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It is so hard to want to get better, when your mind is telling you “this can be a good thing”.
It’s so hard to want love yourself when you can’t find a single part of you worth loving.
I’m supposed to be getting better.
 Jan 2020 abbey
Harshitha Girish
He ignored her screams,
      And he got his way,
And while she sobs, she dreams,
      To be free some day...
This poem is dedicated to all the brave women who have gone through ****** abuse and have spoken about it as true warriors. It's not okay to be uncomfortable and these pioneers have made us see all the strong women and women in building...
 Jan 2020 abbey
Amber K
Sew my mouth shut,
so the words don't come out.
The last thing I want,
is for you to be stressed out.

I will keep my pain inside,
just so you can breathe.
Even if all it does,
is suffocate me.
I wrote this in 2016. I've since learned to be better about opening up to at least one person, but it can really be hard when you're use to locking yourself up in your own mind so you don't hurt or upset anyone else.
 Jan 2020 abbey
Keara Marie
The sun doesn't apologize for shining.
The rain doesn't apologize for falling.
The birds don't apologize for singing.
The trees don't apologize for growing.

You don't need to apologize for being.
 Jan 2020 abbey
Seán Mac Falls
Your eyes are always lost,
In empty places, your lips,
Are holding, your touch
Never does reach, unfolding,
And I am adrift in stalled dream
Unwashed by an indifferent
Sun, scarred black by a nil
Crescent moon, still jarring,
Calls through the night,
Of wretched creatures only
Punctuate the sorrows
Of my casted illusion,
With you, together, I
Have never felt so alone,
What stunted days we make
As the sun smokes ascended,
We stand in a doorway
Open to a bloodied heart,
Tendered, misbegotten.
They say they wish to look like me, to sound like me, to live their lives like me, so do they not even know me?
My body feels like a torture chamber, my voice feels silenced yet I know I can speak.
It’s not about no one understanding, it’s about  no one taking the time to try to.
 Jan 2020 abbey
Ava May
You have the remote and you pressed play.
I have kept this movie paused for some time now but you pressed play.
This horror movie is on repeat within my mind.
This horror movie is tearing me up from “the inside out” and I cannot take it.
You pressed play and I cannot stop it.
Why can I not stop it?
Why isn’t he stopping?
Why is this not ******* stoping?!
 Jan 2020 abbey
Ava May
you asked me what i want,
i want it to be tonight.
i want it to be the end.
i want to get rid of all this pain.
i want all the noise to stop.

but that’s not how this life works. i have to go on through every dreadful day. every ******* day.
It’s always at night when I want to run the farthest.
When I want to escape what’s not there.
 Dec 2019 abbey
You don’t decide who
Will make your heart race.
The corners of your lips just
Upturn so suddenly
That you only notice your smile
When you step forward and feel
The cement  pieces
Of a shattered frown
On the ground beneath your feet.
-what the first taught me
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