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Where happiness once lay, melancholy now lies;
thunder, lightning and rain have taken over my sunrise.
The light has been extinguished and now my mind is dark,
I don't know who I am anymore; I've lost myself and my spark.
Time ticking like a bomb as I fall back into self-destruction,
my life taking a turn into a disordered direction;
the pain sweeps through my body like a hurricane
ripping every part of me apart as it twists through every vein.
I’m suffocating with every breath I take,
so fragile I am, it’s causing me to break.
I don’t wish to be a part of the earth any longer
the wish to come to one’s own end grows ever stronger.
She was there,

   She was there and then she wasn’t,

   We had time,

   If only for a moment,

   I could feel her, touch her, smell her,

   She was mine,

   But as we know,

   We only have a few moments in life,

   Time is a tool,

   That we’ll never really master,

   Time is something that we always want to go faster,

   But only when we’re young,

   And oh so dumb,

   To the fact that time is precious,

   Down to the very last second,

   I had her, for what felt like a century,

   But in the span of time,

   We were only a memory
I kept running back to you; the one who kept breaking my heart -
spewing venom off your tongue and poisoning my mind was your art.
I tried so hard to see the Angel hidden in your demonic front;
but of your destruction and your sadistic nature I bore the brunt.
"I love  you to the earth and back." Said the moon to the sun as they met every dawn and every dusk.
- Sandoval

— The End —