
                                                                        once in my life."
"Ohhh u do whuts right for u amy"
"I'll stand up for u"

                                   That last line melted my heart.
A good friend is all I need during a hard time. Thank you!!!
76 · Mar 11
Hanging Tree
Amy Childers Mar 11
D a r k . . .
           C o l d . . .
                      H a
                            n g
                                 i n g  T r e e . . .
               Help Me. . .        
                                                      Get Her Free . . .
Dark... Cold... Hanging Tree... Please Help Me... Get Her Free...
Amy Childers Mar 26
There are approximately 2 million species of animals on this planet.
16,306 are endangered and nearly extinct.

There are approximately 34,000 species of fish on this planet.
Almost 1,414 are close to extinction.

There are approximately 10,000 species of birds on this planet.
416 are endangered and nearly extinct.

America produced approximately 254 million tons of trash.
14 billion pounds of garbage is estimated to be dumped in the ocean each year.

There are approximately 7.53 billion people on this Earth . . .
And the universe is 9.3 billion light years.

Look out Universe cause here we come!
Wow. I am really shocked on how much we are destroying our beautiful planet.
73 · Mar 8
Amy Childers Mar 8
A shattered heart
Cannot be assembled
With shady nails
And deceitful duct tape.

That is a temporary solution
For this bleeding heart.
66 · Feb 17
Don't Come Back
Amy Childers Feb 17
I left you for a reason.
I was done feeding on your lies
And heeding to your calls.
I tried to change for you but,
I just spiraled and nearly landed in the churchyard.

I am a better person now
Since I left you
So leave me alone!
I don't want to see your phantom
56 · Feb 19
Amy Childers Feb 19
It is the thing with teeth
That wants your treasure
And jewels from within.
It bonds the threads
And rusts even the most blinding stones.

What an Atrocity!!!
56 · Mar 12
Amy Childers Mar 12
Fireflies in a jar . . .
                         Camping by the fire . . .
Looking at the stars . . .
                          For all the world to admire . . .

All things found in nature
Are being destroyed for mans greed.
We believe that we own this world
But truly it belongs to me.
56 · Feb 4
The Ruined
Amy Childers Feb 4
Why do I feel so alone?
Why is love so unattainable for someone like me?
Why can I not cry?
Why am I so desolate?

I am beginning to crumble.

I am gone.
55 · Mar 27
Saltwater Guppy
Amy Childers Mar 27
Sometimes I feel invisible.
My surroundings consist of barrier reefs
And schools of exotic fish.
I am just a guppy in saltwater.
Out of place and out of mind.
And yet visible and more than often declined.

Where do I belong?
In freshwater or the sea?
Why must life be so hard for a saltwater guppy like me?
Who am I?
54 · Mar 11
Amy Childers Mar 11
Loss never loses itself in your mind.
More or less it sleeps
Until one day it wakes up
With the most annoying alarm clock in the world.

54 · Feb 8
Wish Upon a Star
Amy Childers Feb 8
I was told that if I wished upon a star
It would come true...

I wish it hadn't...

I have lost everything
And everyone I loved.

On that cursed star, I lost my life
But I got what I wanted.

I miss what I had.

I will never wish upon that ****** star
Ever again...
52 · Mar 13
Amy Childers Mar 13
Pressed flowers in books of lore and
Dead poems lying on the floor.
Small journals of what could have been and
Dolls with button eyes and dimpled chins.
Unfulfilled art of the child's grin and
Dusty love and its unjust end.
Just looked through my bookshelf and this is what I found.
52 · Feb 4
Amy Childers Feb 4
I just want to lay my head down to sleep
And dream of you and me.
We can bask in the afternoon sun
And you can be with me.

But dreams fade.
My phantom will meet its tragic end.
However she will haunt my dreams forevermore.
This nightmare will never end!
51 · Mar 31
Amy Childers Mar 31
Perfection is a horrid word.
It sets almost impossible standards
And causes more broken hearts then exes and ohs.
It causes starving dolls
And robotic children who conform
To the whispers of the notorious mother culture.

Unfortunately, nothing will change
Because most will never learn this
Universal Truth.
Amy Childers Mar 2
When did I turn into the monster
That you see?

When did you begin to quiver
When I came near?

When did you call me the monster
Under your bed?

How unfortunate
You will not care when I am dead.

                             Am I really the monster that you see?
50 · Mar 23
Heart Monitor
Amy Childers Mar 23
On white walls
           with long halls
                          Hung pictures of nature that
You have
        never been.
                     To me that is just a reminder
That you will
     never travel again.
      When I reached your room and saw
Your corpse
           figure slowly
       Breathing to the rhythm of the
Goodbye Great Grandma. You were a great friend and you taught me so much.
50 · Feb 26
Painted Images
Amy Childers Feb 26
A gazebo in the deep woods
Has been standing for almost 100 years.
Forgotten by society and left to debris.

The gazebo is covered in ivy and one single rose.

What are you going to stare at;
The fallen gazebo
The crawling ivy
Or the single rose?
Please answer. I want to hear your ideas!!! Thank you!
49 · Feb 9
Hunter and Prey
Amy Childers Feb 9
I am a prey being cornered by my hunters.
If I reveal my secrets
They will spill my blood
And countless others.
But if I don't they will **** me
And still, find the others.

What should I do?
49 · Mar 8
Leave me...
Amy Childers Mar 8
L  M  I  T  S  B  T  C  S  I  C  D  I   I  W    
a   e   n  h  a   y   h  o   o      a   r   n  t   a
y           e   n       e   a           n   i       s  v
                  d            s                f          e
                                t                 t          s

                                 Thank you...
45 · Feb 5
A Single Thought...
Amy Childers Feb 5
A world without you...
Is something destructive and ignorant.

A world without you...
Is monotonous and bleak.

A world without you...
Is **** and confined.

A world without me...
Is something tranquil and unbound.  

A world without us...
Is a non existing scene.
Amy Childers Feb 9
I harnessed my courage
And kicked those hunters
Were the sun doesn't shine.
45 · Mar 31
Amy Childers Mar 31
silence can be a blessing and a curse.
it all depends on what is occurring at the moment.
if people are telling you to change and that you are a waste of time
then silence is a blessing.
if you are alone and the silence echoes in your head and whispers
sharp words then silence is a curse.

why is there no sane voice in my life?
44 · Mar 6
Amy Childers Mar 6
I have been told of my pessimistic views
And told to lighten up and look for the best in life.

How can I do that when I only trust myself?
And for that, there is a reason
But that is not a tale for today

I am not reminiscing.
44 · Mar 1
Help Me...
Amy Childers Mar 1
I just wish that they would stop pestering me to talk to her.
I said I would talk her out of it
but I don't need this stress on my life.
I take two steps forward and they keep on pulling me three steps back.
I am always one step behind them so
That I can never be better than them.

But if I leave her then she might actually do it.
What should I do?
It is literally breaking my heart in two.
My friend is saying she wants t commit suicide because her boyfriend broke up with her, This is her fifth time saying it and she is just bluffing in order to make me stay with her. What should I do?
44 · Mar 11
Memory Lane
Amy Childers Mar 11
Memory lane...
What a disastrous place to live.
Some wealthy mansions
And most lonely hobos in cardboard boxes.

Some grass is green
And some grass dried to death.
The lily pond is there
But gone in the same second.

I remember that lily pond...
I fell in it because you pushed me in.
What a beautiful memory right?
Two young kids without a care in the world.

But growing up changes people.
I was never keen on growing up because
That would mean to push away my
Childish soul.

You, dear friend, felt the same way.
Growing up felt like
The imprisonment of what was left of your
Careless ways.

I guess you wanted to be a child at heart

I still look at that lily pond and wonder
"How can it be that deep?"
It was deep enough to hold you
And there was still room to hold me.

When you did it...
What did you see?

Did you see me riding my bike alongside you?
Did you see us dancing in the wheat by the farm?
Did you see Mr. Wilder yell at us when we did go in his field?
Did you see the night were you first told me how you felt?

If you are happy...
Then I am happy.
But I miss you old friend.

Memory lane is such a disastrous place to live
Because I can still see us jumping by the lily pond
And you pushing me in...
... goodbye dear friend...
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